Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2724

Chapter 2724

“Just passing by . ” Li Qiye unenthusiastically answered .

He let Jiahui put him down and he raised his hand .

“Buzz . ” Space suddenly rotated .

One scene appeared after another as they moved around in space . No one felt that the cave was normal any longer .

Both Jiahui and the old man felt that they were traveling through different dimensions .

In reality, they didn’t move at all . Other spatial realms were simply overlapping with the cave .

Ramparts made of bronze appeared around them . This was an extremely powerful seal .

Those who touch these walls would be rendered to ashes regardless of who they are .

The old man was intimidated after seeing this seal . These spatial stacks resulting in this seal were definitely at the level of an immortal progenitor . However, one couldn’t casually perform it .

They needed to augment and refine it several times . Basically, great efforts and resources were essential .

The strangest part was that he sensed a familiar presence in this seal, allowing him to know its creator - Everlasting Forefather . This astounded him because he has been cultivating here to learn the mysteries of the system along with its merit laws .

One session lasted for numerous years but he never found this spatial stacking and the seal . Clearly, the person who left it and the one who found it were both stronger than him .

“Buzz . ” Li Qiye released more flashing dao laws from his palm . They resembled a silkworm spitting out strings . Each law was profound on the same level as a supreme grand dao . They coiled together and transformed to form a peerless dao .

The old man’s eyes narrowed as he focused on deriving this grand dao . Alas, his power level couldn’t see through this law in such a short time .

More importantly, this grand dao wasn’t just old . It seemed to have escaped the five elements and the samsara cycle, meaning that it wasn’t subjected to the shackles of Tree Immortals World . Maybe it didn’t originate from here . However, the same presence of Everlasting Forefather could be detected too, even if only for a split second .

However, this youth couldn’t be Everlasting Forefather! But then, who the hell was he?

The old man had plenty of questions but he was certain about one thing - the youth had deep ties with Immortal Demon System, maybe with the forefather as well . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to concoct this aura . The latter might not be the case, but the former was virtually guaranteed .

The grand dao started turning into symbols that instantly imprinted themselves onto this area . They then melted and became one with space, seemingly making up for the previous incomplete parts .

“Clank!” One could hear an unlocking noise from shackles . The numerous seals in this area were opening up to the old man’s astonishment .

Only Everlasting Forefather should have been able to do this . Even an immortal-level progenitor would need a long time before breaking something of this level . However, Li Qiye did it so effortlessly as if he was the one who created it .

This was simply unbelievable . He started looking at the youth again, thinking that maybe he was indeed the reincarnated forefather .

Alas, this wasn’t too plausible because according to the rumors, the forefather would always reincarnate inside this cave .

He has been here for who knows how long but the forefather never happened before . But now, this guy came out of nowhere and knew the forefather’s grand dao so well - truly a shocking matter .

The old man started thinking that maybe the reincarnation spot for the forefather had changed . Of course, these were only speculations .

“Rumble!” The stacked space opened up a massive abyss that makes the old man shudder with fear .

One could easily lose their way in there and never be able to get out .

“Boom!” Li Qiye reached into this abyss . This resulted in a blinding radiance as if a world was being created there .

Immortal lights gushed out along with ancient laws . Some living creatures might be wanting to leave this abyss .

However, before these things could come out, immortal hymns started resounding . They resonated with the grand dao . Each hymn was giving birth to a peerless dao .

“Boom!” Li Qiye finally pulled back, revealing a scripture in his hand .

It exuded wondrous light, looking just like a pristine and primordial world .

People couldn’t look straight at it unless they were strong enough . The old man could see two words engraved on this scripture, made from mighty runes .

However, these ancient characters definitely didn’t belong to Three Immortals nor any world for that matter, at least in the old man’s knowledgeable mind .

“A heavenly scripture?” Alas, this didn’t stop him from knowing the value of the scripture due to an ancient legend .

Several heavenly scriptures have appeared in Three Immortals before . Their origin remained unknown .

As time passed, these scriptures disappeared from sight . People began to think that they didn’t even exist in the first place, only mere fabrication .