Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2709

Chapter 2709: 2709

“Ah!” Many in Immortal Lineage started screaming while twitching on the ground due to a terrible transformation taking place . Their body became crooked and warped, seemingly turning into dark beasts .

“Rumble!” A monstrous hand stretched out of the ground in a remote region . The worms there turned into draconic abominations . They became hundreds of times bigger with tentacles all over .

In a different lake, fish surfaced and also started changing in a terrifying manner . Their fins turned into dark hands; bones grew on their back; their face became quite ferocious .

“What is going on? A devil ancestor is descending?” The top beings who could still maintain their dao heart became alarmed .

The oldest and most knowledgeable progenitor still found this scene terrifying . A forceful turning of this massive scale never happened before in Immortal Lineage .

Because of this, bells could be heard around many great systems . The clear ringing served as a way to calm the mind . Moreover, they sent out powerful progenitorial lights . Images of progenitors appeared as well on top of wise chantings .

The light and chanting expelled the darkness to stop the transformation process . The successful systems were the strongest in Immortal .

Nevertheless, the spread of evil continued across the world . It didn’t take long before Immortal turned into a nest with monsters everywhere .

The top beings didn’t know what to do . They couldn’t think of someone with such a frightening evil affinity .

Only progenitors could stay calm after protecting their dao heart . Certain powerful emperors were still affected, more or less . Alas, they all needed to hide out of fear towards the unknown .

“Activate!” Li Qiye roared and a path split open on his forehead, revealing a strand of sacred light . This single strand tore apart his body along with the area nearby .

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” The holy light swept away any evil intent and darkness, wanting to refine this affinity inside him .

It actually emanated from his dao heart and created the cracks on him .

“Buzz . ” A buzz could be heard . It wasn’t that loud but everyone in Immortal Lineage clearly heard it .

The holy light poured down from the sky and permeated everything like mercury, reaching all the depths and crevices .

“Buzz . ” Burning noises resounded everywhere, even on the living . The darkness and evil intents were being scorched by this holy light .

Thus, the nearly transformed cultivators and various terrains assumed their original state . The twisted body of experts became normal again .

Li Qiye’s dao heart was the source of all that is holy in this world . He turned into the hottest and most blinding radiance .

“Now it’s a saint…” Everyone wanted to get on their knees and join the light after sensing its purity .

The light was winning and managed to save people from the darkness . Even the devils would feel this power in their heart and surrender .

“A saint from an old era?” One progenitor wondered . He first thought of an ancient progenitor capable of exuding this holy light . However, this being was long gone now on the river of time . Thus, it has to be a different person .

He opened his heavenly gaze to look at the light source in order to figure it out . However, this holy light actually imprinted itself into his dao heart, causing it to waver .

This scared the living hell out of him so he quickly averted his gaze out of fear . The power of this light was insane . He might turn into a follower if he had kept on looking at it .

A progenitor giving in to the light? That would be something else .

What else could be spared from its holiness then? It was capable of turning all of Immortal Lineage into a land of bliss in the blink of an eye . From another perspective, it was no different from the evil affinity earlier .

An ancient mantra came out of Li Qiye's mouth . It echoed across the world and nearly flipped the river of time over .

In this blink of an eye, the darkness that had disappeared in the river of time emerged once more and sent out offensive waves .

It resonated with the darkness in his body so popping noises could be heard . The dark flames around him ignited again, intending on taking his dao heart and body . This ambush seized the upper hand and started to extinguish the holy light .

With that, the living beings suffered the same devilization process - fangs, bone spurs, fur…

“Not again!” The powerful masters had to flee once more while trying to remove the darkness .

“Ah!” The weaker cultivators and ordinary living beings had no choice but to suffer this torturous transformation .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” A series of metallic ringing came next . Far up in the sky vault were three great maelstroms releasing twelve laws .

“Hmm…” The spectating progenitors didn’t recognize them at all .

“Clank!” These Primordial Wills instantly locked Li Qiye’s dao heart and the darkness within .

“Boom!” While everyone was still confused and horrified, the holy light suddenly exploded .

The light was already explosive and powerful before but now, it intensified to a whole new level . This was all of the holy lights in history exploding at the same time .

It resembled a world-ending flood washing over Immortal Lineage . The deepest abysses and most reclusive corners of darkness were still instantly illuminated .