Chapter 289: The Storm Began

While Li Qiye and Chi Xiaodie were training in the Ancestral Divine Temple, there was a piece of news that reached the Eastern Hundred Cities: the Heavenly Dao Academy had opened its gates to accept students everywhere!

This news caused the entire region to clamor as countless people were debating about this matter in astonishment.

One cultivator said: “The last time the academy accepted students was one thousand years ago. That time, the academy was only accepting vagabond cultivators or young cultivators without any sects.”

Many great sects and countries in the Eastern Hundred Cities quickly heard this news. This time, the academy was accepting students from all the sects and countries in this world, no matter the size nor heritage. As long as the student’s conditions were suitable, they were able to enter the academy.

Momentarily, countless people were in an uproar. Until now, the academy usually accepted disciples, but disciples and students were two different matters. Disciples — once accepted — were disciples of the academy for the rest of their lives.

Students were different. They simply trained in the academy and could leave at any time. They bore no responsibilities and only needed to have the right qualifications.

Of course, the treatment between disciples and students were different. Even then, there were still many young cultivators who were willing to become a student of the academy, even those from the great powers.

Many young ones ran to the academy to see if they fit the requirements. Disciples from the great powers and the secret grounds all came since these powers could afford this little fee.

Although these great powers had power and secret forces, they still brought their descendants and inheritors to the academy, including Immortal Emperor lineages and Ancient Kingdoms.

The academy students could not learn the academy’s secret and main techniques, but the academy had an extremely perfect teaching system. Although it didn’t impart merit laws to the students, it taught them about the difficulties on the dao path, how to deal with the devils of the heart, merit law control, and metaphorizing… There were no other great powers with such a perfect system. The Heavenly Dao Academy had researched about this matter for millions of years!

Indeed, the academy was very great in this regard; since the early ages, many Immortal Emperors once studied in the academy and benefited greatly. After becoming an Immortal Emperor, they would come back and leave behind an Emperor Law or Immortal Emperor Life Treasure for the academy.

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong… these renowned names were engraved on the Heavenly Dao Academy’s monolith by them personally. After carrying the Heaven’s Will, they would come back and leave their names behind. 1

As for great characters like Lion Monarch Baxian, Saber Ancestor, and Martial God, there were too many of them engraved on the monolith. These giant names under Immortal Emperors were all characters capable of sweeping through the Eight Desolaces and ruling over the world during their generation.

There were too many students taught by the academy that went on to become great characters that traversed the Nine Worlds — too many to count.

This was why whenever the academy opened its door to students, even the great powers would send their descendants. It was not only for training, but also to broaden their horizons and knowledge.

As geniuses from great powers everywhere were traveling, the first young genius had entered the academy.

“Hu Yue is also entering the Heavenly Dao Academy!” Hu Yue, the descendant of the Tiger’s Howl School was already at the Enlightened Being realm. He could become a tyrant of one direction anywhere in this generation, and he had also entered the academy to learn.

Next, an even more famous genius came to the academy: “Ba Xia also came.”

These pieces of news traveled fast and shocked many people. Hu Yue and Ba Xia were the rising and famous geniuses in the Eastern Hundred Cities. Their enrollment to the academy surprised many people.

In a short period of time, carriages ran like a flowing river right outside the academy as numerous people came to sign up. Some came with their predecessors while others arrived alone.

There were some uber level prodigies who went by themselves with an extraordinary presence. There was one who was undergoing his Inner Physique tribulation, but he still soared past the trial straight into the academy.

Another genius trampled on the sky to arrive; with one step, he traversed the far horizon and into the academy with a blood energy that pierced the sky.


One genius descended from the sky while carrying a meteor, causing all the hills right outside the academy’s gate to become flattened.

A few geniuses came secretly. Only when the teachers of the academy found out their situations did they became popular. One hidden genius had a galaxy above his head while sucking in the energy of the sun and moon.

