Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2731

Chapter 2731: 2731

Zhiting and Jiahui appreciated the scrolls given to them by Li Qiye so they put in even more effort .

Ordinary disciples like them didn’t have the chance to obtain this level of merit laws, let alone training with them .

They were passed down by the progenitor so only elders and up were eligible to use them . This was all thanks to Li Qiye so they didn’t take the opportunity for granted .

Li Qiye guided them occasionally so this made the process even smoother . Willing students and a good teacher - a recipe for success .

They absorbed his teaching like sponges and fully exerted their hidden potential .

Zhiting was the more talented between the two . Moreover, she joined the sect earlier so her cultivation was considerably stronger as well .

However, after the polishment on the divine mountain, Jiahui obtained a higher limit on top of a firmer dao heart . Thus, she had more potential than the former .

All in all, the two sisters trained their heart out during this period . They competed while still offering each other full support so they improved like the wind . A friendship like this was rare and this experience only served to strengthen it .

The truth was that Mountguard had nothing worthy of entering Li Qiye’s sight . However, he was willing to stay for one simple reason - Longevity Forefather .

The guy no longer had a lineage in the nine worlds so this was Li Qiye’s way of remembrance on top of ending this karmic string .

Another person came to the courtyard to learn along with the two girls - Li Jiankun .

He knew that they were improving so quickly because of Li Qiye . This naturally tempted him because he wanted to have some achievements as well as the First Brother of Mountguard .

Alas, his current strength and situation right now made it hard to accomplish anything . Thus, he asked the two for a favor . They had a good impression of him so they let him come to ask Li Qiye for help .

Jiankun woke up very early this morning to take a clean shower and came in an official and respectful manner to see Li Qiye .

“This junior was blind to not see Mount Tai, please forgive me, Senior . ” Jiankun got on his knees and apologized with sincerity: “My cultivation has stagnated and is full of flaws . Please give me a pointer or two . ”

He kowtowed fully but Li Qiye remained asleep .

Nevertheless, the youth continued to kneel there . He knew that earning the guidance of a master wasn’t easy . One must have a sincere heart .  

Alas, Li Qiye still didn’t respond . The two girls were used to this so they asked Jiankun to leave .

This failure didn’t deter him . He returned each day to greet Li Qiye with a kowtow while reporting his current cultivation status in full details .

Of course, this was unnecessary because Li Qiye could see everything about him .

Jiankun persevered for many days and Li Qiye still didn’t wake up . This process went on for a while until it became a habit .

Each day before training, Jiankun would come to see Li Qiye first for a report .

“Idiot . ” He finally got a long-awaited response one morning .

“Senior!” Jiankun reacted as if this was the pleasant voice of a beautiful fairy . He showed full reverence and asked: “Please excuse my impudence . I am confused with my dao, please show me the way, Senior . ”

“Your Soaring Immortal Sword Art is trained horribly, the fault of both your master’s teaching and your shitty comprehension . ” Li Qiye spoke without opening his eyes: “Leave, don’t bother me anymore . ”

Having said that, he flicked his finger and drilled a dao law into the youth’s brain .

“Boom!” Waves erupted in Jiankun’s mind, nearly flipping his ocean of knowledge over .

“Clank! Clank!” He could hear the sounds of the swords echoing . The laws turned into divine swords that started dancing in accordance with the variations of the Soaring Immortal Sword Art .

These images truly embarrassed the youth . He realized that what he had learned in the past was a spectacle too horrible to endure . It had countless flaws from being incorrectly trained .

As the saying goes - a tiny discrepancy can lead to a huge mistake .

He found himself enlightened while slowly digesting this sword art and became a fan of one more saying - a single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth more than ten years of reading .

“I’m truly grateful for your guidance, Senior . ” He performed nine full kowtows afterward .

Li Qiye, of course, didn’t react to this gesture .

Jiankun didn’t dare to be greedy . Just this one sword art alone was enough for a lifetime, so he left .

It didn’t take long before a group of people started kneeling in the courtyard - all of the elders led by the school master himself .

It turned out that after being taught by Li Qiye, Li Jiankun’s Soaring Immortal Sword Art became more profound than his master’s version .

After his master found out the details and carefully mused the new variations, the guy became red with embarrassment . He thought that he was hampering his own student’s progress by teaching such a crappy version of this sword law!

Thus, he also benefited from the new version and quickly reported this to the school master .

It was Chen Weizheng’s turn to be shocked and he summoned the elders again for this once-in-a-million-year opportunity .

A wise master was staying in their sect so it was time to seek help . That’s why all of them were kneeling in Li Qiye’s place, wanting his guidance .

When Jiahui and Zhiting opened the gate early in the morning and saw the group kneeling there, they naturally became startled .

Of course, they didn’t dare to say anything either and only stood quietly to the side .

Li Qiye wasn’t moved by this sight at all .

Chen Weizheng held his breath and kneeled soundlessly with the rest, awaiting for Li Qiye’s approval .  

Days passed by without any result . They showed their sincerity by continuing to kneel in the same spot .

The sun changed to the moon and vice versa numerous times . One day, Li Qiye finally opened his eyes .

“Ancestor, please help us . ” Chen Weizheng beseeched along with the elders .