Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2713

Chapter 2713: 2713

Meanwhile, the actual Li Qiye fell into a deep mountain and left behind a pit . After a single night, vines and trees started growing around it, culminating in a forest .

He landed on a system named Immortal Devil with quite an origin .

Its progenitor had the title of Everlasting Forefather . The guy was very magical and could certainly back up this bold title choice .

Rumor has it that he was the only person in history with a masterly understanding of the samsara and the only one who will experience it . That’s why he would return after each era with a different identity .

Numerous emperors and progenitors became interested in him, also wanting to learn the mysteries of the samsara . However, this person resembled an unreachable dragon . Though people knew that he has reincarnated, few could actually find him .

He continued to shroud himself in fog, not letting others know his identity and background . Who knows how strong this progenitor was?

That’s why he was considered the most mysterious progenitor .

He eventually stopped appearing a very long time later . Some guessed that he had finally failed on the cycle and became ashes .

Future generations slowly forgot about this magical progenitor . However, the system he created continued to exist despite numerous ups and downs after many generations .

However, the world didn’t know that Everlasting Forefather also has another identity - Everlasting Xiao of Immortal Demon Grotto in the nine worlds . [1]

Old man, why does fate bring us together again? That’s why Li Qiye said this after the landing .

After being sent flying by the explosion of his own holy light, a powerful force from this system pulled him here .

The relationship between him and Everlasting Xiao was too deep, spanning for eras . In fact, one could say that Li Qiye came from the Immortal Demon Grotto .

Thus, the techniques and resources left behind by Everlasting Xiao in this system drew Li Qiye here during his freefall .

Li Qiye was actually going home, in a sense . His divine intents were in his dao heart, completely focused on taking down the terrifying existence .

Thus, he looked to be unconscious, almost like being in a vegetative state .

Of course, it was easy for him to wake up . He just needed to remove one strand of intent from his dao heart then he would be back and not much different from now .

Alas, his biggest goal was refining the dark existence right now so he didn’t care about his actual body .

The weather and bugs didn’t bother him at all . His constitution has reached an insane level . An ant couldn’t dig its teeth in his skin .

After a few days, the forest around him continuously expanded . The area directly below him fared even better . Some spirit grasses and alchemy materials flourished around him .

This was to be expected . His blood stained the area from the previous wound . Even if it wasn’t his true blood or imperial blood, just his regular blood was extremely precious - capable of making the soil fertile .

Days passed by then years in this wilderness rarely visited by others so no one found him .

Eventually, a group of young disciples from Mountguard School came here to pick herbs .

“Hey, there’s a cluster of spirit materials over here . ” They spent half a day for little gains until they found his location and saw a plethora of herbs and grasses .

The various types were precious on top of growing very well, resulting in an alchemy garden of sorts .

The youths became excited and hurriedly gathered the items .

“We finally found a good area . ” They happily filled their baskets .

“Thank god First Brother noticed this or most of us would have returned empty-handed . ” 

“We’re rich now… well, I guess this will be considered a meritorious contribution for the sect . The elders will be very pleased . ” Some of them started celebrating and continued the harvest .

“First Brother, there’s a corpse here!” One of them finally saw Li Qiye .

“A corpse?!” Some were startled and stumbled backward .

They exchanged glances of astonishment . The more timid members became frightened .

“Dig it out so we can have a better look . ” Their first brother named Li Jiankun remained cool and ordered .

The group worked together to clear the vegetation and finally exposed the corpse .

“It hasn’t decomposed . ” Their first brother pulled up the muddy corpse and took a look .

“Not someone from our school . ” They heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the corpse’s face .

“Well, this person technically shouldn’t have died that long ago judging from the state of his corpse, but why was it buried so deep? A murder, maybe?” Speculation arose .

This naturally scared some members . Did someone kill then bury him in this remote region? Maybe a robbery escalating into a murder, or just something else altogether .

“Does anyone recognize him?” Their first brother asked .

This was the territory of their school so it could be someone from there . The group took a look before shaking their head .

“I think he’s a mortal, not a cultivator and definitely not an expert . ” One said quietly .

The majority agreed and nodded, thinking that this guy looks way too ordinary to be an expert or a cultivator .

“Hmm, no wound on him, maybe he got sick while plucking herb and died . ” Another disciple said .

“Wait, wait, he’s, he’s still alive!” One disciple turned pale and shouted .

Li Qiye opened his eyes for a split second before closing them again, returning his one intent back to his dao heart .

The refinement was still happening in his dao heart but this group disturbed him so he took a quick look . He lost interest after seeing them .

A “corpse” suddenly opening its eyes naturally scared the youths . Many have just joined the sect and have yet to see the world .

“He’s alive . ” They carefully observed him again after the momentary shock and calmed down . This wasn’t a reanimated corpse .

“Yes, I think he fell down hard and became crippled from top to bottom . It’s a miracle that he’s still alive . ” Their first brother squatted down and confirmed .

1 . I’m still not sure if it is Xiao Shi or just Xiao and the character Shi here tells us that it is his surname . I need to see his clan’s last name before knowing .