Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2701

Chapter 2701: 2701

Ancient paths were left behind from archaic eras; some too old to have historical records .

These paths made it easier for traveling between the three worlds, at least to a certain extent .

All in all, a forceful trip to these other two worlds required immense power or a cornucopia of resources . Ordinary experts had no way of fulfilling these requirements .

Normally from Myriad to Imperial, one would need to be an Amaranthine Eternal to start . That’s the very basic condition to reach the gate, not counting the dangers looming ahead .

As for Imperial to Immortal, people believed that it starts at the realm of Everlasting .

Only progenitors were freed from these prerequisites . Because of this, normal people, sects, and even systems didn’t dare to think about crossing the boundaries .

However, these ancient paths made it much easier, allowing unqualified masters to have a chance .

Cultivation became increasingly harder at the later stages so some Eternals would never be able to go up to Imperial or Immortal to broaden their horizon . Thus, the ancient paths increased their chance .

The world had several speculations about the various paths and their eras .

Some said that during the olden days, Three Immortals were connected by these ancient paths, resulting in plenty of intercommunication . For some unknown reasons later on, something earth-shattering happened and these paths collapsed, leaving only a few behind . These broken and incomplete paths became far more dangerous than before .

Li Qiye and the emperor made it to the entrance of one - a remnant galaxy with destroyed stars as far as the eye can see .

Everyone could tell that a great battle happened here . Though the combatants were unknown, their destructive capabilities were as clear as day .

The actual entrance looked like a great mountain floating among the stars . Half of it has been broken down but this didn’t seem to diminish its grand stature in the slightest . It resembled a super star hanging in the sky .

Broken stone steps led up to a tiny cave that could lead to a different world .

“The old records state that during the ancient eras, it was very easy to travel between the three worlds . Judging by the scale of these steps, there must have been tens of thousands of people traveling between Imperial and Immortal . Now, only a few of these paths are still usable . ” The emperor spoke while walking on the steps .

“It’s not bad . ” Li Qiye said: “The separation actually allows for fair competition and the spread of prosperity . Otherwise, one clan will rule everything . That’s not necessarily a good thing for development . ”

“Makes sense . ” The emperor somewhat agreed .

With perfect routes, the native systems from each world would have trouble developing . The three behemoths of Imperial wouldn’t exist because stronger lineages or any random progenitor would take over and reign over them .

In that scenario, the space for development would be greatly pressured . Nine Secrets or the Li wouldn’t have risen to the same level as they were now .

“Maybe the supreme existence in charge of everything thought about this issue . Thus, these paths weren’t broken from a sudden development, just part of the plan . ” The emperor’s eyes narrowed .

“Maybe, maybe not . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “No one knows what goes on behind the scenes for this matter . Plus, separation might also serve as danger mitigation . ”

“What danger are you referring to, Dao Brother?” She asked, aware that anything that Li Qiye bothers to bring up would be a big deal .

“I don’t know but a few beings do . They are purposely shrouding it though so the rest of the world lives in ignorance, unbeknownst of the great danger . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“The higher-level beings?” She wasn’t far from becoming a progenitor and had knowledge of important matters .

“No one can say for sure . For you and the rest, this is a beautiful world . But for a few existences, it is only a meal . ”

“A meal…” The emperor’s heart skipped a beat .

Very few things in this world could scare her now due to her current level . However, Li Qiye’s words have successfully intimidated her .

She was no fool for she was a top emperor with incredible intelligence . She instantly came up with a bold and terrifying conjecture .

Her twelve palaces didn’t shield her from fear . In fact, anyone coming up with this hypothesis would be frightened .

“Ignorance can be happiness, same with a short life . ” Li Qiye stared at the horizon: “What you see and know are beautiful; unaware of the true terror . That’s why you can live in happiness . Once you find out just how grim it is and how helpless you are, that’s when the mental torture arrives . And when you try to change it, further torment will come too . That’s why regular people can be so happy . For example, an insect had no knowledge of the sky falling down . They are satisfied just by filling their stomach . ”

“The peace we have now is thanks to guardians like you . ” She softly said .

“No, not I . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “As I’ve said before, I’m just a passerby . The current situation stemmed from the efforts of numerous sages and supreme beings . They threw away everything for this cause . Their action is moving and worthy of respect . ”

“Right, the present is thanks to them . ” She nodded in agreement .

The two eventually made it into the narrow cave . The emperor shouted and derived the grand dao’s power .

The ground became bright with bricks assembling together to form a dao portal . They quickly exchanged glances before heading in .

Inside the portal were more floating stone steps spanning across the void . They have been here for who knows how many years? Virtually impossible to tell their originating era .

Each stone step had archaic runes carved on them, clearly done by an incredible master .

Why? Because they were still bright and clear, successfully withstanding the test of time .

As they traveled farther in, they saw erupting volcanoes, evil flames blotting out the area, endless oceans with a drowning affinity…