Chapter 302: Slaughtering Ghost And Slaying Phoenix

The most dreadful things to cultivators were their enemy’s four palaces domain or eight palaces kingdom. Once trapped inside, it would mean that one has fallen into their enemy’s absolute territory, and their enemy had a definitive advantage. A single thought from the enemy could change the heaven and earth — one thought to flip the eight desolaces upside down! It would be extremely difficult to escape such a situation, and in the majority of these cases, one could only await their death once they were trapped inside an absolute territory.

“Open!!” Li Qiye then uttered a loud roar as his godly physique trampled the shaking earth. A terrifying crack appeared from the five desolaces territory. This greatly shocked Gui Fushu. However, even so, Gui Fushu hastened the four evil ghosts as they spewed out countless ghastly chains that forever stuck to their targets.

“Even if your Physique is invincible, you will still die under the might of my five desolaces and divine ghosts!” The four Gui Fushus roared. In a flash, the four ghosts became even stronger as millions of miles in this realm were covered with the ghastly aura.

“Zhang–” The countless chains and their ominous ringing took Li Qiye by surprise and enveloped him inside.

The five desolaces grand territory was Gui Fushu’s absolute territory; in this place, Li Qiye was always at a disadvantage. What was even more terrifying was the endless chains; with just a bit of carelessness, one would be locked by them.

“Today, I want to tear your limbs apart!” The four evil ghost statues pulled the large chains that bound Li Qiye. The four of them yanked hard, and Li Qiye’s body started to issue creaking noises. If this continued, then he would be torn into five pieces! 1

Many students gasped when they witnessed Li Qiye’s body starting to crack as his four limbs were almost severed. Even Sacred Era geniuses would not clap their chest and boldly proclaim that they could escape from a five desolaces grand territory. Inside this absolute territory, Gui Fushu was a god, and his will could massacre all else.

“Heh, this little animal courted death; Brother Gui’s five desolaces territory can kill him as easily as crushing an ant.”

On the other stage, Chi Xiaodie — who was fighting against Huangfu Feng — was startled to see Li Qiye trapped inside a territory and became distracted. Huangfu Feng took advantage of this and kept pushing Chi Xiaodie back.

Gui Fushu’s voice descended down from the sky with divine prestige: “Little animal, die!”

“Zhang–” The chains locking Li Qiye was stretched to their utmost limit, wanting to rip Li Qiye apart.

“Just a minor art, do you think it can trap me?” The imprisoned Li Qiye was not anxious at all and was as calm as ever. He then leisurely spoke: “I’ll show you what an ultimate art really is!”

A heavy clanking sound fell down as a chain crawled out from Li Qiye’s chest. What appeared was a lock made from the fire of the sun. It fortified him and, in an instant, regardless of how fierce the four ghost statues were pulling him, they couldn’t move him, let alone tear him to pieces.

Li Qiye then uttered out a cry: “Open for me!”

“Ommm–” At this time, multiple suns began to rise right behind Li Qiye until there were nine suns in the sky, illuminating the heaven and earth. Gui Fushu’s five desolaces territory was immediately shrouded by the nine suns.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, a ruthless sunfire descended down; an endless ocean of flame covered the five desolaces. This flame could destroy the domains on the ground and all the stars in the heavens. The power of this extremely pure flame was able to annihilate anything it touched to ashes.

Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law — the technique once hailed as the strongest in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, the technique that also enjoyed notorious fame since the ancient times. Amongst the techniques in this world, it was ranked within the top five!

“Boom!” The ocean of flames incinerated the five desolaces territory and the four ghost statues were rendered into ash.

“Ah–” Gui Fushu’s miserably shrieked as his territory became cinders. The refined flames spread from the territory and into his real body. The moment the territory became ashes, his body also turned into dust. In just a second, the three clones were destroyed, leaving his real body behind, but his real body also couldn’t escape this sky-burning flame.

After an explosion heard by all, Gui Fushu’s body was burnt to a crisp.

“Ahhh—” The shrill scream kept on going. His charcoal body fell down from the stage. His death was certain after being burnt to this degree.

Li Qiye easily walked out after the absolute territory was destroyed. The nine suns floated behind Li Qiye’s back with a monstrously hot temperature. Although all the extreme Yang fiery essence was condensed inside the nine suns, this temperature was still enough to burn all existences.

