Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2744

Chapter 2744

The group made their way onto the battlefield after ample preparation . They had a formation ready for the push .

Li Qiye had taught them a mighty formation that was suitable for the seven of them .

“Boom!” The moment they got inside, the ground suddenly cracked open and a corpse jumped out .

This corpse belonged to a giant and was considerably taller than the group . It had four arms, two coming from the ribs . Each was grabbing a sword just as tall as the monster . The swords have rusted but were still full of divinity .

“Let’s go!” The group exchanged glances before roaring . They started glowing with runes appearing beneath them .

They relied on the same strategy as before - Jiankun taking the vanguard with his sword and shield .

He rushed forward, each step carried enough power to issue loud explosions .

However, he didn’t make contact before the corpse disappeared from sight . It instantly emerged again inside their formation and caught them off guard .

“Whoosh!” It swung all four swords mercilessly at Guo Jiahui .

“Here!” Jiahui hurriedly retaliated with a horizontal slash straight at the four swords .

“Boom!” She couldn’t withstand the impact and got blown flying while vomiting blood .

The corpse didn’t let up and released a long sword energy wave straight for her .

The alarmed girl summoned a shield but it got destroyed . The slash made direct contact .

“Watch it!” The group shouted .

“Crack!” The sounds of bones breaking appeared and the defensive barrier around her crumbled .

“Buzz . ” She got teleported away .

“Take it down!” The group finally caught up to the corpse and attacked .

However, the four swords danced wildly . The group couldn’t hold on for long and got repelled as well .

“Buzz…” Their defensive barrier crumbled one by one and they were forced out of the battlefield .

The group didn’t last long against this powerful corpse . Li Qiye didn’t comment on their failure .

After a while, the group appeared by the entrance again for another attempt .

“Idiots . ” Li Qiye coldly uttered without bothering to look at them: “Beaten even before using the formation, you would have died a thousand times already on this battlefield with such meager skills . ” 

The group lowered their head in shame . This was the most powerful foe they have seen since their training .

Alas, they were actually underestimating the enemy . A while ago, certain trials took them down but they always came back victoriously . Thus, they became complacent and overconfident in their skills and teamwork .

Unfortunately, they couldn’t even utilize their formation this time around before being defeated .

Li Qiye threw them some ointments and said: “If you lose after one or two moves again, just go back to Mountguard . ”

He was easy to speak to normally but his stricter side came out during training .

The group accepted the medicines and recovered . This ointment was amazing, allowing them to heal from grievous injuries right away .

They asked their progenitor for help once more before re-entering the battlefield .

“Boom!” They released their vitality and true energy so runes emerged around them .

The formation beneath their feet appeared once more with loud rumbling resembling the opening of a treasure grove . They became shrouded in bright lights .

Though no visual phenomena appeared from this manifestation of power, it looked like they had a power source in their chest .

One could sense the majestic power from the formation already even before an attack . They stuck to the right positions and the radius of the formation turned into an endless source of power .

The name of this supreme formation taught by Li Qiye was Seven Stars Hidden Formation . He created it himself .

The group tried their best to learn it along the way and became quite proficient at it .

They were no longer in a hurry and preferred to be prudent as they pushed closer towards the four-armed corpse .

“Clank!” The corpse chaotically slashed at the group, resulting in powerful sword waves .

“Boom!” The formation opened like a peerless treasure trove . Four shields flew out and stopped the incoming slashes .

“It’s time!” Jiankun gave the order and performed the same steps forward again . Thousands of weapons hidden in the formation rushed forward with him .

The corpse retaliated with four palm strikes . They pressed down from above with enough force to crush the sky .

Jiankun and his weapons barely stopped the suppressive palms . More golden light oozed from the treasury . Numerous pillars appeared and support his frame, allowing him to withstand the attacks .

Alas, his cultivation was insufficient so he staggered backward .

At this moment, his allies took action . Zhao Zhiting performed her Encroaching Flame and the treasury resonated with her . It also released a flame dragon .

The beast roared and flew straight towards the corpse . Meanwhile, the two Ling brothers also activated the formation . They turned into divine eagles with iron claws and started an assault .

Wang Xuehong tapped into the treasury and unleashed a flurry of stars .

As for Ruoxi, she gained the power of a dragon and began distracting the corpse .

Jiahui joined in with lightning speed . The treasury turned her into the sharpest spear thrust straight at the corpse’s chest .

This move was impressive enough because the formation granted her both sharpness and plentiful grand dao power .

The spear penetrated the corpse’s hands and reached its chest . Alas, it still managed to prevent any real damage by parrying with two swords .

The corpse became crazy and activated a sword formation above its head . A rain of swords started descending .

The group roared and utilized their own formation to the limit . It built a divine wall to stop the wave of swords .

The great formation allowed them to use powers far above their current cultivation . Most importantly, it was versatile enough to deal with any situation, switching from offense to defense in the blink of an eye .

Alas, they were still too weak and couldn’t actually use the formation to its true potential .

“Rumble!” The fight became unfavorable and the formation frontline was being affected .

“Fool, your Virtuous Crown isn’t mere decoration, use this powerful treasure already . ” Li Qiye loudly reminded the girl .

“Buzz . ” She activated her crown, releasing the holy power within .