Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2736

Chapter 2736

Today, the slumbering Li Qiye suddenly woke up and summoned Chen Weizheng .

The sudden call surprised the unaware Weizheng . He immediately dropped all matters and ran over .

“Ancestor, I’m ready for your command . ” Weizheng kneeled before Li Qiye .

“We’re taking a trip to Reincarnation Mountain City . ” Li Qiye looked at him and ordered .

“To Reincarnation Mountain?” Weizheng didn’t expect this at all .

Though Reincarnation Mountain was still in Immortal Demon System, it was very far away from Mountguard .

“May I ask why do you need to go there? Perhaps I can be of assistance . ” Weizheng hurriedly said .

Li Qiye hasn’t moved or got up from his wheelchair after all this time . Weizheng actually thought that Li Qiye’s physical body was done for and he couldn’t walk again .

The journey to Reincarnation Mountain was far and it would be very inconvenient . If possible, he would like to make the trip himself in Li Qiye’s stead .

“Just for a look . ” Li Qiye stared at the distant with a strange expression, seemingly in remembrance . Perhaps something far away was summoning him .

After a while, he withdrew his gaze and said: “Not just me, pick seven disciples to take along . The warmth in the house can’t groom exceptional flowers . In order to become a sky-blotting tree, one needs to experience the rains and winds . It’s time for them to see the immensity of the world and train . ”

Of course, it would be faster for Li Qiye to go alone . However, he wanted to take advantage of this leisure time to train these disciples . He wouldn’t have the chance and the time after crushing the existence in his mind to help them train .

“I understand, I will carry it out right away . ” Weizheng became excited and bowed .  

He knew that his ancestor was a supreme master . To be escorted by a being like this was the best thing possible, the best opportunity for training . These disciples were lucky to have this chance .

“Ancestor, I’m afraid this will take some time because we don’t have the abilities to go there nor the means to enter the ancient battlefield for training . ” He calmed down and thought about something else .

Mountguard no longer had the true stones to support the long journey to Reincarnation Mountain through their dao portal .

“Traveling through this vast world is also training . The dao heart will be polished as well . ” Li Qiye said .

“I understand, I will make preparations . ” Weizheng bowed .

He went to pick the right disciples and figure out the logistics for the trip .

After finding out about this potential trip, not to mention the youths, even the elders and protectors became excited .

Everyone knew that those heading out will become the future pillars of Mountguard . Most importantly, they would be lucky enough to learn from the ancestor himself . Just one word of advice from him was better than a century of hard training .

Just like that, these elders and protectors rushed to the school master to give him their recommendations, hoping that their most excellent disciple would be able to follow the ancestor .

However, Weizheng deliberately tried to be as partial as possible and only based his selections on certain criteria . Eventually, he picked seven after many rounds .

Of course, Guo Jiahui was the first to be selected . She climbed up the divine mountain on top of being chosen as the sage by Li Qiye . No one was more qualified than her .

Plus, he would have picked her either way because she has always been serving Li Qiye . Most importantly, she was the one who brought him back . This act was a great contribution to the sect .

Next was Zhao Zhiting . She wasn’t the most exceptional disciple either in the sect but her cultivation had improved tremendously, surpassing many peers in the process . Thus, she had boundless potential on top of always being with Li Qiye and Jiahui . She deserved a spot on the roster .

The third was their First Brother, Li Jiankun . This choice was obvious because he had the best talents and cultivation among the young generation . He was more mature and deliberate with his actions as well .

Of course, he was extremely happy and grateful after being selected . He had wanted to kill Li Qiye in the past and offended him in the conference hall once .

However, the ancestor didn’t hold a grudge, having taught him a merit law in the past and now selecting him for this? He felt that this was a truly benevolent act .

Four more excellent disciples were chosen . Among them was the sect’s youngest junior sister .

All were more than happy because they have seen Jiahui’s improvements after being taught by the ancestor . They were aware of the potential lifelong benefits .

Weizheng then reported to Li Qiye after preparing everything .

The group then left Mountguard for Reincarnation Mountain . Weizheng personally led the way at a normal pace .

The juniors were as excited as possible because this was their first long trip away from home . Moreover, with their ancestor around, they felt that everything was possible - the sky’s the limit - and that they were heroes going on a journey .

Unfortunately, this excitement didn’t last long .

It was the second day and Li Qiye stopped near a valley .

“Go, kill your way in . Don’t bother coming back out if you can’t make it to the snake lair . ” Li Qiye gave the valley a quick glance before closing his eyes .

The valley was quite large with an ominous aura . Hisses could be heard from the poisonous serpents of varying sizes .  

Bones scattered in this place too . Who knows if they belonged to humans or wild beasts?

The group felt their scalp tingling at this scene for it was their first facing such a dangerous location .

“Ancestor, this snake valley is relatively notorious . I don’t think the seven of them can handle it . ” Weizheng’s heart skipped a beat .

It wouldn’t be a problem for him at all but these seven couldn’t handle it . Alas, Li Qiye seemed to be asleep in his wheelchair already .

Li Jiankun’s group exchanged glances and shuddered . In the end, Jiahui’s dao heart was the firmest and she wasn’t afraid at all .

“Let’s go, maintain a good formation, not too far but not too close either . ” She was the first to come in .

“Come, don’t lose each other . ” Jiankun didn’t want to falter behind and commanded .

“Sss!” A serpent naturally lunged towards the invaders .

Jiahui was fearless unlike the rest of the group .

“Kill them . ” Her sword cut through this snake with lightning speed .

“Sssss!” More snakes came from all directions .

“Take them down!” Li Jiankun roared and joined his junior sister . Blood started gushing everywhere .

Though these snakes were relatively tough, they weren’t a match for powerful cultivators like the group .

The team heaved a sigh of relief after killing all the snakes .

“Boom!” This feeling didn’t last long . A snake as big as a dragon slithered out from the valley’s depth .

It crushed the trees in its path and made rocks fly everywhere . It towered before the group just like a mountain .