hapter 28 : Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law (2)

The Scripture Library had contained these martial arts manuals for a long time. However, since, in the past, not many disciples chose to read these mortal manuals, let alone one hundred and twenty of them.

Li Qi Ye coldly glared at the laughing spectators. Nan Huai Ren, next to his side, was extremely worried for them. Other people did not know, but it was clear to him that Li Qi Ye was an executioner that killed people without blinking his eyes.  Even Du Guan Yang and Xu Hui were severed in the spot, these disciples are nothing.

A second generation disciple, with good intentions, politely told him:

-These martial arts, only look at them for fun; you shouldn’t focus too heavily on them.

Li Qi Ye respectfully replied to this disciple:

-My first practiced technique was the “Invisible Dual Blade”;  It was just a regular martial art, but its power was considerable.  Maybe if I practice all of these manuals here, then I would become peerless in this world.

The good intention disciple shook his head, and said in a serious tone:

-Martial arts is only a side road.  If you want to learn, only pick one or two.  Picking one hundred is a waste of your energy, and it will slow down your cultivation!

-Young uncle, he doesn’t want to listen to your good advice. You should just ignore him; don’t waste your breath.

In other people’s eyes, Li Qi Ye looked very foolish right now for wanting to practice martial art techniques.

Of course, if Li Qi Ye purposely wanted to read these manuals, then the good intentioned disciple wouldn’t stop him.  He continued the procedure for Li Qi Ye.

When Li Qi Ye gave him the second manual, this disciple nodded his head and said:

-Now this is right, you chose a decent cultivation manual “Kun Peng’s minor sixth form”.  “Kung Peng’s minor sixth form” is an incomplete law originating from the Emperor law: “Kung Peng’s Six Variants”.  If you successfully cultivate this technique, then, maybe, in the future, you would have the opportunity to learn the “Kung Pen’s Six Variants”; it will mold a great basic foundation. (TL: Kun Peng is a giant bird/fish from Chinese Daoist mythology, it is known for its power, size, and speed)

After hearing these words, the other disciples were envious and jealous.  This was an Emperor law; even if it is only an incomplete version, its effect was still greater than a regular merit law.  Even a Virtuous Paragon law couldn’t compare to it.

-Why does he get to cultivate an Immortal law?

-Hmmph, he is only a useless person.  Such an Immortal law… you shouldn’t even dream of successfully completing it during this lifetime.

All of these students clamored, but they quickly shut their mouths seeing the glare of the protector nearby.

Li Qi Ye had the order of the six elders.  Unless they wanted to question the six elder’s decision, otherwise, the only thing they can do was be envious of Li Qi Ye.

Li Qi Ye took out the last manual.  This manual was extremely ancient.  It had survived through many generations,and no one knew what it was made out of to have such good, long lasting, quality.  It had been read many times without any signs of deterioration.

-Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law!

The disciple performing the checking out saw this manual.  He looked at Li Qi Ye and then the protector.

Even the protector who saw this technique furrowed his brows:

-Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law…

The other disciples could only whisper among themselves, now.

-It is another fool who wants to rush things.  Cultivation, on this earth, who can rush it?

-Heh, he wants to be a genius after one night though.

-Even if he was to cultivate Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, he wouldn’t be unbeatable after just one night. Geniuses and trashes are determined by the heaven, no matter what kind of methods a trash used, he wouldn’t be able to become a genius.

A student bitterly said.

-It is better to not cultivate this Merit Law, it will harm you in the end.

The protector shook his head:

-Even though the first stage of this Merit Law can help your cultivation speed, but, based on your mortal Life Wheel, the best you can do is reach the Inner Longevity Stage.  After that, you cannot use this technique to reach the following level.  We had a genius, in the past, that had a Saint Life Wheel; however, because he chose this technique, he couldn’t cultivate pass the Heaven’s Primal stage; he ruined his dream of becoming an emperor.

