Chapter 310: Chi Xiaodie’s Feelings

“That’s enough, please go back!” Chi Xiaodie shouted with an annoyed expression.

Sima Longyun was shaking with anger. His love was taken away from him, so he pointed straight at Li Qiye’s face and declared: “Little animal, come out here right now! Today, I want to show you who is truly worthy of Xiaodie. We will fight to the death; only the victor will be worthy of marrying Xiaodie!”

“If you want to fight, then there is no need for him to come out!” Chi Xiaodie also immediately stood up in anger and coldly declared: “I will fight.”

“Little animal, what is so great about hiding behind a woman!?” Sima Longyun vomited blood from anger and declared with his finger pointing at Li Qiye.

Chi Xiaodie took a step forward but was stopped by Li Qiye. He then slowly stood up and said: “Will you leave on your own accord or wait for me to drag you out?”

“Mooo!” A bull’s roar exploded as Sima Longyun’s body glowed with a golden radiance. It was as if a divine bull had fused together with him. His blood energy exploded like a flood breaking a dam.

Sima Longyun then shouted: “Little animal, taste my fist!” His Golden Bull Physique unleashed a thunderous fist that was capable of shifting the mountains and enveloping the ocean.

“Scram!” Li Qiye’s eyes focused. He suddenly activated his Hell Suppressing Physique, then he heavily swung his sky-splitting hand towards Sima Longyun.

“Bang!” There was no need to think about the result of the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique versus the Golden Bull Physique. One was an Immortal Physique while the other was a Xiantian Physique; there existed a difference comparable to the heaven and earth. Sima Longyun was struck flying outside by Li Qiye. He crashed through a wall and continued on for a very long distance.

The council elder was shocked to see his disciple being beaten, so he immediately shouted: “You…!” 1

Li Qiye calmly replied without looking at the elder: “Today, out of respect for Royal Lord Chi and because you all came as guests, I won’t kill either of you. Next time, however, if you still dare to provoke me, then I will smash you!” Finished speaking, Li Qiye turned around and left while Chi Xiaodie quietly followed right after.

The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord softly sighed and told the council elder: “Council Elder, the young ones have their own world. I cannot take the reigns of their matters. My Chi Clan appreciates the love of the elder and the Saint Country. Please take care on your way back.”

With an extremely displeased expression, the council elder stomped his foot in exasperation and carried the dowry and the wounded Sima Longyun back. He assumed that, with his personal arrival along with the Saint Country behind him, the Lion’s Roar Gate would have a difficult time saying no. However, he didn’t expect that not only would the Lion’s Roar Gate say no, but Li Qiye also shamed them. He quivered in anger and thought that the Saint Country will absolutely repay this humiliation in the future.

Li Qiye didn’t immediately return to the academy. Chi Xiaodao also came by quickly after hearing about Li Qiye’s visit.

Seeing his jubilated appearance, Li Qiye smilingly said: “So it appears that you have won over the beauty?”

Although Chi Xiaodao was previously a cheerful and talkative person, he also had an air of loneliness. However, this had changed completely. He was now glowing in high spirits and looked refreshed. One glance was enough to tell that he was deeply in love.

Chi Xiaodao was a little embarrassed from Li Qiye’s teasing and had to force an awkward smile: “Brother Li, the truth is that I also want to bring the beauty back home, but the Bao Yun Clan is a tough trial. At this moment, the Tiger’s Howl School is pressing the issue. Even though Little Yun doesn’t want it, the Bao Yun Clan will gladly accept this marriage alliance with the Tiger’s Howl School.” Chi Xiaodao didn’t hide anything from Li Qiye. He was able to court the princess partly thanks to Li Qiye’s support.

Li Qiye leisurely said: “What is so hard about it? If you like her, then just bring her back. If the Bao Yun Clan doesn’t agree, then directly steal the bride!”

Chi Xiaodao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t be as domineering as Li Qiye, so he said with a smile: “I also want to do so, but I still hope to follow the traditional approach even more. If the Bao Yun Clan could accept me, then Little Yun would be happier by marrying me. Then, everyone would be happy.”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Since your grandpa finished his isolated cultivation, let him go propose instead of you. As long as Princess Bao Yun agrees to be by your side, then everything will be fine and dandy. It will not matter if the Bao Yun Clan feels that your Lion’s Roar Gate is not worthy. On another day, I will bring a couple great characters to give you some face and crush the Tiger’s Howl School down so that the Bao Yun Clan can happily give their princess to you.” Li Qiye actually liked Chi Xiaodao very much and completely supported the matters of his marriage.

“Thank you, Brother Li!” Chi Xiaodao bowed and smilingly answered: “I will definitely go propose. No matter how difficult the Bao Yun Clan makes it for me, I will keep trying until they are satisfied. By doing this, Little Yun will also be happy and can marry me without any regrets.”

