Chapter 303: Great Child Yao Guang

“Nice!” After the silence passed, Grand Era disciples started to cheer; of course, the loudest ones were Chi Xiaodie’s sisters.

They were proud because both Chi Xiaodie and Li Qiye were from the Grand Era Hall. The two of them killing two geniuses from the Zenith Era Hall became a source of pride.

“Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao!” Sikong Toutian, who was mixed amongst the crowd, finally remembered the name of Chi Xiaodie’s technique and murmured. He then thought about a legend, an extremely ancient legend.

The Sacred Era Hall Master also slowly said with emotion: “Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao! One of the two greatest arts from the Hundred Battles Godking. I didn’t expect the Chi Clan’s descendant to completely inherit this supreme art of their ancestor.”

After hearing this, many disciples became shocked and even the devilish Zenith Era geniuses lost their colors. Everyone knew that the Chi Clan and the Lion’s Roar Gate were ranked as a low first rate sect; they were nothing compared to the Immortal Emperor lineages. They didn’t expect that the ancestor of the Chi Clan was the Hundred Battles Godking, someone who was bestowed the title Godking. Just the name alone was indicative of his frightening invincibility in the past.

While everyone was in a daze, the ash remnants of the burnt-to-a-crisp Gui Fushu suddenly cracked like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. At this moment, the unthinkable happened as Gui Fushu crawled out from the ashes. He was reborn from his own body as he was soaked with water and immortal lights. His body was smooth and delicate as if he had just casted off his burnt skin.

“This, how is this possible!” A person exclaimed in horror after witnessing such a creepy scene.

“Amazing, the ‘Brilliance Immortal Pursuit’ is indeed an Emperor Law created by Immortal Emperor Yao Guang. As long as there is a remaining strand of soul, then even if the body is destroyed and the True Fate gets shattered, there would still be a chance for rebirth.” The Sacred Era Hall Master said with some astonishment.

Many students felt the creeps after witnessing the display of this skill. Didn’t this mean that it would be very hard to kill someone who cultivated this merit law? Anyone would be in trouble when facing such a difficult-to-kill opponent.

In a flash, Li Qiye slightly shifted his body and immediately caught Gui Fushu by the neck. Gui Fushu had just been reborn and was very weak; he essentially was not a match for Li Qiye.

“Killing someone is not anything more than dropping a head down to the ground.” The Sacred Era Hall Master spoke: “It is not a big matter to spare him, yes?”

“I’ll think about it.” Li Qiye still gripped Fushu with one hand, then he looked at him and said: “Earlier, you asked me how I wanted to die?”

“You…” Seeing Li Qiye’s nonchalant eyes, Gui Fushu became frightened. His always-arrogant air has been replaced by true fear at this moment. He couldn’t help but shout: “You, you, if you dare to kill me, my Brilliance Ancient Kingdom will not let you go! There will be no place for you in the Eastern Hundred Cities if you become enemies with the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom!” 1

The scared Gui Fushu hastily used his background to try and intimidate Li Qiye.

“Oh?” Gui Fushu’s words caused Li Qiye to laugh. He stared at him carefully and said: “Brilliance Ancient Kingdom.” He paused for a bit while tilting his head as if to ponder, then he continued on: “What the hell is this Brilliance Ancient Kingdom? Do you think this thing can scare me?”

At this moment, the Sacred Era Hall Master could only sigh. After seeing Li Qiye’s expression, he knew that Gui Fushu would die for sure and no one would be able to change his mind. He had seen countless people, so how could he not see that Li Qiye couldn’t be deterred by intimidation?

“All of my kingdom’s great people are here. Even if you run to the end of the earth, you will still surely die!” Gui Fushu screamed loudly.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and leisurely said: “If you didn’t threaten me, then maybe I really would have let you go in consideration for your rebirth. But now, since you dared to intimidate me, my trembling hands are shaking nonstop, I’m afraid that they might accidentally strangle you to death.”

“It is best if you let him go!” At this time, a voice came about as a sacred light emanated for a million miles. A person came walking in the air as if there were hundreds of saints opening a new dao path — as if he was protected by all the wise sages. His arrival seemed like a heavenly prince descending from the heavens.

This was a young man surrounded by divine light. He had a slender stature and an unrivaled handsomeness; between his brows was a natural precious jade that seemingly had endless charm.

“Great Child Yao Guang, Zu Huangwu!” A student uttered after seeing this young man basked in divine light.

Even the students from the Sacred Era Hall changed to a more austere appearance. Great Child Yao Guang — Zu Huangwu, he was definitely a devilish genius. There were even rumors that he had reached the Ancient Saint realm.

“Zu Huangwu is almost here.” Grand Era students lost their colors after seeing his arrival and were suppressed by his aura. Even Zenith Era students were in awe.

