Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2747

Chapter 2747: 2747

“What else is there to do? Go back and kill her . ” Li Qiye said flatly without batting an eye .

The group stared at each other in response, speechless .  

“Right, Ancestor, but Central Sacred Ground is one of the strongest lineages in our system, I heard they still have active Everlastings around . ” Weizheng acted with prudence .

Of course, he wasn’t questioning Li Qiye’s power either . However, they have just provoked Eight Trigrams not long ago by killing many of its disciples, even crippling an emissary .

Offending Central Sacred Ground right now meant antagonizing two behemoths of the system .

He never dared to think about something like this in the past . His legs would have tremble already just by provoking one of them, lacking the courage to do so .

It wouldn’t be fair to call him a coward . After all, Mountguard was but an ant in comparison . The other two sects could annihilate them at a moment’s notice .

Thus, he always restrained himself when dealing with Eight Trigrams . This was a matter of survival . The thoughts of opposing two behemoths at the same time left him frightened .

“What are you going to do then? Do you think they’ll stop just because you have conceded? How about handing the crown over so that they can promote the next sage?” Li Qiye smiled and said .

Weizheng contemplated . He naturally didn’t want to give up the crown since it was essential for their rise in the future . Their status would be completely different after having a sage since they were part of the orthodox branch in the first place .

“If you don’t want to yield, then the only thing left to do is fight . ” Li Qiye said: “Fight and beat them down till they can’t say anything anymore, till they tremble in fear, till they give up on any greedy ideas . ” 

“Plus, it’s one sect, not like we are opposing an entire system, although that’s fine too . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly added .

“We obey your orders, Ancestor . ” Weizheng made up his mind and bowed towards Li Qiye .

As the saying goes - seek riches in the midst of death . If their sect didn’t dare to face this level of danger, then how could they rise up again in the future? Moreover, Li Qiye was still around .

“Make up your mind now . But remember, this will be up to you . Return and kill her in order to grow stronger . ” Li Qiye said .

The youths thought about it again . Finally, Jiahui was the first to speak: “We want to fight her again but further training is necessary . ”

Though Jiankun was their First Brother, Jiahui played the role of the spiritual leader because of her dao heart .

“This Zhou Ziqing has several powerful treasures . Otherwise, we just need to train a little bit more before taking her down . ” Zhiting hesitated .

“Treasures? It's no big deal . ” Li Qiye replied and casually bestowed mighty artifacts to the group .

These treasures actually fitted their individual strong points too . While holding them, the group found the treasures to be a perfect fit as if they were created specifically for them .

Weizheng was astounded to see the glowing treasures because they were at the imperial and Eternal level .

Their sect possessed many treasures like this before their decline . Alas, this was no longer the case in the present . Just one would be considered their sect’s defining treasure, only used for the sake of survival . Not to mention an ordinary disciple, even he couldn’t bring it outside . That’s why he found this casual gifting so astonishing .

Of course, these treasures were nothing for Li Qiye . His treasury had enough artifacts to scare someone to death .

In fact, the youths were shocked while holding their treasures too . This was their first time seeing something so valuable and powerful, let alone being able to use them . This was just like a dream, except it was actually taking place in reality .

“Hurry up and thank your ancestor for his kindness . ” Weizheng was the first one to react .

The rest regained their wits and realized what Li Qiye had just done .

“Thank you, Ancestor (Young Noble)!” The group performed a full kowtow .

“Train now, if you can’t beat them with these treasures, never mention my name and our relationship to anyone ever again . That would be too disgraceful . ” Li Qiye told them .

“Buzz . ” He spread his palm and opened another dimension: “This is a deep-level dimensional space, ten years in there are the same as one day outside . Try your best in there or don’t think about coming out . ”

He directly threw them in there before they could react . This was a hellish type of training .

The group found that the ancient battlefields were paradises in comparison to this different dimension . Alas, they didn’t want to let Li Qiye down . They followed Jiahui’s lead and gritted their teeth .

Weizheng was both happy and nervous after seeing this . After all, their cultivation would crazily increase . They would become capable enough to perform any task in the future, if they could get out unscathed .

Li Qiye closed his eyes again afterward . A while later, the girl they met back at the entrance and her posse angrily ran over .

“Where are they?” Zhou Ziqing asked Weizheng with an imperious tone .

“Who are you talking about?” Weizheng remained calm .

“The seven disciples from your sect, especially that girl with the Virtuous Crown . ” Ziqing demanded an answer .

“Oh, our incapable disciples? They have left for more training . ” He replied .

“Left for more training?” Ziqing snorted with disdain: “So they ran like dogs, completely intimidated by me . You’re their school master, correct?” 

“Yes . ” He confirmed .

“Listen well then, hmph, call your loser disciple back and hand over the crown . Don’t blame me for not holding back if she doesn’t obey . Our sect will attack your school then, be ready to face the music at that point!” She threatened .

Weizheng was naturally annoyed . He was still a school master so being looked down in this manner left him furious .

“Our Mountguard School has always been humble and never cause trouble for anyone…”

Ziqing interrupted him and sneered: “I don’t give a damn, your so-called sage lost to me so she isn’t qualified to wear the crown . It belongs to us now!”

Weizheng’s expression was quite ugly by this point . No one could handle such disrespect .

“Is that so? Sounds like you’re completely confident in beating them again . ” Li Qiye spoke .

“Who are you?” She glared at him .  

Unfortunately for her, she knew nothing about Fu Kun’s utter defeat . Eight Trigrams considered this too humiliating and hid it from outsiders .

“He is an ancestor of Mountguard . ” Weizheng jumped in .