Chapter 296: Grand Era Hall

Therefore, Li Qiye was very aware of the changes that occurred in this heaven and earth vein.

“Ah, what a good place. If I knew this was the case, I should have teleported myself to this place to enjoy it within my realm. It would be difficult to not become a Godking with such a nice gift from the heavens nourishing me.” Little Autumn salivated from feeling the rich worldly essence at this place while following Li Qiye.

“Back at the Ancestral Divine Temple, there was the remnant aura of the Hundred Battles Godking and Thousand Images True God protecting you, not to mention that Magu was also nearby to assist you. Where can one find a safer place? Also, that place is so ordinary so it does not attract any attention.” Li Qiye glared at him and continued on: “It is not difficult to let you stay here at the Heavenly Dao Academy, but later on, you will have a hard time leaving. In the end, the Realm God had to stay at the academy. It could break the chains of the heaven and earth but could not repay the human debts! Do you actually want to stay at the academy like the Realm God, ah!?”

“Heh, I’m just joking, just a joke. Maybe I will actually go crazy by staying at the academy.” Little Autumn immediately flattered Li Qiye right after: “I am your follower and will go wherever you go. When you sweep through this world and dominate the desolaces, how could I not be there?”

Li Qiye glared at Little Autumn again and slowly said: “Less flattering. Do your best and find the Void Gate for me. I want to see its true face and find out exactly where it leads to!”

The Void Gate, one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures. There were many myths regarding it, and some people didn’t believe in its existence. However, Li Qiye remained convinced that it was real just like the other eight treasures.

The question was, what was the ultimate meaning of the Void Gate? This was the direction Li Qiye was researching towards. Rumor has it that the Void Gate connected to the future or the past, or maybe even a tenth world outside of the Nine Worlds. No one knew whether this was the truth or not and the existence of a tenth world was up for debate, just like the Void Gate.

Little Autumn patted his chest and said: “Young Noble can rest at ease when I am working! It will absolutely be no problem!”

Li Qiye gave him an untrusting look and said: “Is that so? That year, you screwed up the True God’s matter; you were just a spectator but you also got trapped with the True God himself.”

Little Autumn felt guilty and wronged: “It was not all my fault. I really was careless that year regarding the master’s matter, but he was completely cognizant at that time and knew what he was doing. I thought he didn’t need me to remind him.”

“One wrong move and all is lost.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but say: “This is the most frightening thing about the Buddhist Burial Plateau — an imperceptible influence. Countless invincible existences thought everything was within their control, but in the end, they turned into believers and still actually thought that they were walking on another grand dao.”

Little Autumn couldn’t help but curse: “Motherfucker, it is all because of that urinal pot!” Although his words were fierce, he was very frightened because that thing was too scary.

“The truth is that it had nothing to do with that pot. One thought to become a devil, one thought to ascend to godhood; everything is in their own hearts. The most regrettable matter is that Buddhist Emperor took the initiative beforehand. If not, then maybe I could have taken that thing out of there.” Having said that, Li Qiye couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

The world didn’t know that the Buddhist Burial Plateau had an amazing item coveted by even Immortal Emperors. Unfortunately, no one was able to take it. Li Qiye had tried several times in the past only to be of no avail.

Little Autumn nodded his head in agreement: “Ah, that broken pot is indeed formidable; even Immortal Emperors can’t do anything. Legend has it that Buddhist Emperor already took the lead since the start of time.” 1

Li Qiye then replied with a serious expression: “We’ll leave the matter of the Buddhist Burial Plateau to the side, we first have to deal with the Void Gate. As long as we have the Void Gate, once the buddhist gate is opened, I will have the Space Scripture. With both the Void Gate and the Space Scripture, dealing with that pot is only a matter of time. Then, I shall strike the Immortal Demon Grotto again!”

“Young Noble can rest assured, I will do my best to help you obtain the Void Gate!” Little Autumn excitedly proclaimed. The Void Gate and the Space Scripture were beyond heaven-defying. One wouldn’t be afraid of Immortal Emperors with their help.

Li Qiye had been measuring the pulse of the academy, and he finally found the entrance after ten days.

He then commanded: “You can dive down. Don’t be hasty, use your spatial power to dive down and avoid the grand formation of the academy while sensing to see if there are any clues about the portal. Watch out for the Realm God. Dive down while following my instructions and you will be able to avoid the Realm God if you don’t make any mistakes. At this moment, it is not stable so it will not have time to worry about too many matters.”

