Chapter 279: Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao

It was not because Mei Suyao’s dao preaching was insufficient nor was her lecture lacking profundity. In fact, Li Qiye was quite approving towards her teachings.

However, Li Qiye had no need to listen. In this regard, he had traveled much further than Mei Suyao. Even without a technique like Mei Suyao’s, he would still be able to to create wonderful images from his dao lecture.

He once taught Immortal Emperors and dispelled True Gods’ confusion; he was once called the Immortal Emperor’s teacher. Someone as young as Mei Suyao could not compare to him with regards to the comprehension of the grand dao.

Li Qiye trod on the moonlight while watching the pretty scenery and lost track of time. In the distant past, he had came here before. He once protected the Chi Clan for three generations so he was very familiar with this place. However, compared to the past, the Lion’s Roar Country had fallen and didn’t have its secret strength nor resources of the past. In the end, after millions of rolling years, the Chi Clan descendants had used up all of the things left behind by the ancestors.

Li Qiye planned to leave the Lion’s Roar Country because there was not much left for him to do here. The only remaining matter was to personally hand the treasure box left behind by Lion Monarch Ba Xian over to Chi Xiaodao’s grandfather.

“Brother Li is feeling quite poetic.” 1

Right when Li Qiye was standing beside a pond to enjoy the moonlight, a heavenly and pleasant voice rang out. Li Qiye knew who it was without having to turn around.

By treading on the moon like a goddess, Mei Suyao arrived; anyone who saw such a graceful appearance from her would fall head over heels.

Li Qiye was still quietly admiring the beautiful scenery ahead. Without turning around, he calmly replied: “The Eternal River School has good intelligence; you’re truly worthy of being the number one sect in the Eastern Hundred Cities.”

“Brother Li is renowned all over the world; I will still know without having to ask around.” Mei Suyao then stood side by side with Li Qiye.

At this point, Mei Suyao was cloaked by the mist under the moonlight, giving her an ethereal and otherworldly appearance. Her intoxicating fragrance that permeated the lingering fog while standing next to Li Qiye left behind a relaxing sensation.

“Your lecture was not bad.” At this time, Li Qiye slowly looked at Mei Suyao and nodded his head.

This was not Li Qiye being arrogant or rude; it was his normal attitude. Heaven Protector Goddess Zi Cuining was not necessarily any weaker than Mei Suyao in both cultivation and background; however, she was also not much in his eyes.

Mei Suyao gave an existence-toppling smile that shamed the flowers and dimmed the moon, then she said: “If the lecture wasn’t bad, then Brother Li wouldn’t have left the party. If there were any mistakes, then please correct me.”

What kind of person was Mei Suyao? Her beauty caused all existences to become crazy and her prestige reigned over the Eastern Hundred Cities with countless fans. It was more than just her looks; the crucial part was her extraordinary abilities. Her cultivation was unfathomable and she had a profound understanding of the grand dao. She was also willing to preach the dao and dispel problems for others as she traveled through the Hundred Cities.

If outsiders heard of such a thing, they would be in complete disbelief. At the Eastern Hundred Cities, no matter how paramount one’s talents were, they wouldn’t dare to correct Mei Suyao’s dao understanding. Mei Suyao was definitely the authority regarding the dao, and even characters of the previous generation felt that they could not compare with her.

“You really preached very well, you don’t need to worry about this matter. I simply wanted to observe the scenery.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Mei Suyao then gently flicked her sleeve and said: “After seeing you, Suyao immediately knows that you have an even more precious lecture in your mind, why don’t you preach it?”

Li Qiye gently shook his head and didn’t say anything as he continued to look at the scenery.

“Could it be that you feel it is beneath you to have a discussion with me? Since your dao is so high, Suyao eagerly awaits to listen.”

Mei Suyao spoke again. This time, a true mantra came out of her mouth with a harmonious grand dao. It was like the warm sunlight in the snow or the breeze in the summer heat. It exuded an inexplicable presence as if one was entering an immortal gate — as if one was controlling the immortal dao. A mystery that was even more unfathomable was the feeling one would get if they were standing close to Mei Suyao, along with a comforting air. This was the feeling when one was close to the grand dao and became intertwined with it as the gap disappeared.

At this point, Li Qiye slowly turned his head and looked at the peerless Mei Suyao before him to calmly say: “Girl, do not use the Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao against me. Watch out or I will spank you!”

These words were very rude. Mei Suyao was the goddess in the hearts of countless people, and no one would say these words to her.

“How impudent!” At the same time, a cold shout rang as a momentum swept by. The source was a young man with silver armor who stood in the sky.

This was Saint Child Qian Yue who wanted to follow Mei Suyao. It seemed as if no matter where Mei Suyao went, he would follow to those places. 2

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at him and leisurely said: “Tell your servant to not bother me. Otherwise, I will not only punish him, but I will take care of you as well.”

“You…” Saint Child Qian Yue’s complexion greatly changed. He held his spear in his hand with an intent to kill as his eyes locked onto Li Qiye.

