Chapter 288: Nine Words True Bow

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “I’m eighty to ninety percent certain that the way to the Void Gate is located in the academy’s territory. However, the exact location and generation that it will appear is hard to tell. Regardless, it will not be away from this territory. In the past, the Progenitor of the academy was knowledgeable about the heaven and earth; he calculated his whole life and eventually founded the academy at this location. It had to be here because he noticed that the world’s vein and the void space had something to do with each other.”

Little Autumn couldn’t help but mutter: “Ah, easier said than done. Old Master said that all the wise sages of the academy had always studied the Void Gate with a countless amount of effort. Even though they opened several portals, they couldn’t find the real Void Gate.”

Li Qiye casually said: “How could it be so easy? Since time immemorial, which Immortal Emperor did not lust after the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures? And which one of them actually obtained one of the nine? These treasures are even more unfathomable compared to the Heaven’s Will by ten thousand times since they already existed before the heaven and earth. Grasping even one of them is an extremely difficult thing.”

Little Autumn couldn’t help but say: “Their grandmothers! If we have the Space Scripture, it would be so much easier. Those old monks back at the Nihility Temple are quite difficult to deal with.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and replied: “Wait until the buddhist gate is opened at the Buddhist Burial Plateau. I will then personally go to the Nihility Temple once; how could I ever let go of such an item?”

Little Autumn became frightened: “Young Noble, this is not a trivial matter. Last time, Young Noble almost faced great dangers. Even True Gods would have no path of return once they go to that ghastly place.”

Little Autumn was shivering in fear when it talked about the Buddhist Burial Plateau and the Nihility Temple. His old master, Myriad Images True God, was heaven-defyingly invincible; he was a True God yet he still met dangers in the end. Li Qiye had to exert all of his efforts just to save both of them at that place, but even Li Qiye himself almost got sucked in.

Li Qiye squinted his eyes and continued on: “Don’t worry, this time I will have a formal dao discussion with those old monks. It will be a straight and direct path, I will not use any other means.”

“Dao discussion?” Little Autumn’s expression changed as he spoke: “Even Immortal Emperors could not argue successfully against those old monks. Legend has it that only Immortal Emperor Fei Yang managed to win a debate.”

“That’s right!” Li Qiye nodded his head: “Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was capable of spewing lotus flowers from his mouth, and he managed to trick a buddhist stone statue out of that place. This old man was really great with many tricks and schemes. Later on, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai wanted to bet for the pot, but he wasn’t able to win and had to forcefully leave with his invincible aura. From then on, he never dared to set foot inside the Buddhist Burial Plateau again!”

“Hah, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was too careless. Who would dare to gamble for that pot? Anyone who does so will surely meet a tragic end. Damn their grandmothers, I wish I could break that damned pot, but this is an impossible thing to do.” Little Autumn felt fear in his heart when talking about this pot.

Li Qiye softly sighed and said: “That broken pot was already taken by Buddhist Emperor so future generations would have a hard time gambling for it. Even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to win this bet. However, there is still a chance to beat those old monks. The moment the buddhist gate is opened, I will go to the Nihility Temple at once!”

Little Autumn was silent. It also wanted to take revenge for its old master and beat those old monks in order to expel its grievances. However, it didn’t have the same heaven-defying capabilities as its Young Noble, so it could only depend on its Young Noble to defeat the Nihility Temple!

That year, Little Autumn and Myriad Image True God went to the Nihility Temple for one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures. Even an invincible existence like the True God was defeated in the Nihility Temple, and Li Qiye had to save them using countless means. Even though the True God was saved at that time, he couldn’t escape the nightmare and still died an early death.

Little Autumn searched for the changes within the earth veins while Li Qiye was looking for Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits amongst the wilderness. In the end, Li Qiye finally found a five hundred thousand year old Longevity Spirit.

Even Ancient Saints would lose their colors when hearing about a five hundred thousand year old Longevity Spirit. Slaughtering one was extremely difficult; there would need to be two or three Ancient Saints just to kill one of these Longevity Spirits.

The most frightening part was being tracked by one because this was more dangerous than anything else. However, Li Qiye was actually tracking a five hundred thousand year old spirit instead. Anyone who heard of this would think that Li Qiye was crazy and was searching for his own demise.

After silently tracking one, he took out the Nine Words True Bow. Little Autumn had once followed the True God so he knew his stuff. After taking a careful look at the bow in Li Qiye’s hands, it lost its colors and said: “Oh wow, my mother. This… This is nine words becoming a true mantra! A Nine Words True Mantra Treasure Metal found in the legends! It is extremely rare throughout the ages and even Immortal Emperors crave for it!” Then it exclaimed in astonishment: “It… It is the first True Mantra in this world. This… This is Pristine Worldly Metal. My grandmother… If it grows for billions of years more, then it could become another Heavenly Treasure!”

