Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2692

Chapter 2692

The crowd patiently waited for Lucidity King and Sun Lengying’s response .

They believed that this was the end of the story for these two since the daoist himself couldn’t escape . Their death was a matter of “how” now, not when .

“Your Majesty, we can negotiate . ” Sun Lengying broke the silence .

“Negotiate?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You think you have anything worthy to discuss with me?”

Sun Lengying took a deep breath and respectfully bowed: “Your Majesty, we know Her Highness’ location and who took her . Moreover, I must defend myself and state that we had no ill-intent towards Her Highness . We only wanted to use her to bait you in and never wanted to hurt her . ”

“Is there a difference?” Li Qiye said .

“I know that capturing Her Highness is crossing the line, a crime worthy of death and I do not wish to avoid responsibility . I want to redeem myself by providing information . With one condition . ”

The crowd became curious about this condition of his . Some started to think that he might sell out Lucidity King . After all, everyone would cling to life before death’s door regardless of the cost . It would be completely normal for Sun Lengying to betray the king right now by assigning blame .

“Oh?” Li Qiye smiled: “If you’re asking to have a dignified death and an intact body, I can agree with that . ”

“Your Majesty, I only beg you to forgive Lucidity King . ” Lengying bowed deeper: “I was the mastermind behind all of this from capturing Her Highness to luring you here, doing it all on my own initiative . I alone will accept all punishments . ”

The crowd was both surprised and impressed after hearing this . Some also felt envious .

“Sun Lengying is really a loyal servant even after three generations . No wonder why Lucidity King views him so highly as a confidant . ” One Eternal added .

Another king reigning over a different system said: “Just give me one loyal follower like Sun Lengying . That’s all I ask for in this life . ”

Everyone knew that Sun Lengying had absolute loyalty towards the king and had carried out numerous meritorious deeds .

Of course, the king didn’t mistreat him either and gave him plenty of power in Nine Secrets .

More often than not, Sun Lengying represented the will and authority of the king . The latter never worried about Lengying overstepping his bounds .

For three generations now, the duo had trust and loyalty between them . Their relationship was a great story in Imperial Lineage . Countless rulers and leaders desired a follower like this .

Sun Lengying’s first thought in this crucial moment was bout Lucidity King, not himself . He would rather die to save the king .

How could people not respect this level of devotion?

“Lengying, how do you still not understand me after so long? I will never cower and beg before anyone . ” Lucidity King shook his head and smiled .

“Your Majesty!” Lengying blurted out .

The king waved his hand dismissively: “It’s fine, we’re dying to thirteen palaces, that’s not disgraceful at all . It’s a shame that I am too weak to protect you . ”

“Your Majesty, an orphan like me is only standing here today thanks to you . I’m the one ashamed for being useless at this moment . ” Lengying prostrated before Lucidity King .

“I have no regrets in life because I have someone like you . ” Lucidity King helped the guy up and laughed heartily .

“A wise king will have loyal confidants . ” Many became emotional at this sight .

One could say that only a wise lord like Lucidity King would be worthy of having a follower like Sun Lengying .

“Such a moving tale between a master and his servant, but I still have to send you two going . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“I will tell you the location of the girl as my last good deed . ” Lucidity King stood brave and proud before death, not bothering to beg Li Qiye .

“No need, no one can hide from my eyes in this world . It’s not hard for me to find someone when everything is within my palm . ” Li Qiye smiled .

The king smiled wryly and nodded in agreement: “Indeed, I, Lucidity King, has truly messed up out of arrogance . My careful calculations couldn’t surpass your power, but that’s fine . The five powers of Nine Secrets are either destroyed or swore loyalty . The Mu is done for, same with Solar Daoist . That’s not a bad result for me at all . ”

People exchanged glances after hearing this and were slightly moved by this analysis of his . In the past, though Lucidity King was still in control, there existed a delicate state of balance between the various powers .

But now, Lucidity King’s plan with Fiercest managed to disrupt this balance and brought total unity to Nine Secrets . As for Imperial as a whole, Lucidity King baited Fiercest to kill the Mu and Solar Daoist . How could people not be utterly impressed by this chess match of his? 

“You just didn’t know who the real players were . ” Li Qiye casually chuckled .

“Right . ” The king shook his head: “Even if I’m to be considered a chess player, I would only be a second-rate one at best . The true masters can calculate and scheme the ages . But alas, even a perfect plan is useless before absolute power . ”

Lucidity King reflected on his actions . He felt that in order to truly grasp the universe, one needed absolute power as support . Wily schemes alone weren’t enough .

“Okay, how do you two want to die?” Li Qiye brought this up again .

“I have never begged for mercy before in my life . ” The king took a deep breath and remained unyielding: “We won’t just sit idly by waiting for death! We will still fight regardless of the futility!”

The crowd thought that Lucidity King was superior to Solar Daoist in this manner . Everyone knew that this wasn’t an even fight and the king would die for sure .

However, an Everlasting like the daoist bowed his head against Fiercest in order to survive .

On the other hand, Lucidity King still showed his fangs and won the heart of the crowd .

“A king of three generations… he lives up to his fame, truly an amazing hero . ” His friends and foes alike found his courage admirable .