Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2748

Chapter 2748: Slap
“Looks like anyone can become an ancestor nowaday. That’s a tiny sect for you, can’t produce any impressive character and have to use a cripple as a fake.” Zhou Ziqing glanced over at Li Qiye after hearing Weizheng and found nothing impressive in her eyes.

“Miss Zhou, watch your words!” Weizheng finally barked back.

He didn’t want trouble by provoking Central Sacred Ground, but this insult towards the ancestor was out of line.

One’s honor was more important than life for many cultivators.

“So what?” Zhou Ziqing didn’t give a damn: “What are you going to do about it if I keep running my mouth? Mountguard is only an insignificant sect, our Central Sacred Ground can annihilate you whenever we want.”

She tilted her head upward and looked down on Weizheng, looking as if just being able to speak with her was a great honor for him.

“School Master Chen, be smart and tell your disciple to hand the crown over for Senior Sister Zhou. Otherwise, your sect is courting death.” A male disciple next to Ziqing sneered, offering a piece of advice.

Weizheng was furious and scowled in response.

“Who is your master?” Li Qiye, on the other hand, seemed nonchalant about the taunting. He sat there, looking to be in poor health.

“My master?” She gave him the side-eye and chuckled: “A piece of trash like you can’t ask for his name, not even if you’re an ancestor of Mountguard, who the hell do you think you are?! Your sect is noth-!”

“Bam!” Li Qiye’s slap came before she could finish speaking.

She got blown flying and eventually fell on the ground, vomiting out both blood and teeth.

She lost most of her teeth and her cheeks became deformed. She looked quite ugly now.

“I’m teaching you for his sake now.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye. Someone like her was nothing more than a mosquito in his eyes.

“You dare to hit me?! I’m going to kill you!” She got up and roared before summoning a dozen swords.

“Clank!” The swords flew forward, wishing to turn him into a meat paste.

“Boom!” Li Qiye flicked his finger and destroyed the swords. Another slap came and smashed her down on the ground.

“Crack!” Her bones shattered and blood stained her entire dress.

“Stop!” Her ten-or-so companions shouted and summoned various treasures and weapons to attack him at the same time.

Li Qiye didn’t even need to turn his head. These treasures exploded and the group went flying as well.

Everyone was suppressed on the ground, unable to get back up.

“Killing an ant like you will only dirty my hand.” Li Qiye lazily glanced at them and said.

“You! Central Sacred Ground will not let this go! My lady is the saintess there, the future queen of Eight Trigrams! Our alliance will cut you to pieces!” Ziqing threatened.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!...” Li Qiye casually and mercilessly slapped her ten more times.

Blood seeped out of her mangled cheeks. Her entire facial structure was ruined.

This was Li Qiye being merciful already since he could turn her to blood with one finger.

“Just because I’m not killing you doesn’t mean that I can’t make it even worse for you. I could strip you naked and hang you on the city wall, let’s see if you’ll stay arrogant then.” Li Qiye said.

The girl became afraid and shuddered, not daring to retort.

“I won’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean your previous transgression is forgiven. The disciples of Mountguard will be the ones to get payback in five days at the martial art stage in the city. One fight, you against those seven. If you win, they can only blame themselves for being weak and the crown will be yours, the same with their lives. If you lose, well, I don’t need to say more.” He elaborated.

The girl’s expression changed many times. She knew that he was far stronger than her so she eventually gritted her teeth and uttered coldly: “Fine, I accept the challenge, but you, you can’t stick your hand in!” 

“Don’t worry, I don’t need to stick my hand in because just one glance is enough to kill an ant like you.” Li Qiye looked bored by this conversation.

He withdrew his power and the group struggled to get up. They looked at him and felt a chill inside, causing them to stagger backward.

“Five days then, I will kill your seven disciples and take the crown! Just, just you wait! My sect will also avenge this humiliation… My lady and her husband won’t let you off so easily!” Ziqing didn’t want to leave in such a sad manner so she left some aggressive words.

Moreover, she was telling the truth. She was a personal maid of the saintess from Central Sacred Ground, meaning that she would follow the saintess after marriage to become a concubine. Perhaps she could become a consort later on too.

That’s why she was still pretty confident with the two great powers behind her. They had plenty of powerful ancestors.

Killing an ancestor from a tiny sect like Mountguard shouldn’t be a problem at all, akin to swatting a fly.

“Scram before I carry out my threat and hang you naked on the city wall.” Li Qiye threatened.

The intimidated girl instantly turned around and fled. The rest of the group hastily followed.

Weizheng heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this. He was actually feeling quite good because that rude and arrogant girl has met her match. 

“Ancestor, five days, just five days. What if our disciples can’t take her on then?” He became worried.

“Then they can only blame themselves for being skilless.” Li Qiye closed his eyes again.

Weizheng smiled wryly. The only thing he could do was pray for the group to grow stronger in that deep dimension. Otherwise, a disaster would be awaiting them in five days.

He assumed that the battle would be a private event since it was a feud between a few juniors, not worthy of attracting the big shots’ attention.

However, Ziqing let out a fierce message after escaping to the entire mountain range: “I will slay the seven ignorant brats from Mounguard and Central Sacred Legion will destroy this sect too!”

Normally, big threats like this were pretty normal between feuding juniors. The powerful masters would only smile and not care too much.

Alas, this wasn’t the case right now. The power gap between Central Sacred Ground and Mountguard was immense - a behemoth versus an ant.

To be frank, any elder from the former could crush the latter to dust. Plus, Zhou Ziqing was rather influential since she was a personal maid of the saintess there. Her status exceeded that of an ordinary disciple from the sect.

“Also, I will take the Virtuous Crown and present it to my lady as a wedding gift!” She added, extremely confident in her victory.

“The Virtuous Crown?” People were startled after hearing this part.