“Don’t worry, I will be the first to find the portal and use the vein to search for the origin of the Void Gate. As long as the Void Gate is actually inside the portal, I will definitely be able to find it.” After accepting Li Qiye’s instructions, Little Autumn suddenly disappeared into his realm and was gone.

After dealing with this matter, Li Qiye went back to the Grand Era Hall but encountered an unexpected person.

“I never thought to meet Brother Li here.” It was Bing Yuxia, the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace. There were two beauties accompanying her on both sides; both were top belles with kingdom-toppling charm.

Li Qiye remained silent when he saw that Bing Yuxia was still disguised as a man. This girl would not change her style even if she were to be beaten to death.

He glanced at her and said: “Little Girl, don’t always think of yourself as a man, lest you turn into a shemale one day.”

“Brother Li is so funny.” Bing Yuxia smilingly replied: “Which hall are you staying at? Is it okay if I visit you?” The beauties next to Bing Yuxia were very surprised. Although Bing Yuxia cross-dressed and didn’t care for the world, she was an arrogant person. Not too many people warranted such politeness from her; just what was this little demon’s background?

Li Qiye immediately declined: “No need.” He then calmly said: “You can keep on flirting with girls, don’t bother me.”

“Brother Li is wrong about this.” Bing Yuxia revealed a beautiful smile: “One must share good things with their friends. If you are busy right now, then remember to come to the Idle Era Hall next time. I will introduce several supreme beauties to you, and you will surely like someone.”

Li Qiye was out of words due to this tomboy. She was clever yet she wanted to mimic Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. Sometimes, Li Qiye wanted to teach her a lesson, but he could only sigh in secret because she reminded him of Immortal Emperor Bing Yu.

Bing Yuxia laughed then said: “It seems that you are interested? Remember to come, I must treat you and introduce some princesses and saintess to you.” Although she was dressed as a man, her beauty was still peerless.

Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This girl was really interesting and completely different from the other descendants of great powers.

After she left, another person came out of nowhere and cheerfully smiled: “Young Noble also came to the Heavenly Dao Academy? This is indeed a surprise.”

This was a muscular young man with a large figure — a student of the academy with an unfamiliar face. No one knew his identity.

Li Qiye glanced at this strange student and said: “So, your target this time is the Heavenly Dao Academy?”

Others couldn’t recognize this student, but how could he elude Li Qiye’s sight? This young man was Sikong Toutian.

Sikong Toutian smiled and rubbed his hands together before saying: “Last time, I met an old enemy at the Lion’s Roar Palace so I had to leave without saying goodbye.”

Li Qiye didn’t know what to say. This brat made too many enemies, more than one could count. It was to the point where Li Qiye was too lazy to ask.

Sikong Toutian looked around and saw that there was no one nearby, then he curiously asked: “Has Young Noble heard anything this time?”

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “What thing? I am only here to stroll around.”

Sikong Toutian smiled; he naturally didn’t believe these words, but he didn’t dare to inquire any further. He then whispered: “I, on the other hand, have heard some news, and I will share it with Young Noble.”

“What kind of news?” Li Qiye said while lacking interest. This time, he came for the Void Gate and didn’t care for other matters.

Sikong Toutian looked around once more and confirmed that there was no one around before saying with a serious expression: “The Heavenly Dao Academy is in danger.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and commanded: “Elaborate.” This news piqued his interest.

Sikong Toutian then whispered: “I obtained some secret news, a heaven-piercing secret. Some people want to take advantage of the situation and destroy the Heavenly Dao Academy.”

“Destroy the Heavenly Dao Academy…” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes. This matter was not too outrageous. Since the beginning of time, countless heritages and dynasties wanted to destroy the Heavenly Dao Academy. It had an endless amount of resources with countless treasures; any of these priceless items would be enough to start a war. It also accumulated numerous merit laws and secret techniques since the Desolate Era, causing others to be even more greedy. Its territory could also be considered priceless even if one were to consider only its heaven and earth vein. One would have an eternal lineage just by building it above this vein.

Since the early ages, many wanted to destroy the Heavenly Dao Academy, but in the end, it remained standing.


  1. Buddhist Emperor is Di Shi. This could be a name, but it translates into a title so well that I’m using an English title for now since it fits the context perfectly.