Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2684

Chapter 2684

The Mu System has turned to ashes, not only the clan but also the entire system .

Not a single living soul could be found in the vast land of the Mu, only fragmented bits of flesh and limbs - truly a horrific scene from hell .

The spectators were naturally scared out of their mind .

“Ugh…” People started vomiting . This wasn’t limited to the young disciples either . Even the experts from the previous generations or ancestors vomited too . This development was just too cruel . Just hearing about it was frightening enough, let alone witnessing with their own eyes .

Wars have never stopped between cultivators in history . Numerous sects were destroyed in each generation and even systems .

However, those systems had their leading power defeated or their dao source destroyed . These events would lead to the system itself declining .

This wasn’t the case here . Billions of disciples instantly lost their lives and everything from the system was stolen . Corpses piled up like mountains and oceans of blood filled the sky .  

This type of destruction was quite rare and has enough shock value to earn a special spot in the historical annals .

Many thought that if Fiercest were to destroy the Mu, he would only take down the leading clan or cripple the dao source . The remaining sects and kingdoms in the system would be spared . Their future survival would be up to them .

But now, Solar Daoist has taken down the Mu System as a whole after devouring the life forces of its inhabitants .

No one among the spectators expected this development, same with the Mu Clan . People continued to puke out the content of their stomach . Some even dropped to the ground in a fetal position, completely pale, drenched with cold sweats, and with hair standing on end .

“Ah…” The emperor let out his final scream with his eyes wide open . It contained deep hatred and unwillingness .

He and the rest didn’t expect to be betrayed like this by the daoist . One wrong step and the entire system was lost . Their decision brought doom to everyone .

He trusted the daoist because the daoist saved his life during the previous battle . Moreover, Li Qiye had killed Lu Weijun, so the clan thought that they shared a common enemy in Li Qiye and that they would work together to take him down .

They didn’t know that he had schemed against them from the very beginning . Saving his life and the fusion method were part of the bait . Plus, he needed the emperor alive so that the guy could fuse with the Mu’s dao source . The emperor was taken advantage of from start to finish .

“Rumble!” The emperor’s despair, hatred, and regrets couldn’t change anything . His great form eventually crumbled and scattered with the wind .

Solar Daoist has successfully absorbed the dao source of the Mu . The spectators became frozen and got chills as if they were trapped in the crevice of a glacier .

“One might be able to survive an act of god, but no one can survive a self-brought calamity . . . ” An old Eternal murmured .

This wouldn’t have happened if the Mu didn’t rely on the daoist to kill Fiercest . They schemed against someone else only to be a victim as well .

“Buzz . ” The power of the entire system has been refined by the daoist .

“Crack!” The vast land of the system cracked everywhere . The beautiful mountains and rivers along with the trees lost their vigor . The peaks collapsed and the great lakes dried up…

A system without a dao source would decline at a rapid rate leading to total destruction .

“The entire system is done for, not just the Mu Clan . Only two behemoths exist from now on . ” One ancestor sighed with disappointment .

“That was delicious . ” The daoist recalled his spear and smacked his lips, savoring the taste .

His appearance changed, no longer looking like a transcending immortal . His hair turned bright red almost like strands of blood fluttering to the wind .

Dao laws spanned behind him almost like a massive tail . This was the result of absorbing the dao source from the Mu . He still hasn’t fully refined its power just yet so the progenitorial laws still rejected him to a certain extent .  

A murderous aura engulfed him . It was thick enough to materialize into a bloody halo . People could still smell the sanguine stench despite being far away .

His current appearance and what he had done destroyed his image and reputation . The crowd thought of him as a monstrous devil with bloodstained hands .

That’s why they shuddered while staring at him . Respect was no longer fear, only fear .

They found Fiercest to be far cuter in comparison . Though he was overbearing and ruthless, he did everything openly and had an awe-inspiring presence .

This daoist who they respected before has proven himself to be a merciless devil from the darkness with no compassion for human lives .

“Bringing a wolf home . There’s no free lunch in this world, feeding a devil without being aware of the fact . How foolish . ” Li Qiye watched the whole thing and commented insipidly .

Prior to this, everyone assumed that he would be the destroyer of the Mu, not their “ally” and “benefactor” .

These victims probably died with indignation, especially Puresword Emperor . They brought this upon themselves for trusting the wrong person .

But all in all, even without Fiercest around, the daoist probably would have come up with another way to devour the Mu . He needed resources to grow stronger and a sect like the Mu was the perfect dish .