Chapter 284: Space Crossing Earthworm

Back when she made the agreement, she didn’t think it through and didn’t expect for Li Qiye to bring her here just to impart her ancestor’s great technique to her.

Chi Xiaodie suddenly froze and muttered: “Why… why did you…” There were many unclear emotions mixed in her heart and she didn’t know what to say.

“Because of your talents, knowledge, and personality. I initially didn’t want to train you.” Li Qiye said dismissively: “But because of the Chi Clan, I gave you another chance. If you can grasp it, it will be akin to grasping your own destiny.”

Chi Xiaodie was in a daze; if she didn’t agree to become Li Qiye’s attendant at that moment, it meant that she would have lost a chance granted by the heavens and would have to live in regret for the rest of her life.

Li Qiye gravely spoke to her: “Don’t think too much. Sit down, this is a good chance.”

Chi Xiaodie regained her composure after a deep breath. She slowly sat down according to Li Qiye’s instruction and closed her eyes.

“Use your mind; the divine eyes use the mind to point straight at the source. If you can’t see using your mind, then you cannot exert its power. The divine eyes build ten thousand dao, but the source is not from the eyes and instead, the mind. The divine eyes are merely the windows. When the windows are opened, whether you can see the scenery outside or not depends on your own soul.” Li Qiye instructed her. She couldn’t see the first nor the second time. The third time, the Chi Ancestor’s statue suddenly appeared clearly in Chi Xiaodie’s mind. It suddenly turned around and opened its eyes. At this very second, Chi Xiaodie saw her ancestor’s eyes clearly and became startled by its golden glow.

She happily opened her eyes and shouted: “I saw it!” After opening her eyes, the statue’s eyes disappeared again.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye expressionlessly nodded his head and said: “Staring alone isn’t enough. You must keep on gazing at them with your mind. It is up to your own fortune whether you can obtain the Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao from your ancestor or not.”

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath and solemnly nodded her head, then she said: “I will try my best!”

Chi Xiaodie was obviously older than Li Qiye by several years, but at this moment, she acted like a proper student before him, creating quite an inconsistent scene.

She closed her eyes and gradually saw her ancestor’s eyes again. It was a golden pair of eyes that began to change gradually. Once they opened, the depths of the eyes caused Chi Xiaodie to fall into a world of grand dao. The divine eyes slowly created many chains of universal laws as it built a new grand dao that kept on changing without any order…

Chi Xiaodie became immersed inside as her soul was drawn in by the mysteriousness of the grand dao.

For the next period of time, while Chi Xiaodie was lost in the supreme art of her ancestor, Li Qiye was staying at the Ancestral Divine Temple and trained the Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds technique taken from Myriad Images True God. 1

The Thousand Hands technique was a supreme art and it was not inferior compared to other Immortal Emperors’ arts. It could even compete against the most forbidden and heaven-defying arts.

It was the defining technique of Myriad Images True God so Li Qiye naturally knew its power. As he focused on his training, he lamented that he did not have enough suitable weapons.

He didn’t have many combat treasures at the moment, and this fact became more obvious after he trained the Thousand Hands technique.

He could only use the Nine Words True Bow and the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk. He had already given the Six Dao Sword and Tyrannical Immortal Saber to Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao.

Meanwhile, Chi Xiaodie cherished this opportunity inside the temple so she trained like mad. Li Qiye was quite approving of this trait.

After cultivating for some time, he took Chi Xiaodie out and said: “Come, I’ll bring you to dig something up.” Having said that, he handed all the tools, including a shovel, to Chi Xiaodie.

She followed him nicely without saying anything to the southern border of the Heavenly Dao Academy’s territory and into a deep ravine. Once they arrived, she cut more than ten bamboo stalks. These stalks were greenish purple, as hard as iron, and as cold as steel when held in one’s hand.

While Chi Xiaodie carried the bamboo stalks for Li Qiye, then she curiously asked: “What type of bamboo is this?”

“Verdant Iron Bamboo. It has the highest wood affinity.” Li Qiye answered: “We will go to the Lastingness Courtyard. I have something there.”

Chi Xiaodie didn’t know where this courtyard was located, but she didn’t ask and only followed Li Qiye like it was the only correct thing to do. Chi Xiaodie gradually developed a habit after spending such a long time with Li Qiye, the habit to not ask about certain matters.