All the disciples stared in horror when they saw the nine suns floating right behind Li Qiye. It was as if, with but a single whim, he could incinerate this heaven and earth. If these nine suns descended down, none of them would be able to escape this calamity! However, none of them knew what technique this was.

Unbeknown to all, an old man was standing right outside of the Dragon Arbiter Stage, and he lost his colors as he murmured: “The Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law! The strongest legendary technique of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect — ranked in the top five techniques of this world!”

“Hall master–” All the students were in awe after they saw this old man, including even the best of geniuses! This old man was the Sacred Era Hall Master. He was completely unfathomable and no one knew how strong he was. He personally trained countless masters and tyrants.

“A real eight palaces kingdom might have a little chance to trap me…” Li Qiye emotionlessly glanced at the piece of charcoal on the ground — what was left of Gui Fushu.

At this time, all the students were completely speechless. Even the Sacred Era disciples put on a solemn expression. Everyone recognized Gui Fushu’s strength; even they, devilish geniuses, couldn’t escape unscathed from the five desolaces territory, but today, he was burnt to death by Li Qiye!

“Clang, Clank, Clang…” However, on another stage, there was a great battle. Huangfu Feng turned into a huge Golden Bird; its two wings were capable of blotting out the sun while its claws were able to tear apart treasure weapons.

The Golden Bird in the air sometimes attacked with its wings, then its sharp claws, and let us not forget its razor sharp iron beak… It was extremely fierce, just like a prehistoric evil bird coming back to life.

Although Chi Xiaodie created many amazing weapons with her eyes, all of them could not kill Huangfu Feng. On the contrary, she was on the defensive and kept on being pushed back. At the beginning, they fought quite evenly, but when she was distracted by Li Qiye’s unfavorable position from earlier, her mind was in disarray and Huangfu Feng took the initiative.

Many people were surprised to see Chi Xiaodie’s divine eyes being capable of creating weapons that seemed like real things that held great power. What technique was this?

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Lacking battle experience.” Then, he commanded: “You are only exerting twenty to thirty percent of your divine gaze’s strength; there is more than enough power, but not enough finesse. Creating them is only the beginning. I’ll give you a hint, use both of the weapons with Yin Yang harmony!”

Chi Xiaodie became spirited after hearing Li Qiye’s advice. The constantly pushed back Chi Xiaodie suddenly took a deep breath and maintained her ground. Her eyes turned bright as the divine pupils emitted a blinding golden brilliance.

“Zhang–” Chi Xiaodie’s left eye turned into a crescent moon while her right eye turned into a sun. The sun and moon thunderously flew out towards Huangfu Feng.

“You are at your wit’s end!” Huangfu Feng’s shining Golden Bird form folded its wings to the front to form two defensive divine gates.

“Boom!” After a loud bang, the sun and moon slammed into her golden wings, and they merely forced her to move a few steps back.

“This illustrious bloodline, it is indeed worthy of the great Golden Bird Physique from the legends.”


The wind crazily cried out as Huangfu Feng flapped her wings and suddenly shattered the sunfire and moonlight.

After doing so, she contemptuously sneered and said: “Only a minor art… Ah!”

However, before finishing her sentence, her laughter came to an abrupt halt as her body fell down from the sky. At this time, other people finally saw — very clearly — that there was a very tiny wound at her soulbone area as blood slowly dripped from it. At this time, a small dragon made from Yin and Yang soared out from her soulbone. With a more careful observation, one would find that this was not a small dragon, but a saber and a sword. The saber was a crescent Yin blade while the sword was a Yang edge; the two of them intertwined together and were as small as a silk thread, but they contained an endless power from the Yin and Yang.

Although these two weapons were quite modest in size, they were capable of destroying everything! They were created from Chi Xiaodie’s divine gaze.

Momentarily, the stage was in complete silence as everyone couldn’t help but take another look at this scene. Li Qiye had killed Gui Fushu, and now, Chi Xiaodie also slew Huangfu Feng. No one could have predicted such an outcome.

Everyone thought Huangfu Feng would kill Chi Xiaodie in this battle and Li Qiye — this nobody, wouldn’t be able to compete against Gui Fushu.

However, the ending took everyone by surprise!