“Saint Child, allow me and Brother Li some alone time to chat, will you?” Mei Suyao spoke with her stainless air — still supremely elegant and charming.

Even though Saint Child Qian Yue was enraged, after hearing Mei Suyao’s voice, his fire immediately extinguished. He simply glared at Li Qiye then turned around to leave.

“Brother Li already foresaw this.” After Saint Child Qian Yue left, Mei Suyao’s fairy-like voice came down from the sky; it was especially pleasing. Even an angry person would most likely become calm.

Li Qiye did not bother to look at her and said: “Girl, your future potential is incalculable, but don’t get too caught up in being a saintess or a goddess. When Immortal Emperor Xu Shui left behind the Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao, it was not for dao preaching nor to enlighten all living beings! The great grand dao is one where you stand alone and step towards the everlasting; this is the Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao that you need to search for.”

“You are wasting away your talent. The Immortal Soulbone combined with the Alaya Dao is enough for you to compete for the Heaven’s Will in the future. Enlightening all living beings isn’t something that you need to do. Moreover, you won’t be able to enlighten me. Today, even if your Progenitor, Immortal Emperor Xu Shui, personally comes, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to enlighten me! Don’t use such a minor scheme against me in the future; otherwise, I will spank you in front of everyone.” Finished speaking, Li Qiye took his leave. 3

Mei Suyao watched Li Qiye’s shadow as her peerless pretty eyes became extremely deep. She leaned her head in contemplation, resulting in a charm that affected all living beings. Even the blowing breeze became gentle.

When Li Qiye returned to the garden, the event had ended and all the prodigies had left.

“Where did you go?” Chi Xiaodie hastily asked Li Qiye after seeing him: “I was looking everywhere to try and find you.”

Li Qiye looked at her and asked: “Where is Xiaodao?”

“He took Princess Bao Yun back.” Chi Xiaodie then continued: “My royal father wants to meet you, what do you think?”

“Fine, we’ll meet for a bit then.” Li Qiye thought for a moment. If Chi Xiaodie’s father was trustworthy, then he would hand Lion Monarch Ba Xian’s treasure box over to him.

Having heard this, Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but wryly smile in her mind. Normally, people who wanted to see her royal father would not be able to; however, this guy was actually reluctant. At this time, Chi Xiaodie couldn’t say anything since she couldn’t see through Li Qiye.

Under her lead, Li Qiye met the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord inside the royal palace. He was a middle-aged man around fifty who had a bright spirit. Chi Xiaodao was a lot like his father.

For rulers of kingdoms with a cultivator’s origin, their titles all had a certain meaning. Usually, they were all called Royal Lords, and there were those who were called Mortal Kings or Demon Kings. For example, Demon King Lun Ri and Heavenly Jewel Mortal King used those titles.

Only extraordinary Royal Lords were called Mortal Kings or Demon Kings. Demon King Lun Ri and Heavenly Jewel Mortal King were the most talented geniuses of the last generations in the Grand Middle Territory.

The Royal Lord of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was also a Mortal King. And because his country was an Ancient Kingdom, he was absolutely qualified to be a Mortal King.

Therefore, most rulers all claimed to be Royal Lords and did not dare to recklessly call themselves Demon King or Mortal King! The Lion’s Roar ruler was one of these cases; the Lion’s Roar Country was only a minor nation so he didn’t dare to take the Mortal King title.

Most Royal Lords were Enlightened Beings or Ancient Saints. Of course, a few rulers of small nations were only of the Royal Noble realm.

As for Mortal Kings and Demon Kings along with the rulers of other Ancient Kingdoms, it was not something one could be certain of. They could be Heavenly Sovereigns or even Heavenly Kings!

“I truly appreciate Fellow Daoist performing the Fate changing for my son’s sake. Dao Friend is my son’s second parent, someone who gave him another chance.” The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord did not dare to be discourteous after meeting Li Qiye; he clasped his hands together and spoke.

Li Qiye accepted the Royal Lord’s gesture since it was a natural thing for him to do. The Royal Lord then quickly asked him to sit down.

The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord’s cultivation was not shallow, and he was also a good ruler. He spent most of his time in the imperial city, especially in the recent sensitive time, so he didn’t dare to leave the city. However, one could see a worrying trace amidst his brows.

“I wonder when the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King will leave his secluded meditation?” After taking his seat, Li Qiye went straight to the point.

The Royal Lord was a bit surprised when Li Qiye’s first words were about his father: “What does Dao Friend want to meet my father for?”

Li Qiye shook his head and didn’t say anything. As he was met by silence, the Royal Lord didn’t press on. He pondered for a moment before speaking: “I won’t hide it from Dao Friend; my father is undergoing his death meditation. Even I won’t be able to see him. If you want to see him, I’m afraid you will have to wait until he exits.”

Li Qiye contemplated for a moment and ultimately didn’t hand over the treasure box. This was related to the Lion Monarch’s inheritance so he couldn’t hand it over to the Royal Lord so easily. If his father, the true descendant, couldn’t leave his meditation, then Li Qiye would rethink about entrusting this treasure box to him.