Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2695

Chapter 2695: 2695

Li Qiye raised his hand, issuing a metallic clank . The two dao laws trapping the duo down pulled out and flew away, allowing the two to get up .

“Death might be spared but suffering is required . ” Li Qiye glared at them .

“Boom! Boom!” He slammed his palm down and suppressed them .  

One could hear the sound of grand dao breaking .

Li Qiye instantly took away their power by destroying their dao foundation . They would never be able to cultivate again .

Their hair suddenly turned gray, almost like having snow all over them . Their skin turned dried with wrinkles everywhere . These Eternals had the appearance of a ninety-year-old mortal now .

“Cough… ugh…” Lucidity King coughed as if there was something stuck in his throat . They started hunching as well, seemingly didn’t have long to live .

The crowd did sympathize with them . These masters have reigned on top of Imperial for quite some time but now, their cultivation was destroyed so they were even weaker than mortals . This sudden change could drive someone crazy and have them wish for death .

True Emperor Jiu Ning gently sighed after seeing this . It was already the best outcome thanks to Liu Chuqing .

“Cough… I feel that death is probably more comfortable than this . ” The king made fun of himself .

Alas, there was nothing he could do since his fate up to Li Qiye .

“Hmph, you brought this upon yourself . Be a good mortal from now on and live out the rest of your days in peace . ” The emperor scowled .

Of course, her action betrayed her words . She certainly expended tremendous efforts in order to come down here for her father .

The crowd thought that they wouldn’t be able to accept this reality after seeing the two decrepit men . Others might have committed suicide instead .

“Well, I guess there’s nothing bad about being a mortal . ” Lucidity King coughed before speaking each time and put on a wry smile, seemingly accepting this reality .

The emperor raised her hand and an immortal stem materialized in her palm . It eventually spread into two separate flowers .

They looked like lotuses with a blue shade, looking quite bewitching and filled with immortal energy .

“You and Uncle Sun can live for a long time with the power of the Yellow Springs . One for you and one for him, enough to prolong your lifespan by three to five hundred years . It’s perfectly fine to experience the life of a mortal now . ”

A period of five hundred years would feel like the blink of an eye for an Eternal . However, this could be considered a miracle for a mortal .

“An immortal item…” Even a fool knew how precious these flowers were .

“Ah… what more can I ask for, I suppose we have to keep on living . ” The king smiled and said . He was quite satisfied with this not because of the extra years of life but rather his daughter’s love . She clearly searched for this immortal flower after learning that his lifespan was up and chose to come down again . What more could he ask for?

“Thank you for your kindness, Your Highness…” Sun Lengying got on his knees to accept the flower .

“Stand up, Uncle Sun . You deserve this for toiling all this time . ” The emperor nodded .

Sun Lengying and Lucidity King were master and servant in name but their bond was brotherly . Thus, True Emperor Jiu Ning also considered Lengying to be a senior .

“Go now, experience the life of a mortal . ” She flicked her finger and opened a dao portal to send the two away .

People averted their gaze after those two disappeared . From now on, the world would never see or hear anything about the duo again .

Of course, this was already the best end they could hope for, leaving alive with a prolonged lifespan .

“Okay, the show is over now, back to what you were doing before . ” Li Qiye stretched, seemingly indifferent and lazy .

It was hard for people to connect his two facets - a destructive existence versus a lazy commoner .

Li Qiye left with Liu Chuqing . The emperor also followed them .

“It’s finally over . ” The crowd sighed and started departing . Peace returned to the area .

This shocking battle ended with the destruction of the Mu and Solar Daoist . The entire world became frightened and speechless .

“A new era is starting . Only two behemoths are left . ” One expert reflected .

An ancestor disagreed: “No, Nine Secrets will reign alone because of Fiercest . I’m sure the Li will become reclusive because Fiercest is essentially a supreme progenitor, the crownless king of Imperial now . ”

“Right, absolute hegemony . ” Everyone understood that no one could rival Fiercest right now, not even the Li Clan .

Fiercest wasn’t a progenitor yet but his status exceeded one .

Sure enough, the Li closed their doors . Their ancestors announced that they could live in seclusion from now on . Their disciples wouldn’t visit other parts any longer .

The weaker experts were astounded to hear this . Of course, the knowledgeable ancestors expected this .

The Li and Nine Secrets should have been in charge now with the Mu gone if it wasn’t for Fiercest . His existence allowed Nine Secrets to be superior .

The Li understood this and got out of Fiercest’s way, hence their new isolation policy . This served to show Fiercest their stance on top of preserving their strength in a safe manner .

“The Li is quite smart . There’s a reason why Jade-break True Emperor became the most brilliant emperor of this generation . ” Many ancestors understood the Li’s predicament and agreed with their wise move .

“Yes, it’s the right time or disaster may come . ” An Eternal added .

After their declaration, many other great powers and mighty ancestors also announced the same policy . This left Imperial in a serene state, no longer as rowdy as before .

Even the most overbearing sect and egotistical geniuses no longer made a sound . They either started cultivation behind closed doors or lived in remote regions to avoid any possible danger .

This was actually a great opportunity for the geniuses . Fiercest’s invincibility served as a warning . Those with a firm dao heart began to focus on training to grow stronger . Even if they would never be able to surpass Fiercest, they would at least be able to surpass themselves .  

The world calmed down and started taking cultivation more seriously .