Chapter 271: Chi Xiaodao’s Secret Crush

Li Qiye stayed at the Lion’s Roar Gate for a short period of time. During this time period, outside of teaching this elder about the alchemy dao and cultivation, he was contemplating about the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key.

As a result of his contemplation, he began to see some clues and found out a few secrets of the key along with some of its profundity.

The Lion’s Roar Gate treated him as the most esteemed of guests during his stay. If Li Qiye didn’t already have a sect, then the gate would have tried to recruit him. They would even let him enjoy the benefits of an elder.

“Brother Li, there will be a dao lecture party later inside the imperial city; do you want to go?” Chi Xiaodao, who had disappeared for several days, rushed in and told Li Qiye; he was clearly unable to hide his excitement.

Li Qiye noticed this excitement so he immediately looked at him and said: “Your excitement, don’t tell me your spring is coming? It is only a dao lecture; do you need to be so excited for something so ordinary?”

“This…” Chi Xiaodao was quite embarrassed after being seen through by Li Qiye and gave a mirthless smile.

At this time, a voice rang from the door as Chi Xiaodie was standing right there. She looked at her little brother and said: “Princess Bao Yun is coming.” 1

Chi Xiaodao immediately forced a fake smile and spoke to cover it up: “There will be many people coming this time. One could say that all the heroes and young talents of the Eastern Hundred Cities will be there.”

“However, Princess Bao Yun will definitely be there, right?” Chi Xiaodie looked at him and finally said: “If you like her, why don’t you tell her? Since you like her, don’t worry about the Tiger’s Howl Gate. Be courageous and tell her, then chase after her!”

With a greatly changed expression, Chi Xiaodao replied: “Sister, leave me alone. Even you, yourself, is not in control of your own situation. You clearly don’t like Sima Longyun so why didn’t you oppose the proposal from the Furious Immortal Saint Country and speak to Royal Father?”

Chi Xiaodie immediately lost her colors once the conversation changed to this matter. She didn’t say anything before turning around to leave.

Chi Xiaodao could only sigh as he watched his sister walking away and shake his head. He also wanted to help her, but his sister wouldn’t talk to their Royal Father about it; there was nothing he could do.

“What is this matter about Princess Bao Yun all about?” After Chi Xiaodie left, Li Qiye smilingly asked Chi Xiaodao.

Chi Xiaodao coughed and revealed some embarrassment, but he still spoke: “She is the princess of the Bao Yun Clan; I met her at an event three years ago.”

“You like her?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh at seeing his expression.

Chi Xiaodao bashfully smiled and said: “This…” He hesitated for a bit before continuing: “I don’t know how to say this… I, I like her, but I don’t know if she likes me or not.”

“If you like her, then go after her, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “You are not bad at all. Don’t tell me you feel that you are not good enough for her?”

Chi Xiaodao wryly smiled and shook his head: “It’s not like that; however, I heard that the Tiger’s Howl Gate had already proposed to the Bao Yun Clan, and the master of the clan is very willing to become in-laws with the gate. I heard this matter will very likely be successful. Some news even said that Hu Yue of the Tiger’s Howl Gate came several times to discuss about this marriage.” Having said this, he gave a dejected look. 2

Seeing Chi Xiaodao looking so sad, Li Qiye burst out in laughter and said: “A free man and an unmarried woman; if you like her, then just go for it. The Tiger’s Howl Gate is just proposing and she hasn’t married him yet. You can compete for her against the Tiger’s Howl descendant — this is not a big deal. Even if she was married already, you can still rob her away. That year, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang did this kind of thing before.” 3

“Brother Li thinks too highly of me, you even compared me with Immortal Emperor Fei Yang. I know who I am very clearly.” Chi Xiaodao said with a wry smile.

He hesitated for a moment before speaking: “I won’t hide it from Brother Li. I also want to court Princess Bao Yun, but unfortunately…” He sighed at this point and then said with some disappointment: “My Lion’s Roar Gate, today, is not the same as the Chi Clan of the past. We have fallen, and the Bao Yun Clan would not put my Lion’s Roar Gate in their eyes with our current status within the Eastern Hundred Cities. At the same time, my gate cannot compete against the Tiger’s Howl Gate.”

“The current Tiger’s Howl Gate is a grand sect; even though it cannot compare to Immortal Emperor lineages, they are still quite illustrious and influential within the Eastern Hundred Cities. My Lion’s Roar Gate is far too lacking compared to them.” Chi Xiaodao then bitterly smiled and kept on going: “If my grandfather personally came forward to propose for me, then there is a little bit of hope. Unfortunately, after my grandfather went into his death meditation, he never showed his face again.” 4

“It is nothing special.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “So be it, I will be a good person to the very end. If you want to court girls, I will support you. Go ahead and boldly chase after this Princess Bao Yun. As long as she likes you back, everything will be easy. If this Bao Yun Clan does not agree, I will help you beat them up until they agree. If this Tiger’s Howl Gate dares to steal your woman, I will beat them until even their parents wouldn’t be able to recognize them.”

“This…” Chi Xiaodao’s mouth was wide open after hearing Li Qiye’s domineering words. This was a bit too tyrannical.