An academy teacher was quite surprised: “This is a lost secret technique found in the legends!”

Another genius came in the door and was examined by a master; a storm and clouds began to form everywhere with the roars of Qilins.

An Ancient Saint who brought his junior here to study was astonished: “This is an exceedingly rare Qilin Physique — a Houtian Physique. He has a Qilin’s blood…”

Superb geniuses — one after another — came to the academy and became its students.

Not long after, a young man rode the wind to arrive with a sacred light that encompassed a huge area. This young man walked slowly, but he was like a saint opening the path. He was protected by many sages and a divine light surrounded his body. He was like the son of the heavens, descending down to earth.

Seeing this man, many young people who came to sign up, and even the cultivators from the previous generation, were amazed.

“Zu Huangwu!”

“Great Child Yao Guang, Zu Huangwu, the descendant of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom! He also came to sign up!?” 2

Another peerless demonspawn came to sign up. In just a split second, many students who came felt a much greater pressure.

Great Child Yao Guang, the descendant of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom.

Brilliance Ancient Kingdom — one sect, two emperors. As the descendant of an Ancient Kingdom, his influence was great.

Everyone took a deep breath; with such a great rival, there will not be boredom inside the academy.

Zu Huangwu already increased everyone’s pressure, but he was not necessarily the most devilish student.

On another registration day, dragon roars emanated across the academy as if heavenly dragons were rampaging, generating rain and winds and creating a majestic presence as if a member of the dragon race was arriving.

Someone found out what happened: “The descendant of the Sleeping Dragon Cliff from the Northern Great Sea came to the academy!”

This news surprised many sect masters and royal lords. One sect master couldn’t help but murmur: “People from the Northern Great Sea actually came despite such a distance — truly unbelievable.”

Within half a year of registration, many sects from the Grand Middle Territory, Northern Grand Sea, Southern Crimson Earth, and Western Desolate Wasteland all brought people here to enroll.

On another day, a godly mountain suddenly appeared in the sky with divine circular lights hovering about, carrying an extremely domineering presence.

“The descendant of the Heaven Sweeping Mountain also came to the academy!”

Another demonspawn became a student at the Heavenly Dao Academy.

This situation caused many people to become dumbfounded.

“This is too weird, this is not the first time the academy accepted students. The majority of the students are usually from the Eastern Hundred Cities. Why are people from other regions also arriving?”

The recruitment was no longer confined to the Eastern Hundred Cities, and this caused many people to look with widened eyes.

A few masters and royal lords were debating this matter: “This is the ushering of a new golden era. Only when Second Sage was in charge of the academy would there be so many geniuses throughout the world arriving; even geniuses from the Nine Worlds also came after hearing his prestige.”

However, there was another explosive piece of news. “Goddess Mei has enrolled in the academy!” Mei Suyao of the Eternal River School had also joined the academy.

“Impossible!” People were aghast after hearing this information.

Eternal River School — one sect, three emperors. There were not many heritages comparable to it. Mei Suyao was the chosen one from the school to enter this world, and there was no need for further discussions regarding her. The Eternal River School’s inner strength could even be stronger than the Heavenly Dao Academy, but Mei Suyao still enrolled. This was the cause for many people’s astonishment.

“What is actually happening?” Cultivators who were not aware of inside information became quite confused at the situation.

Not many days have passed after Mei Suyao’s enrollment when another heavyweight character emerged.

That day, a person came down from the sky. This person came alone but the myriad of laws were his followers. One step caused the grand dao to shake, one step to become the ruler of the heaven and earth. In just a moment, the sun and moon lost their colors; his step alone trampled the mountains and rivers. Existences in the places trod by him were shivering as if a god had descended to the mortal world.

He had not yet arrived at the academy but someone had already shouted: “Deity is here!”


  1. Fei Yang = Soaring; Hao Hai = Grand Ocean; Ta Kong = Space Trample. 
  2. Zu Huangwu = Martial Emperor, Yao Guang = Brilliance.