“A good way of thinking.” Li Qiye smiled then caringly asked: “After winning the beauty and taking her back, make sure to practice diligently. You have successfully changed your fate, so do not waste your talents.”

“Rest assured, Brother Li, I will definitely not let you down!” Chi Xiaodao was truly grateful in his heart. Ever since their first meeting, Li Qiye had helped him a lot and even changed his fate! This was a great act of kindness bestowed upon him.

“I will stay here for a few more days to wait for your grandfather. If you have any questions regarding cultivation, then just come and ask me.” Li Qiye reminded him before leaving.

Chi Xiaodie didn’t immediately follow him because she wanted to speak with her brother.

“Sister, how are you guys progressing?” Chi Xiaodao winked at her and smirked.

Chi Xiaodie snappily replied: “What progress? Don’t speak nonsense, it is not good to harm his reputation!”

Chi Xiaodao grinned and said: “Ah, the proverb says that a married girl will always help outsiders… This is too true. You haven’t even married him yet, but you are already taking his side. What are you going to do after marriage? Hehe, Sister, you’re not like the past you at all. Before, Sister was a very arrogant person.”

“Stop blabbering!” Chi Xiaodie said with both anger and embarrassment. She then gave him a stern look and said: “There is no such thing.”

Chi Xiaodao ignored her glare and chuckled: “Sister, I support you. I’m sure you will be able to do it; this little brother is waiting to drink your wedding toast.”

Chi Xiaodie could only stay silent and secretly sighed in the face of Chi Xiaodao’s teasing.

Chi Xiaodao noticed this and caringly asked: “Sister? What’s wrong? If you have something in mind, just say it, maybe I can help you feel better.”

“It’s nothing.” Chi Xiaodie shook her head with a heavy heart.

“Is it because of Brother Li?” Chi Xiaodao showed his concern. The relationship of this brother and sister was quite good. They grew up together so Chi Xiaodao — as her brother — naturally wanted his sister to have a happy marriage.

In response to her continual silence, Chi Xiaodao anxiously asked: “Could it be that Brother Li does not like you?”

After a while, Chi Xiaodie gently sighed and replied: “How would I know?” Then she whispered: “Even the young lord of the Ice Feather Palace could only be his maid.”

Chi Xiaodie knew that Li Qiye was not joking when he said that to Bing Yuxia. Bing Yuxia was supremely peerless; there were no flaws to her beauty and talents. If one had to be picky, then the only valid point of criticism would be her cross-dressing nature. Despite all of this, Li Qiye would still only accept her as a maid.

Chi Xiaodao was also silent; he had heard Li Qiye say this before. If other people said this, they would be viewed as crazy and ignorant, but Chi Xiaodao knew that Li Qiye was serious. It could be said that to Li Qiye, heaven’s proud daughters with beauty like Bing Yuxia were completely nonessential!

When even someone like Bing Yuxia couldn’t earn his grace, then what about his sister? Her background, beauty, and talents were not comparable to Bing Yuxia.

“Do you have any plans?” In the end, Chi Xiaodao asked her.

Chi Xiaodie stared towards the horizon and took a deep breath before whispering: “I want to stay by his side!” At this point, her face became hot. She discretely clenched her fists together and secretly cheered for herself.

To her, the status was not important. She would already be satisfied just from staying by Li Qiye’s side. 2

Chi Xiaodao also lamented in his mind for he knew that his sister was stuck in the abyss. Before, his sister was always arrogant and thought that Li Qiye was a swindler. In the end, she couldn’t withstand Li Qiye’s charm within his arrogance against the world and became lost in his mysterious and unfathomable nature.

Other people would find this conversation unbelievable. Even if Chi Xiaodie was not at the highest pinnacle of beauty, she was still the golden daughter of the Lion’s Roar Country with great charm. Countless geniuses want to marry her, but now, she only wants to follow behind a young man.

Chi Xiaodao encouraged her and said: “Sister, I know that you can do it.”

Chi Xiaodie smiled and said: “You also should bring Princess Bao Yun back soon. Then, focus on cultivating in the future. Hopefully, we will be able to bring glory to our clan in this generation, just like what our old ancestors did in the past, so that we will not shame their name.”

The more she found out about her ancestors, the more proud she felt. Both the Hundred Battles God King and Lion Monarch Ba Xian were characters that once reigned over this world. As a descendant of the Chi Clan, Chi Xiaodie hoped to one day regain their glory and allow their heritage to flourish again.

“Sister, I will try my best!” Chi Xiaodao said in order to motivate himself.


  1. Raw is ‘junior’ here, which makes sense in the Chinese speech, but not as much in English. 
  2. By status here, the author is talking about the position of wife, or even concubines and maids.