Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2733

Chapter 2733: 2733

Time flew by while everyone was immersed in cultivation .

It has been half a year since Li Qiye’s arrival . The entire sect has improved by leaps and bounds . For a few people, this period was equivalent to a ten-year-long session in the past, perhaps even longer .

The upper echelon already had accumulation and experiences built up . They were stuck because of certain bottlenecks binding them down .

Alas, with Li Qiye’s help and the dao power coming from Mountguard, they were able to reach the next level .

The atmosphere and morale in Mountguard were at an all-time high . People couldn’t eat and sleep, albeit for a good cause - cultivating .

Today, School Master Chen Weizheng ran in and reported: “Ancestor, a patrolling envoy from Eight Trigrams, Sir Fu is here . ”

Li Qiye was in a state of dormancy as always, seemingly not listening .

“Sir Fu is here for the matter relating to the Virtuous Crown . I believe Eight Trigrams will not let us have a sage so they want to take the crown . Please make your decision, Ancestor . ” Weizheng was used to this and continued reporting .

In the past, establishing the next sage was Mountguard’s business . Other great powers in Immortal Demon System weren’t qualified to get involved .

Alas, this was no longer the case . Mountguard has fallen while the sage was responsible for greeting the next reincarnated form of Everlasting Forefather . Thus, this status and role were pivotal and highly regarded in the system .  

It represented the orthodox branch in Immortal Demon . However, as one of the strongest lineages in the system right now, Eight Trigrams didn’t have this role and the status of a main branch .

Thus, the return of the crown tempted them . It wasn’t hard for them to take it from the current Mountguard either, hence the visit from this envoy .

“It’s no big deal, let him come since he’s here already . ” Li Qiye spoke without opening his eyes .

“Ancestor, this envoy… is a third-level Ascender . ” Weizheng rubbed his palms together awkwardly .

Remember, he was still the strongest in Mountguard as a True God . He wouldn’t be able to stop this envoy from forcefully taking the crown . No one else in the sect could either .

That’s why he had no choice but to report this to Li Qiye since it was a big event .

“Push me out . ” Li Qiye told Jiahui .

Weizheng became ecstatic . Li Qiye’s involvement meant that they would be able to keep the crown .


The conference hall of Mountguard was normally meant for high-level deliberations within the sect .

Today, it was taken by a guest from Eight Trigrams, an envoy whose responsibility was to patrol the various sects with the name, Fu Kun .

Eight Trigrams immediately sent him here after receiving news about the crown . He brought along an elite group as well, making the kingdom’s intention as clear as day .

They clearly didn’t want the next sage appointed to be from Mountguard . Since the crown has returned, it should be taken to their kingdom . Only they were worthy of possessing an item of this level!

Fu Kun came with absolute conviction . Nothing was out of line in order to seize the crown, including murdering everyone here .

An envoy wasn’t that prestigious of a position but it was very influential . Moreover, a third-level Ascender like him shouldn’t have any problem dealing with this tiny sect .

One could easily see the disparity in power from this . The kingdom could casually send out any envoy and that would still be enough to sweep through Mountguard . The kingdom itself was a behemoth in comparison .

Fu Kun sat in the main position that was meant for the school master . Of course, he didn’t really give a damn since he could do whatever he wanted here .

Around him were masters in uniforms with an aggressive aura . These were clearly battle-hardened combatants . This elite group used to be responsible for wiping out traitors in the kingdom .

Fu Kun sat there in an imperious manner, acting as if this was his own home - the dove has taken over the magpie’s nest .  

The members of Mountguard’s upper echelon were obviously unhappy with his attitude . Alas, they weren’t in a position to say anything . Eight Trigrams could easily wipe them out .

At this time, Weizheng came in with Jiahui and Li Qiye .

The older members heaved a sigh of relief and celebrated inside . Their school master has successfully invited their ancestor to join this mess . The crown would never leave Mountguard now .

Fu Kun watched the trio and narrowed his eyes . He coldly uttered: “School Master Chen, what do you think you’re doing bringing this cripple here?”

He didn’t try to hide his feeling of superiority and lorded over Mountguard’s school master .

“Envoy, this is our ancestor . ” Weizheng restrained himself, thinking that this was his own fault for being weak .  

“Ancestor?” Fu Kun glared at Li Qiye and took a good look at him, finding that this was only a wheelchair-bound cripple .

“School Master Chen, this nonsense can’t trick me . Your sect announced that a reclusive ancestor of your has returned and brought back the Virtuous Crown . That’s why you will establish a new-generation sage . ” Fu Kun said .

“Envoy, that sounds about right . ” Weizheng replied .

“I’m afraid that this deceitful attempt won’t go as you plan when I’m around . That’s your new sage? A little girl still wet behind the ears daring to call herself a sage? Know your limits!” Fu Kun snorted and looked over at Jiahui . To be exact, the crown on her head .

“That’s the mythical Virtuous Crown?” He has never seen the crown before, only thinking that it was his now .

“Yes, Envoy . ” Weizheng knew of his malicious intent . He would have told Jiahui to hide if Li Qiye didn’t come along .

“Hmph, School Master Chen, your sect’s action can be considered as lying to the people and disrupting the peace of Immortal Demon System, a serious offense!” Fu Kun declared: “Hand over the Virtuous Crown in order to redeem your sect or face heavy punishments . ”

“Envoy, establishing the next stage is Mountguard’s responsibility and internal matter . We only need to report this to fellow sects, no need for anyone else to get involved . ” Weizheng answered in a proper manner .

This was indeed the case . No other sects were qualified to interfere with the sage appointment, not even the Longevity Hall .

“School Master Chen, watch what you’re saying . ” Fu Kun retorted: “The times have changed, your fallen sect has lost the qualification to hold the crown or establish a sage . To do so is merely insulting the title of sage!”

His eyes became fierce with a cold glint: “Be smart and hand over the crown, don’t make this mistake . ”

Weizheng took a deep breath and put on a solemn expression: “Envoy, for millions of years now, the crown has always belonged to Mountguard . The sage must also be from Mountguard, no one can change this fact!”