“But, but, the Tiger’s Howl Gate and the Bao Yun Clan are great powers renowned in the Eastern Hundred Cities! It is not so easy to mess with them; my Lion’s Roar Gate is definitely not their match.” Chi Xiaodao hesitantly spoke.

Li Qiye calmly declared: “With me here, everything will be fine as long as you can win her heart. Your Chi Clan and me are brought together by fate, so I will help you to the very end.”

The Chi Clan Ancestor was an absolutely loyal general under Li Qiye, and he died in the Immortal Massacre War. Today, Li Qiye also liked Chi Xiaodao so, out of love for his ancestor, Li Qiye will lend him a hand.

Chi Xiaodao’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster. Before this, his cultivation was stuck; one could say that his heart had turned cold and became drowned in despair about this matter. Today, his matter was taken care of and he could cultivate normally again. This was his renewed hope as his will to fight surged once more.

“So? You don’t even have the courage to chase after a girl?” Li Qiye smilingly said after being met by Chi Xiaodao’s hesitation.

Chi Xiaodao clenched his fists and said: “Good, even Brother Li will support me. If I don’t try my best, then it would be a shame to your goodwill! Don’t worry, Brother Li, I will not back down. If she doesn’t like me, then so be it. However, if she is willing, then no matter what, I will battle to the end!” At this point, his blood was boiling as his fighting intent surged high.

Li Qiye laughed and patted his shoulder before saying: “Now you sound more like a man.”

Chi Xiaodao was quite bold at the moment. At this time, his feelings were out of control and he wished that he could see Princess Bao Yun right away.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing Chi Xiaodao’s current appearance. Young love was quite a sight — worthy of remembrance. After traversing the eras, there might not be a woman capable of causing his heart to burn brightly like this anymore.

“So your sister will marry that little pretty boy, Sima Longyun?” Li Qiye asked about a different matter.

Chi Xiaodao was worried about this matter. He shook his head and said: “Not marry, but the Furious Immortal Saint Country had come to propose even as early as two years ago. And recently, they have been more fervent about it. My Royal Father is a bit unable to withstand their pressure while my grandpa has not said anything about it.”

“What is your father’s opinion on this? Or rather, what is your sister’s opinion on this?” Li Qiye asked.

Chi Xiaodao shook his head in response: “As for my sister, there’s no need to say it. Basically, she does not like Sima Longyun. However, if my Royal Father truly tells her to marry him, then she has no choice! She had always sacrificed herself to protect the Lion’s Roar Gate. If she were to decline, then maybe it could bring about some attacks from the Saint Country. Even if my sister is not willing, she will agree to this marriage for the sake of the Chi Clan and the gate.”

“What is your father’s opinion?” Li Qiye asked.

Li Qiye didn’t have much to say about Chi Xiaodie, but out of love for the Chi Clan Ancestor, he will still lend her a hand.

Chi Xiaodao bitterly smiled: “If my Royal Father was willing, then he would have already married her off. Royal Father believes that the Saint Country only wants our supreme Immortal Physique Law and that they have no good intentions. If my sister wanted to marry, then he wouldn’t stop her. If she didn’t want to, then he wouldn’t force her either. However, in my opinion, if the Saint Country keeps on pressuring my Royal Father, then I’m afraid my sister will agree to protect our country.”

Having said this, he couldn’t help but sigh. He desperately wanted to help out his sister, but with his strength alone, how could he fight against a monster like the Furious Immortal Saint Country?

“Furious Immortal Saint Country.” Li Qiye smiled. He knew its Progenitor — a grand completion Immortal Physique. He went on to say: “The lower Tyrannical Immortal Physique Law — it is flawed.”

“My Royal Father also guessed the same thing!” Chi Xiaodao shockingly exclaimed: “Brother Li also knows this secret!”

“It is only a secret for now.” Li Qiye smilingly said. The Furious Immortal Ancestor cultivated the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique, one of the twelve Immortal Physiques. After he reached grand completion, he swept through the Eight Desolaces. This matter was quite shocking at that time. There used to be a saying in that era — unless an Immortal Emperor came out, no one would be able to defeat him!

In fact, Li Qiye — as the Dark Crow — had seen his Physique in that era! The truth was that his Physique was flawed; even though people said that he created a supreme law for the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique, unfortunately, he was missing just one part. Logically speaking, he had no chance of reaching the grand completion stage of the Immortal Physique, but he obtained a miracle that allowed him to survive the powerful Physique tribulation. If it wasn’t so, then he surely would have died under the terrifying tribulation.

Chi Xiaodao emotionally said: “My Royal Father also thought the same. He speculated that they only want our Immortal Physique Law. After their Progenitor, they no longer produced another grand completion Immortal Physique so my Royal Father guessed that there is a problem with their law. They want to start with our Immortal Physique Law in order to find a solution.”


  1. Princess Bao Yun = Princess Jewel/Treasure Cloud. 
  2. Hu Yue = Tiger Peak. 
  3. Fei Yang = Soaring/Fly. There is another Immortal Emperor Fei, but Fei and Fei Yang are different. 
  4. Reminder, death meditation is a very important cultivation. Either break through successfully and leave, or die in there. It is a last chance/resort.