Little Autumn spit everywhere and said with greed: “Hahaha! Young Noble, I heard that you had a treasury in the past? Haha, I heard that even Immortal Emperors borrowed items from this treasury? How about you grant me three or five treasures?”

Li Qiye glanced at Little Autumn and dismissively said: “Help me find the real Void Gate, then it will not be a problem.”

Of course, Li Qiye had a treasury, but it was not within his reach. It was buried in the most fortified location in this world. If Li Qiye didn’t personally open it, then even Immortal Emperors would not necessarily be able to enter.

Little Autumn patted his chest and confidently said: “Young Noble can rest assured, I will definitely find the Void Gate for you!” Unfortunately, as an earthworm, it didn’t have a chest.

Li Qiye burst out in laughter. He also wanted to find the real Void Gate, but this was much easier said than done. Countless wise sages had searched for the Void Gate since the ancient times and they only came back empty-handed.

Chi Xiaodie kept on practicing diligently after Li Qiye’s departure. Three days later, Li Qiye, along with Little Autumn, brought back a giant thing.

Li Qiye’s body was stained with blood. Chi Xiaodie was quite frightened to see his state and cried out in surprise: “You… You are hurt?”

“Only a minor injury.” Li Qiye threw the giant thing on his back down to the ground. “Boom!” This giant beast hitting the ground created a large hole.

Chi Xiaodie looked at the giant beast and exclaimed: “A Tyrant Earth Dragon, a six hundred thousand year old Heavenly Beast!” Chi Xiaodie was quite amazed. Even her Royal Father would not dare to mess with such a fierce Heavenly Beast.

“I just killed it and I didn’t take out its marrow nor dao bones.” Li Qiye continued: “You are cultivating the divine gaze and it is not so simple to master. You need to grasp the making of the grand dao as well as the weapon techniques. From today on, you will use a saber to carve into beasts until you are more than familiar with it.”

Chi Xiaodie was startled after hearing this. She didn’t expect that he left in order to hunt and help her cultivate the divine gaze.

Li Qiye was a strict teacher and didn’t spare any leisure time for Chi Xiaodie. He commanded: “Start right now!”

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath and focused her gaze; her eyes suddenly became completely golden as a sound of metal clashing appeared. Chi Xiaodie’s eyes created a divine saber that gleamed with golden light.


The divine saber shot out from her eyes and slashed the Tyrant Earth Dragon’s chest, causing blood to spatter everywhere.

“Wrong.” Li Qiye’s voice sank down: “Weapon controlling is more than just pure force and more than just a divine aura. The most important part is the technique. You must grasp the technique before freely controlling thousands of weapons. Only when you are well versed in the technique will you be able to control any treasure — even Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Then, you will also be able to understand its mysticism with a single glance and create Immortal Emperor Life Treasures!”

Li Qiye gave her more pointers: “The dragon’s skin is hard and tough. You using brute force will only hack the beast marrow and damage the natural treasure that is its body. Your saber needs to slice off the skin, soft yet swift, strong but flexible, acute and sharp…”

Chi Xiaodie took another deep breath. She gathered her energy again and unleashed another golden divine saber to start from the beginning. With Li Qiye’s instructions, she slowly dissected the dragon’s stomach step by step.

Finally, she was able to dismember the entire dragon and separate its parts. After finishing, she took a sigh of relief and sat straight down, not caring about her appearance as a lady.

This type of weapon controlling, to Chi Xiaodie, was more draining than a fierce battle against someone else.

“Very mediocre.” Li Qiye glanced at her and shook his head: “Your ancestor’s weapon controlling skill was arguably at the peak — it reached the highest level. It could create Immortal Emperor True Weapons, and they were exactly alike with the divine auras of said weapons. If you want to reach this level, then you have to grasp the weapon controlling art; otherwise, you will only have brute strength in the end, and you will only be able to create disorganized weapons and fight wildly. This is not the weapon controlling way!”

Chi Xiaodie quietly listened to Li Qiye’s teachings. Although his words were harsh, she memorized each word and engraved them into her heart.

While Chi Xiaodie was devilishly practicing the divine gaze, Li Qiye would go to the mountain every couple of days to capture Longevity Spirits and Heavenly Beasts so that she could learn her weapon controlling art.

Chi Xiaodie practiced diligently and considered each word and phrase of Li Qiye as gold and jade.