Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2738

Chapter 2738

The training and ferocious battles didn’t stop along the way . The seven continued to grow and mature with better teamwork and solidarity thanks to the hardship .

In the beginning, Li Qiye tested them nonstop but the frequency decreased later on . It became more of a sightseeing tour .

They were closer and closer to Reincarnation Mountain City and met more people during the trips .

Some were from Immortal Demon System but there were outsiders too, even members from non-human races . This broadened the group’s horizon .

This was their first time on a long trip . They saw many strange things and a diverse group of people .

Today, heavy rain came without warning . Of course, even a storm didn’t matter to cultivators .

However, they didn’t want Li Qiye in his wheelchair to be wet . Fortunately, there was a pavilion by the road so Weizheng told the group to come in .

The rain showed no signs of stopping, seemingly would last the entire day . As the group wondered about just moving on instead of wasting time here, someone else came in to avoid the rain .

He had an umbrella made of oilpaper and wasn’t in a hurry at all . He looked quite old but still in good spirits . His steps were stable, indicating his robustness .

He wore a slightly-dated robe that was exquisitely made and kept clean . He clearly came from riches or nobility .

He didn’t have the aura of a cultivator or any true energy, more like a mortal coming from a scholarly lineage - perhaps a private teacher for a village or an academic .

It wasn’t strange for him to be here at all and the youths considered him to be just a normal old man escaping the rain .

However, Weizheng was much more knowledgeable . He noticed that the heavy downpour and the mud didn’t stain the old men’s cloth shoes at all .

This told him that the old man was a great master . He winked at the youth and signaled them to give the old man a spot .

“Grandpa, come sit over here . ” Li Jiankun gave up his spot while the old man was putting away his umbrella .

“Ah, it’s rare to see such a polite young man nowadays . ” The old man laughed and sat down .

Weizheng held his breath, thinking that this was too much of a coincidence while not daring to pry any further .

“This young man is a true talent, a true talent . ” The old man’s eyes fell on Li Qiye as he praised .

Jiankun and the others became confused . They naturally knew just how incredible their ancestor was .

However, his current appearance didn’t look that impressive at all . Unaware spectators would think that he was only a cripple . That’s why they found the praise to be very confusing .

On the other hand, Weizheng was afraid of trouble since this old man clearly came for the ancestor .

Alas, Li Qiye seemed to be in an eternal slumber and didn’t hear the old man .

“I’ve been studying the trinity and fortune-telling since youth, I can see that you have an extraordinary appearance . ” The old man didn’t mind the lack of response .

“Grandpa, our ancestor is asleep and can’t hear you . ” The young and kind Ruoxi told the old man .

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we’re just chatting . I’m sure the young man can hear me . ” The old man revealed a friendly smile .

Ruoxi wanted to say something else but was pulled to the side by Weizheng . She was confused and saw the school master shaking his head and telling her not to speak .

“I can see that you are destined for riches and greatness . ” The old man spoke as if he was talking to an old friend that he hadn’t seen in a long time, not caring if Li Qiye was actually listening or not .

“In my opinion, you’ll live for a long time to come too . So many auspicious signs together . Someone with your appearance will have plenty of descendants living in extravagance . ” The old man laughed .

Weizheng couldn’t stay calm . The old man clearly came for their ancestors . Who knows if this meeting was out of malice or goodwill?

Ruoxi didn’t see anything wrong, thinking that the old man was lonely and wanted someone to chat .

“Speaking of longevity and having a lot of descendants, young man, our little girl has a similar fate to you . ” The old man said: “Why don’t I read your palm to see if you and the little girl are a good match, how about it?”

He looked over at Li Qiye and didn’t see a response .

“I see, I’ll take that as a yes . Alright, I’m taking a look . ” The old man laughed and grabbed Li Qiye’s hand .

Weizheng nearly joined the fray but managed to restrain himself . Even Jiankun noticed that the old man was acting weird by this point . The rest became nervous the moment the old man touched Li Qiye .

The old man ignored the tension and looked at Li Qiye’s palm . Next, he took out a pair of glasses meant to alleviate farsightedness from his pouch before resuming the task .

“So how is our ancestor’s palm?” The innocent Ruoxi watched curiously while resting her chin on both hands .

Weizheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . This little girl was too naive to know that there was something odd about the old man .

“Incredible, truly incredible . ” The old man took off his glasses and sighed emotionally .

“What do you mean?” Ruoxi was as curious as a baby .

“His palm shows that he’s a perfect match for our little girl . They’re meant to be husband and wife, a match made in heaven and confirmed by the earth . ” The old man smiled profoundly .

“That sounds a little exaggerated . ” She found it unbelievable .

The old man excited said: “But it is indeed the truth . Young man, looks like you are a good match for our little girl, so how about it? I’m sure you will like her and she’ll like you back too . ”

“Grandpa, I’m afraid there’s a misunderstanding . Our ancestor is a great master…” Ruoxi happily shook her head and said before being pulled back by Weizheng again .