Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2707

Chapter 2707: 2707

The heavenly tribulation increased its effort several times . In the beginning, the offensive force looked like a storm . Now, it was at the level of a full-blown tsunami .

It sent down golden ocean after ocean of lightning towards him, wanting to drown him completely .

Since he became the prime target, the bolts attacking the other areas weakened . Other areas under attack became less pressured as a result .

Of course, the onslaught was still useless . The tribulation above was certainly majestic but Li Qiye’s own ocean didn’t let up .

The quantity and quality of the offensive bolts didn’t matter . His ocean still took all of them in . The raging tribulation and its increasing effort actually benefited Li Qiye like an unending buffet .

“Boom!” The shrouding emperor nearby suddenly got struck by one of the golden bolts .

All of her concealing methods exploded .  

“Activate!” She reacted quickly by raising her hands and summoned many treasures and activated numerous defensive measures .

“Rumble!” The lightning bolts aimed for her since she was now exposed .

A twelve-palace emperor like her was infinitely close to being as strong as a progenitor, leaving no room for doubts .

However, her defensive measures and treasures crumbled before the bolts . She couldn’t withstand the tyrannical force of the tribulation .

“Buzz . ” She tried to shroud herself again but the golden bolts broke her method . There was no way for her to break away from the onslaught now .

She reactivated her treasures for another defensive attempt but couldn’t stop the attack . One bolt struck her and left a gaping hole .

“Leave! This is a domain of lightning now, the tribulation will destroy everything near me, go as far as possible!” Li Qiye shouted at the emperor .

She also realized that she was standing near the biggest target for the tribulation . The closer she was, the more likely she was going to be pulled into this mess .

“Take care, Dao Brother, we’ll meet again . ” She couldn’t stay and risk being attacked again .

“Buzz . ” She decisively opened a dao portal, knowing that Li Qiye would be just fine against any attack of the lightning affinity regardless of its might .

“Boom!” The tribulation seemingly sensed this attempt to escape and sent more bolts straight at her .

“Come here!” Li Qiye roared . His ocean of lightning became a maelstrom and started sucking in the bolts .

“Bam!” The emperor disappeared into the portal at the very last second before some remnant bolts struck and crushed the portal .

“Rumble!” The failure to kill infuriated the tribulation . All focus turned back on Li Qiye to no avail .

“Boom!” Li Qiye had an easy time facing the barrages since lightning couldn’t kill him .

At this exact moment, his dao heart suddenly trembled and he sensed this fluctuation .

This didn’t come from the tribulation or the golden bolts but rather the dark law sealed in his dao heart . It was obtained after killing the dark abomination back in Stone Harmony . It stayed dormant all this time until now .

“Finally, time to fish . ” Li Qiye smiled with his eyes turning cold .

He leaped forward and moved through numerous domains in one fell swoop .

“Rumble!” His speed was unreal but the tribulation kept up . Behind him was still a flood of lightning bolts .

This was an incredible scene . The bolts resembled a golden galaxy illuminating the realms .

The spectators couldn’t see Li Qiye for they were dazzled by the golden radiance .

“Why is this tribulation flying around?” Many gasped in astonishment since they have never seen such a wondrous spectacle before .

Only Eternals and emperors at a certain level could see Li Qiye darting through space .

Alas, no one could get close . First, the speed was too much . Second, why bother getting close to that ferocious expanse of lightning?

That’s why they couldn’t get a good look at Li Qiye’s appearance .

“Who is that being pursued by such a mighty tribulation?” One emperor noticed the pursuit .

The masters here became speechless at this domineering scene . The next one would shock them even more .

“Come now . ” Li Qiye reached a remote area, deep in the crevice of the sky .

His lightning ocean spewed out a boundless radiance of lightning affinity and illuminated the entire region .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The set of explosions came from him this time around, not the tribulation .

He retaliated with a dazzling tsunami of lightning surging from his chest area .

“What is that?” The mightiest emperors and progenitors couldn’t keep their eyes open against this blinding radiance . They didn’t dare to stare straight at the move, let alone seeing Li Qiye clearly .

A lightning vortex formed from his ocean, spectacular beyond belief .

“Boom!” Immortal Lineage nearly exploded . All the bolts attacking the various places in this world headed for Li Qiye . He alone attracted everything .

 The tribulation floating in the sky then sent out the rest of its arsenal after a loud detonation .