Revolving Crescent Sun was notorious in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect because cultivators could quickly improve in its first stage. It used one’s blood energy to increase one’s cultivation speed; however, once that person had reached a particular stage, he couldn’t continue.  This is because he sacrificed his blood energy to increase his cultivation strength, so they became imbalanced.  It rendered going to the next stage next to impossible.

This is why it is considered the fastest cultivation merit law, but its other name is the disabled merit law; many geniuses had tried it but all had failed.

-Thank you for your guidance, honorable protector.  I know when to stop.

Li Qi Ye smiled.

Seeing that Li Qi Ye didn’t want to listen, the protector closed his eyes.  He didn’t want to waste more energy on Li Qi Ye.  If Li Qi Ye was a genius, however, with great innate talents, then he would have stopped Li Qi Ye from choosing it for certain.

In the end, Li Qi Ye and Nan Huai Ren left the Scripture Library under the jeers of the other disciples back to his peak.

Once they’ve returned, the sun was already down.  Li Qi ye said:

-Tomorrow, we’ll choose a treasure.

Nan Huai Ren agreed.  He didn’t know why Li Qi Ye chose so many techniques, but he didn’t want to question Li Qi Ye’s actions.  He said:

-With so many manuals, tomorrow, I will ask the outer sector to give you a dimensional pouch; it will be more convenient for you.

Li Qi Ye nodded. Seeing that Nan Huai Ren was about to leave, he asked:

-What is the name of the second generation disciple at the library?

Nan Huai Ren answered:

-Qu Dao Li, he used to be a third generation disciple just like us.  His innate talents are very good, and he was willing to stay at the Scripture Library; thus, he was promoted to a second generation disciple.

Li Qi Ye smiled without saying anything else, so Nan Huai Ren took his leave.

Li Qi Ye closed the door. He went to to get some pen and ink, and he arranged the one hundred and twenty manuals in an order that no one else would understand.

With a serious expression in his face, he opened the first page of each manuals and wrote one word from each of them, then he opened the second page…

Li Qi Ye was meticulous in each steps; because, besides him, no one knew the sky shattering secret hidden in these manuals.

When asked what is the strongest cultivation manual in the world, anyone would without a doubt say Heaven’s Will Secret Law.  Every era, when an Immortal Emperor received the Heaven’s Will, they would be able to create their own Heaven’s Will Secret Law.  It was a technique that communicated with the Heaven’s Will. It connected one to the azure heaven, and its power was endless.

In this world, no one would be able to think of a technique that was more powerful than the Heaven’s Will Secret Law, unless it was something from an extremely ancient era.

If there was indeed one, then it would be a Heavenly Scripture from the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures.

During the Desolate Era, there was a legend: before there were heavens and earths, in its infancy stage, the universe’s primordial chaos arrived. From the primordial chaos, the grand beginning spawned.  The grand beginning gave birth to the Nine Words, the Nine Words created the Nine Treasures, and from the Nine Treasures came the Nine Scriptures.  (TL: Chinese’s Origin myths and terminologies)

The Heavenly Scriptures were the Nine Scriptures in the legend, but no one had ever seen the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures in the past.

However, Li Qi Ye had indeed seen the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures.  In his crow form, he saw one of the nine scriptures, the Physique Scripture, during the Desolate Era.  After rigorous planning, spilled blood, and one hundred thousand years later, he was able to obtain it.

Because of how powerful the Physique Scripture was, he was threatened and pressured by many powerful beings.  Many people chased and tried to kill him, even cultivators of the Immortal Emperor level.

After owning the Physique Scripture, Li Qi Ye learned the mysterious secrets of the heavens from it.  Because of the understanding of these mysterious truths, he was exceedingly powerful even without having to cultivate the scripture in his crow form.

Through this scripture, many Immortal Emperors such as Tun Ri and Ba Mie were all related to him.  Of course, Min Ren was a given since he was personally groomed by Li Qi Ye.

Using Min Ren as an example, everyone in later generations thought that his Solar Immortal Physique was innate; his descendants thought so as well. (TL note: Min means sun and ren means human; it matches his immortal physique)