Right when they arrived in front of the Lastingness Courtyard, Chi Xiaodie finally knew that there was a dao shrine situated directly opposite of the Ancestral Divine Temple; she didn’t know about it prior to this.

She looked at this old and small temple and couldn’t imagine there being any treasures inside. However, Chi Xiaodie now chose to believe Li Qiye no matter the circumstances, and there was no one more trustworthy than him in her eyes. She followed Li Qiye into this dao shrine that was named the Lastingness Courtyard and heard the thunderous snores.

Chi Xiaodie became startled at such a noise because she assumed there was no one inside. She whispered: “There is actually someone here?”

After standing by the door and seeing the old daoist sleeping on his bed, Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but widen her eyes in astonishment.

The old daoist was still sleeping face-up in the same position as the night when Li Qiye visited.

Li Qiye glanced at her and then headed towards the inner hall of the courtyard: “Ignore him.”

Li Qiye walked around to measure the temple. He walked through the entire shrine in just a moment as if he was trying to figure out something. Chi Xiaodie followed right behind him while holding her breath. They were trying to dig up treasure, but if this disturbed the sleeping old daoist, then wouldn’t it all be in vain?

Li Qiye measured back and forth and eventually stopped three meters from the dao shrine’s gate. Li Qiye threw the shovel at Chi Xiaodie while he held the Verdant Iron Bamboo.

He reminded her: “When I pin down the three bamboo stalks, you need to dig three inches deep at these spots. You need to be fast, got it?”

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath and confirmed: “Got it.” She gripped the shovel tightly and inadvertently became nervous due to Li Qiye’s words.

Li Qiye’s eyes suddenly narrowed and flashed out a strand of glimmering light as he pinned down three Verdant Iron Bamboo into the ground in an instant. Chi Xiaodie quickly dug with her shovel in complete unison with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye’s actions were extremely swift and, each time, he nailed down three bamboo at the same time. Meanwhile, Chi Xiaodie quickly dug and didn’t dare to be careless nor slow.

Finally, all the bamboo in Li Qiye’s hands were rooted in the ground and they formed a circle. Li Qiye took the shovel from Chi Xiaodie and immediately dug the central location.

Once he reached the right depth, he finally dug something out. It was a giant earthworm. Chi Xiaodie had never seen such a large earthworm before and became frightened.

It was a giant earthworm with a fair-sized trunk made out of yellow mud on its back.

Chi Xiaodie exclaimed after seeing such a strange scene: “What is this thing?”

It was one thing to dig out an earthworm from the ground, but an earthworm carrying a yellow mud trunk was an entirely different matter.

“This is not an earthworm.” After seeing that the earthworm was still perfectly fine, Li Qiye let loose a sigh of relief.

“Why did we dig it up like this?” The earthworm was strange enough, but Li Qiye’s digging style was quite bizarre as well.

“It is not a simple earthworm, it is a Space Crossing Earthworm. Even if you knew that it was underground, without pinpointing its exact location, you wouldn’t be able to find it even after digging out an entire mountain. It is not in the same dimension as we are, so only when you know its specific dimensional location would you be able to lock it down.” Li Qiye said: “But this is still not enough. If you disturb it, this Space Crossing Earthworm will run away to another dimension in an instant. One must trap it down before digging it out. This worm has an earth affinity so the thing to trap it must be of the divine wood affinity, and wood overcomes earth. That’s why we needed the Verdant Iron Bamboo with its high wood affinity.”

Chi Xiaodie further inquired: “So as long as we have this bamboo, we will be able to trap it?”

Li Qiye then answered: “No, once a Space Crossing Earthworm leaves the ground, nothing can trap it. Only when it is underground would one be able to use the property of wood overcoming earth to trap it. The moment it leaves the ground, it is a free bird flying in the vast sky; a loose fish diving in the wide sea. Space itself is its heaven and earth, and it could escape to another dimension in the blink of an eye.”

Chi Xiaodie was in a daze after listening to this for this was her first time hearing about such a strange thing, about this Space Crossing Earthworm.

At this point, Li Qiye lifted the earthworm and opened the yellow mud trunk on its back.


  1. Okay, I should really use a short version of this technique name.