In the Eastern Hundred Cities, not too many people were willing to oppose Zu Huangwu. This was not only because of his great background, but because he himself was an unfathomable character.

“One person with two Emperors’ teachings.” A student murmured with dread in his heart.

Grand Era disciples could not mess with such a high above devilish genius. In their minds, Zu Huangwu was an untouchable mountain. In the same generation, the gap between them and Zu Huangwu was the distance between the heaven and earth.

Rumor has it that Zu Huangwu cultivated the supreme Emperor Laws from both Immortal Emperor Yao Guang and Immortal Emperor Fu Mo. Moreover, he managed to combine these arts, thus even the previous generation Ancient Saints were fearful of him. 2

There was a saying in the Eastern Hundred Cities: if a Heavenly Sovereign doesn’t come out, then no one could stop Great Child Yao Guang!

There was a playful person who ranked the geniuses of the Eastern Hundred Cities. If Goddess Mei Suyao was number one, then Zu Huangwu was number two.

A young student looked at the divine Great Child Yao Guang and murmured: “A stone body cultivated into flesh; such an achievement at a young age — truly amazing. No wonder why the elders of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom think that he can reach for the Heaven’s Will.”

Zu Huangwu was from the Stone Golem Race, but he had managed to cultivate into a body made out of flesh a long time ago to incorporate himself into the grand dao.

The Stone Golem Race was one of the largest races in the contemporary times. In the ancient past, people used to list them under the Demon Race; however, they did not consider themselves to be demons and formed their own tribe. Moreover, their natural talents were great and they possessed an extremely powerful stone body! This was why, since the ancient times, the Stone Golem Race not only possessed a firm solidarity, but they were also very powerful. They were completely unlike the Demon Race that had too many complex varieties — both good and bad.

The members of the Stone Golem Race were born with stone bodies, but if they wanted to truly set foot onto the path to the peak or even aim for the Heaven’s Will, then they had to cultivate their stone bodies into flesh because flesh was the best body in this world to store and accept the world’s essence.

This was why, although it was a huge advantage to maintain the stone body, it was a soaring significance to cultivate into a flesh body. The more body parts that became flesh meant that the person was more powerful and had a greater future potential.

Zu Huangwu was a great genius without a doubt. He not only possessed the teachings of two Emperors, but the more frightening part was that he created his flesh at a very young age. The only remaining part of his body that was still stone was his jade bone amidst his brows which couldn’t be refined into flesh.

At this time, his jade bone looked like an ornament, causing his frightening self to be a lot more attractive.

“Let him go. Then, my Ancient Kingdom will not pursue this matter any further.” With a torch-like gaze and soaring divine light, Zu Huangwu was like a prince from the heavens, causing others to feel admiration. No matter the young genius, anyone who stood before him and saw such an appearance would feel shame from an inferiority complex.

At this time, all eyes were on Li Qiye while they held their breaths. Grand Era students were sweating for Li Qiye. Chi Xiaodie killing Huangfu Feng and Li Qiye defeating Gui Fushu was a glorious matter for the Grand Era Hall, and it garnered much pride and joy to its students.

However, Zu Huangwu appeared and this caused the Grand Era students to become worried for Li Qiye. No good results could come from being enemies with Zu Huangwu and the Ancient Kingdom.

The Zenith Era students were sneering. Huangfu Feng and Gui Fushu both came from this place, but they had lost, resulting in a grim visage on all of its students. It was as if they were slapped by the Grand Era Hall. At this moment, with the appearance of Zu Huangwu, they all felt that Li Qiye was dead for sure.

“Foolish thing, daring to provoke the Ancient Kingdom… I’m afraid he will die without a grave.” A Zenith Era student sneered.

With one hand still holding Gui Fushu, Li Qiye glanced at Zu Huangwu while remaining calm and at ease, then he nonchalantly spoke: “What if I do not let him go?”

“Kill without mercy!” Zu Huangwu’s eyes squinted; a frightening divine glow shot out like the rays at sunrise all the way to the high sky.

“Little thing, let me go! Otherwise, it will not end at just killing you! My Brilliance Ancient Kingdom’s hundred races will destroy your sect and annihilate your nine kins!” After seeing his martial brother’s arrival, Gui Fushu became more courageous and shouted.

The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom was the nation with the most races within the Eastern Hundred Cities. Thus, it was not unreasonable for people to call it the Hundred Races Kingdom. In fact, both of the Immortal Emperors from the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom were not human. Immortal Emperor Yao Guang was from the Stone Golem Race, and Immortal Emperor Fu Mo was from the Heavenly Devil Race, which contributed to the kingdom’s colloquial name.


  1. This is what my teaser was referring to, an empty and meaningless threat to Li Qiye. 
  2. Fu Mo = Evil Subduing, Yao Guang = Brilliance.