Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2739

Chapter 2739: 2739

The old man cleared his throat and continued: “Our little girl, hmm, she’s always been arrogant . Though she doesn’t act like it, I can see her high standards, not putting any man in her eyes, let alone liking one . Sigh, she’s not young anymore but has no time to find a nice husband . Now, we have the perfect opportunity, young man . I really think the two of you are perfect for each other, so let’s go for it . It’ll satisfy this old man’s wish of being able to hold a cute little baby later . ”

He smiled and patted his thigh, seemingly very happy while imagining a cute baby later .

“Grandpa, our ancestor is picky too, not just anyone is a good match for him . ” Ruoxi still added despite being forced to the side .

Weizheng didn’t stop her this time and only smiled wryly .

“That makes the match even better . Our little girl is definitely well-suited for him . ” The old man became serious: “I don’t dare to comment about other things but she’s as pretty as a fairy with perfect features, definitely worthy of being called the fairest . As for her natural talents, she’s quick-witted, intelligent, and wise…”

The old man didn’t hold back with the praises as if she was the most peerless woman in the world and could only be found up above .

“Really?” Ruoxi was skeptical to hear this .

“Of course . ” The old man said seriously: “When our little girl shows up, all others will start feeling inadequate and are completely overshadowed . ”

“If your lady is really this beautiful and smart, I’m sure she has plenty of suitors and can pick any of them . Why do you want to match her up with our ancestor then?” Ruoxi asked .

“You don’t get it . ” The old man patiently said: “Regular people aren’t worthy of our little girl . Even the geniuses and talents are ignored by her for they are no match for her peerlessness . Plus, this marriage proposal is all about fate . I can see that these two are connected by the heaven…”

“But our ancestor and your lady haven’t even met each other, how can you be so sure?” Ruoxi continued .

“That’s why fortune reading is magical . I can tell just from looking at their palm and know that they’re meant to be husband and wife . ” The old man said: “I’ve never been wrong before, yes, they’re meant to be together . ”

“It’s really that magical? Grandpa, then have a look at mine too . ” She stretched her hand forward .

The old man didn’t accept it and only took a glance before shaking his head: “Fortune telling is predicated on fate too . Without this connection, forcefully reading the future is leaking the heaven’s mandate, I can’t do that . ”

“Stingy . ” Ruoxi murmured .

“This is really fate though, it just drops down on your lap without needing to search for it . If you have no objection, young man, then this marriage proposal is settled . ” The old man turned his attention back towards Li Qiye .

The group didn’t know what to do . This was the strange marriage proposal since the two main parties have yet to meet .

“I’ll take your silence as a yes . ” The old man laughed: “Then it’s a deal . Come to our clan when you have time later and propose…”

“Sir, this won’t do . Our ancestor has sealed his six senses and can’t hear anything . It’s not that he agreed with you, it’s that he couldn’t hear you . ” Weizheng had no choice but to stop the old man from doing everything on a whim .

“It’s fine, it’s fine, the decision is already made . This marriage will be the biggest event of this generation . People will sing songs about them . ” The old man happily said .

Having said that, he searched in his chest pocket and took out something - a jade pendant exuding green wisps of light .

It seemed like a world of green, not made from a piece of jade but refined from a lake with green water, hence the rippling waves of light .

It had complicated patterns too that no one could decipher because the pendant wasn’t complete . This was only one-half of the whole thing .

Even a fool could tell that it was an amazing treasure . Its owner must be extremely wealthy or an important person .

“Hehe, this is the symbol of the marriage . ” The old man laughed: “Our little girl has the other half . Put them together for a perfect piece again . Young man, bring this with you when you come to propose . ” Having said that, he put the incomplete pendant around Li Qiye’s neck .

“Sir…” It was too late for Weizheng to stop the old man .

“Okay, I’ve finished one of my wishes, it’s time to leave . ” The old man seemed very satisfied and took out his umbrella .

“Young man, come propose soon, don’t make our little one wait for too long . ” He added before leaving the pavilion .

The group became speechless . Marriage was probably the most important thing for a girl . Their seniors always took it very seriously but this old man did it in such a trivial manner .

They have yet to meet this he had made this decision and even left a symbol of marriage behind . This was strange in both the mortal and the cultivation world .

“Sir…” Weizheng calmed down and ran out but the old man was nowhere to be found .

“He’s not there . ” Jiankun’s group ran out too but the path was empty .

They clearly saw him walking out earlier but he disappeared from sight in a matter of seconds .

“Don’t tell me we’ve just seen a ghost…” The naive Ruoxi shouted in horror .

They have killed so many monsters in recent days but she was still just a young girl . Something as ominous as a “ghost” still frightened her .

“No…” Zhiting felt a chill after hearing this too .

“Ghosts don’t exist . The so-called ‘ghosts’ are just monsters playing around . We’ve actually met a master just now . ” Weizheng shook his head and sighed .

“What should we do, School Master?” Jiahui looked at the pendant and asked .

“I don’t know . ” Weizheng got a headache . Their ancestor suddenly got a fiance out of nowhere .

The worst part is that they have become witnesses to this proposal .

“Hey, the rain stopped…” Jiankun noticed .

It was quite a coincidence . The heavy downpour stopped right after the old man left .

“Let’s go . ” Weizheng had no choice but to wait for Li Qiye to wake up and deal with this issue . It was beyond his station .

He knew that the old man was a true master and he couldn’t have stopped it anyway .