Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2719

Chapter 2719: 2719

Zhao Zhiting found Li Qiye’s line of thinking to be unprecedented . She has always taken cultivation step by step, relying on the methods passed down by her master .

In fact, these methods have been passed down for generations as unending dogmas .

“Not only are you stupid but your master is also idiotic beyond cure too . I can smell the rot of this teaching method from far away . So many years yet still adhering to old ideas, resulting in stagnation . The merit laws passed down by the ancestors are meant to be improved or changed by the new generations . ” Li Qiye didn’t hold back .

Zhiting smiled wryly and didn’t dare to respond . Commenting on one’s master was considered extremely disrespectful in Mountguard .

“Try and comprehend this with your heart and mind while abandoning dated beliefs . ” Li Qiye shot out a tiny law into her brain .

She became startled after finding out that this law pertained to fire mastery . Li Qiye didn’t teach her how to cultivate the Encroaching Flame Scroll, only a few profundities regarding fire mastery .

She looked conscientiously at it and became shaken . These methods of fire mastery perfectly fused with what she had learned in the past . It boosted her current abilities in such a smooth and flawless manner .

“Thank you, Young Noble . ” She bowed deeply towards him and didn’t garner a response . Nevertheless, she was more than satisfied already .

Jiahui returned and found out a bit later . She became pleasantly surprised .

Sure enough, Zhiting broke through the bottleneck that has been plaguing her in no time at all . Her cultivation soared at an unprecedented rate .

Moreover, she seemed to understand everything from the Flame Encroaching Scroll . Today, she realized that the methods passed down by her master were inefficient and blind .

Li Qiye’s guidance opened numerous illuminated paths for her . A feeling of elucidation made her think that one dao could reach the myriad laws .

She gained a deeper appreciation of his unfathomability, perhaps stronger than anyone else in Mountguard . After all, her seniors didn’t have a way to help her while Li Qiye’s few words were more than enough .

The duo resumed their duties in taking care of him, not knowing when he would wake up again .

They also didn’t dare to let anyone else know since it was better to be prudent . First, others might have nefarious ideas towards him after finding out . Second, they didn’t want to offend him . A master was always impossible to predict so they wouldn’t do anything without permission .

Taking care of him didn’t slow their cultivation rate at all since they trained skillfully and easily .

Today, Jiahui took Li Qiye out for fresh air again . She gazed at the divine mountain for a long time, completely immersed .

This mountain was visible in any location inside Mountguard . It looked to be right in front of any spectator despite being very far away .

“Is reincarnation really possible?” Jiahui curiously wondered .

She has heard many legends about the divine mountain after joining Mountguard . Plus, there were yearly ceremonies to worship Everlasting Forefather .

Her seniors told her that their sect’s purpose is to protect the divine mountain and any reincarnated form of their forefather .

Though the cycles of reincarnation stopped and the sect started to decline, they have never forgotten their purpose and the creed of their founding patriarch .

“Will the progenitor return in the Immortal Demon Grotto?” She rested her chin on her hands while ruminating and staring at the mountain . Its peak was shrouded by clouds and fogs so she couldn’t see the legendary cave at all .

According to the legends, their forefather always returned inside that cave . The sages of Mounguard would then greet him afterward .

“But no one can climb to the peak now in our sect . We wouldn’t even know if the forefather had reincarnated . ” She murmured .

Because of the current state of declination, not a single member of Mountguard was capable of reaching the top of the divine mountain, let alone entering Immortal Demon Grotto .

Ascension required overcoming an immense pressure . This force gradually increased as one climbs higher - not something they could handle or resist . At a certain level, the climbers would be crushed into streams of blood .

A very long time ago, they had ancestors capable of entering the cave . Alas, after the last sage passed away, not a single newcomer could accomplish this task .

Of course, great masters have tried in each generation . This only resulted in failure . Later on, their descendants had no choice but to give up, realizing their lack of abilities .

“Reincarnation won’t happen again . ” Li Qiye’s voice lingered by her ear .

“Young Noble!” She didn’t expect him to wake up at this moment and became excited .

Li Qiye ignored her and stared at the mountain . His eyes became profound, perhaps capable of peering through the boundless realms .

For some reason, she suddenly felt sad, perhaps influenced by Li Qiye’s mood .

“Old man . ” Li Qiye gently sighed and said: “There’s no doubt that you’re a son of a bitch but I can’t deny your distinguished accomplishments as a pioneer . ” 

Everlasting Forefather and Li Qiye had a complicated feud in the past . Alas, he was dead now so animosity no longer existed .

“Few could persevere on this path . The most brilliant and the strongest have tried but a majority usually fell into temptation, unlike you . A son of a bitch worthy of respect . ” Li Qiye said .

The death of Everlasting Xiao wasn’t the death of an enemy to Li Qiye, only the death of another adventurer on this path .

This arduous path winded forever and the travelers could die at any moment, or worse - sinking into depravity .

Pain and agonies tormented his eras but Everlasting Xiao still didn’t give up even when everything else has turned to ashes .

He searched for possibilities and methods . For example, this system was one of his experiments .

He tested with the samsara cycle in order to accomplish the impossible . That’s why he came to Three Immortals, hoping for both an answer and finding the things he wanted .

Unfortunately, Three Immortals didn’t have them, so he had to leave for his own world . That’s why the reincarnation cycles stopped in the divine mountain .

Finally, Everlasting Xiao went all out just once . The result was obvious - absolute failure and destruction .

Luckily, this system in Three Immortals could still be considered as his legacy .