Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2683

Chapter 2683: 2683

“Buzz . ” The emperor was taking in more and more of the dao source . The clan started to have another shiny and frost-like layer .  

This layer emanated from the emperor and spread at an insane rate . It didn’t take long before the entire system was covered . This engulfing layer of light gave the sense that the emperor was becoming one with the system .

Flowing runes then appeared on the shiny layers and started moving around like tentacles, drilling into every inch of the land .

Next, all the living beings in the system were shrouded with a similar glow, almost like a thin cloak . They felt an unprecedented closeness to their system as if they were the same entity now . They could sense the power of their dao land and the majestic forces looming below .

They thought that they were joining the emperor in fusing with the dao source as well so they started the elementary chant of their system . These members were willing to offer everything, including their lives .

Tidal splashes came about as another majestic scene emerged before the spectators . The vitality of these members headed for the shiny dao source since they were willing to become one with the emperor and their system .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The waves of vitality looked like multiple tsunamis heading for the same location - the emperor .

With the help of their vitality and grand dao power, the fusion process increased in speed . He crazily absorbed the various forces of the dao source like a whale taking in water…

This was the first time the crowd saw something so incredible . First, the unity of this system’s members but even more amazing was the heaven-defying method . Few would be able to imagine such a clever process .

“It’s not just the dao source, they want to fuse with everything in the system too . ” One ancestor was lost in a daze .

“I agree, this fusion will take in everything of the system once completed . ” One Eternal was moved .

Just imagine, what kind of power would come after combining everything possible in an entire system? People shuddered after this . Perhaps it would be a force comparable to a progenitor .

“Boom!” The long-awaited process finally finished . The emperor has fully taken in the dao source .

His mighty form right now made the stars look like specks of dust . He became the embodiment of a progenitor .

“So strong…” Everyone gasped after sensing his progenitorial aura filling up all of Imperial Lineage .

“Hahahaha!” The emperor’s peak state was interrupted by a peal of mocking laughter .

The ethereal daoist who should be fused with the emperor suddenly appeared again and took over the emperor’s control of the Mu System .

A spear pierced downward from the top of the emperor’s head all the way through his body before pinning into the ground .

“No!!!” The emperor screamed but he couldn’t move at all, completely immobilized by the spear .

“What?!” The spectators were astounded by this development .

“Buzz . ” The shiny dao source suddenly devoured everything from the system, all the worldly energies .

“Ahh!” The members of the Mu were robbed of their true blood, lifespan, and energy . These essences flew out, resulting in them all exploding into pieces .

The cruel scene happened in the blink of an eye . Billions and billions of disciples instantly lost their lives . The stolen essences entered the brilliant expanse where the daoist stood .

“No!” The emperor bellowed again after seeing the death of his system members . Alas, all he could do was watch . The unbearable agony tore his mind apart .

“You think I wanted to help you? It’s only time for me to harvest . ” The daoist nefariously smirked .

“Buzz . ” He then fused with the emperor’s body again .

“Ahh!!!” The emperor’s cries echoed across the world, helpless against the intruder .

They have already completed a fusion earlier but the emperor was in charge of this process . However, the daoist has successfully seized control and took all of these powers for his own .

“The magpie made a nest, the turtledove dwells in it . ” The crowd understood the obvious situation . [1]

The truth was that the daoist gave this fusion technique to the Mu . He had full control of it now and the emperor couldn’t resist at all . He became the main body while everyone else served as his nutrients .

“Who are the real chess players now?” Lucidity King smiled while watching from a distance .

He laid out this board as a trap for the Mu, wanting to use the daoist to destroy this system . Of course, the daoist also needed this endless power, so the two were more than happy to conspire together .

The Mu wanted to work with the daoist to fight Li Qiye . Who would have thought that they were only pawns on Lucidity King's chessboard? Not only did they lose their clan but also their entire system .

They were someone else’s prey from the very start of this devious plan .

1 . An idiom about robbing and taking over someone else’s x