Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2697

Chapter 2697: 2697

Three Immortals have always existed strictly in the legends .  

Some said that the name Three Immortals World came from the three separate realms . Everyone wanted to become an immortal and ascend, hence the names .

However, another faction believed that the name serves to remember the three immortals because they were the founders, hence the names .

Most didn’t know the exact details about the three immortals .

Some believed that they were the most ancient and powerful grand emperors known as Emperor Sui, Emperor Xi, and Emperor Nong .

This particular speculation was archaic and couldn’t be taken as facts .

All in all, most considered the tales of the three immortals to be legends, a topic for the tea houses .

However, after reaching a certain level, especially the realm of progenitors, cultivators would start to research more about this legend .

For progenitors, was the immortal level the final stop or was there something even stronger? This was a question only the immortal-level progenitors could research .

Of course, the most obvious possible answer would be the three immortals!

Immortal-level progenitors always wondered about this distant legend, questioning its validity .

The legends said that all the cultivation systems of this world came from the three immortals . However, their era was too old and beyond traceability . No records remained of them .

This was a timeline shrouded by mist . Though it still belonged to the river of time, no one could see its real appearance .

The search has never stopped for the progenitors . It wasn’t only about finding the three great existences . The most important thing for them was wanting to find the source of cultivation .

Only by understanding these systems would they be able to jump out of it, escaping the shackles of the systems to reach a higher level .

Thus, these immortal-level progenitors took on the arduous tasks and didn’t mind paying the price .

That’s why True Emperor Jiu Ning had a respectful expression right now, not only for the three immortals but also for the sages of past who have embarked on this unending journey .

Maybe after becoming an immortal-level progenitor, she would also walk on the same path to reach the source of cultivation .

“Truth becomes fiction when the fiction’s true; real becomes not-real where the unreal’s real . ” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You will understand when that day comes, but at that point, true and false will no longer be important . After all, you’ll be at the apex with a newfound understanding . ” [1]

The emperor carefully listened before nodding her head . She then changed the topic: “Dao Brother, may I ask you something?”

“Speak . ” Li Qiye chuckled, still looking at the sky .

She didn’t try to hide her curious eyes at all: “In my humble opinion, you are not from the same line as us . It makes me think of a particular adage - there is always a higher sky, maybe I ask if you come from such a place?”

He turned towards her and the two made eye contact without any awkwardness .

“That’s not important . ” He didn’t answer her directly: “As you have said, I’m just a traveler . This will always be the case regardless of the world, always moving forward without resting . ” 

The emperor carefully digested the statement . A traveler that has walked through numerous world and ages from the past to the present and even during future days .

The shadow of this person stretched endlessly in the river of time, leaving behind his loved ones and those who love him along with the prosperity of the worlds .  

He continued onward alone on this path . Perhaps he had friends and companions once . Some left him; others chose to stop or died . In the end, the trek had no one but him . This would never change .

“Have you gone weary of this, Dao Brother?” She gently rubbed his forehead and wondered .

“Didn’t you say this earlier, difficulties are ingrained on the path of the dao . And weariness will go away eventually since you’ll grow numb . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“I’ve heard a wise sage said that after so many years, one either becomes a saint or a devil . What do you think about this line?” She quietly asked .

Li Qiye flicked her forehead in response and shook his head: “No need to pry, becoming either one only requires a single thought of mine . So insignificant . ”

“I’ve underestimated you then . Your depth is beyond my abilities to fathom . ” She apologized .

She then looked at the sky and reflected: “Everyone wants to reach the apex but how many knows the loneliness and adversity of the dao?”

“To gain something is to also lose something . ” Li Qiye said: “A frog under the well has its own happiness, a Kun Peng soaring in the sky has its own problems . Only one with an immovable dao heart will be able to keep on smiling through the ages . ”

“Thank you for your beneficial advice . I’ll remember it . ” The emperor emotionally said .

The two stopped talking and quietly lay there to enjoy the beautiful, cloudless blue sky .

The gentle breeze accompanied by the fragrance of flowers made people drowsy .

The emperor eventually broke the long silence: “Dao Brother, I’m about to depart, what about you?”

She returned to Imperial for her father . Now that everything was over, it was time to leave . There was nothing left in Nine Secrets or Imperial for her to worry about . Perhaps this would be her last time here .

She became slightly emotional after realizing this . After all, she grew up here so to leave it forever left a sentimental taste .

“We’ll go together . It’s time for me to come to Immortal Lineage too . ” Li Qiye has also finished all of his businesses in Imperial Lineage .

“Perhaps one day you will also depart Immortal like you are leaving Imperial . ” The emperor said .

She knew that he didn’t belong to this world, so it was only a matter of time before he leaves . Maybe he didn’t have a world he belongs to- this eternal traveler .

“I suppose . ” He closed his eyes and smiled .

“Well, if you ever see the three immortals, I hope you will come back to tell me the stories . ” She revealed a peaceful smile: “Intuition tells me that you have the highest chance out of anyone to see them . ”

He chuckled in amusement and didn’t respond .

1 . A famous line from Dream of Red Mansions .