Chapter 314: Forced Marriage

“This boy stole Young Noble’s limelight!” A voice suddenly resounded next to Li Qiye. Before anyone knew it, a dark-skinned youth was sitting next to Li Qiye. With a glance, Li Qiye was able to tell that it was Sikong Toutian.

“Limelight is nothing.” Li Qiye didn’t care and he smilingly replied: “If others like it, then let them have it. I prefer killing more so than attention.” After having said this, Li Qiye ominously licked his lips.

Sikong Toutian got a chill after seeing Li Qiye’s actions. He had seen many winds and waves and he even snuck into the ancestral grounds of the great sects; it could be said that not many things could scare him. However, Li Qiye licking his lips sent a chill deep down his spine. At this moment, he had a vision in which there were rivers of blood and mountains made from bones. Li Qiye was like a devil licking his lips stained with blood as if he had not had his fill. Sikong Toutian was horrified because he could already faintly smell the bloody stench.

The group of Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan became speechless. With the new development, even the monstrous existences behind them couldn’t exclude other people. The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom wished to clear the way in order to have the best development in the future, but it was no longer possible to chase outsiders away.

In the end, this so-called meeting amounted to nothing. The plan concocted by Zu Huangwu and the other great powers was aborted, and the meeting became a mere farce. It failed to reach an agreement and was temporarily abandoned.

At the time of departure, Li Qiye couldn’t help but sigh with regret: “It is a pity.” Li Qiye couldn’t accomplish his goal because of Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi’s interference. Of course, Li Qiye being there at the meeting was not because he wanted to participate in the establishment of the rules or the order to enter.

He was worried about not having a trigger in order for him to start a massacre to force those hidden old undyings out.

“What is a pity?” Bing Yuxia followed after him; she gave him a glance and asked.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and replied: “Nothing, I simply wanted to stain my hands with blood in order to conveniently pick the roses. I merely intended to cause a storm of blood and paint the ground red, but alas, my play was spoiled.” These words of carnage carried a poetic sense when uttered by Li Qiye, resulting in Bing Yuxia glaring at him.

After going back to their place, Bing Yuxia gazed at Li Qiye as if she wanted to see through him: “What do you want to do?”

Li Qiye looked at her and answered: “Nothing, I only want to kill, cause trouble, then pick up the treasures. It’s as simple as this and nothing else. Everyone will do these things; all the cultivators have gathered here for this one and only reason.”

“This lady is not interested in killing.” Bing Yuxia spread her fan and leisurely said: “Find me after the portal opens. Regarding the matters of killing, you can play by yourself, I am too busy meeting with the misses.”

Li Qiye glared at her and said: “Stop embracing girls left and right all day long. Be good and act like a proper lady!”

“What does it have to do with you?” Bing Yuxia snappily glared at him and retorted: “This lady will do as she wishes, you don’t need to worry about it. Don’t be so nosy about my business.”

“Pop!” Li Qiye hit her bottom, causing her to become startled as she jumped up.

She then angrily warned him: “Little Demon, if you still dare to take advantage of this lady… Watch it or I’ll chop off your hands!”

Li Qiye clapped his hands together — where one still lingered with the previous sensation — and leisurely spoke: “Little Sister, if you are a man, then I wouldn’t be taking advantage of you now, would I? Be a good girl.”

Gritting her teeth in anger, she eventually scowled and turned around to leave while ignoring Li Qiye.

Although the meeting amounted to nothing, all those who entered the academy were reluctant to leave; this included both the powerful and weaker sects. They all knew that staying inside the academy was the most beneficial decision. The great powers were also trying to bring their great armies inside.

Of course, such a thing amplified the pressure felt by the weaker sects. The big armies were a direct threat to them.

Meanwhile, as the host, the Heavenly Dao Academy was completely silent with its eyes closed. It completely ignored all matters, foregoing all involvements.

This attitude made many people realize that the academy was truly in big trouble this time; it was as if it couldn’t fend for itself. The great calamity was approaching, and the academy itself had no solution, so how could it have the time to worry about other matters?

Especially when the academy’s earth was splitting even more violently, allowing others to realize that the academy was really succumbing to an imminent disaster.

Having thought to this point, their greed took over as their eyes became red and they started to uncontrollably salivate. After thinking about it, the academy had been accumulating treasures for millions of years, so how many great immortal and divine treasures did it have? They became impatient and started to sneak around; some tried to secretly penetrate the academy’s ancestral ground, delving into its innermost depths.

The Lion’s Roar Gate did not evacuate since they initially came to lend the academy a hand. It quietly watched the ongoing changes to see where this storm would lead them.

The next day, Chi Xiaodao suddenly rushed in while Li Qiye was meditating in his room.

Chi Xiaodao treated Li Qiye as if he was his savior and urgently said: “Brother Li, it’s not looking too good. You have to quickly come and save my sister!”

Li Qiye stood up and asked with a frown: “What is the matter?” Li Qiye’s impression of Chi Xiaodie was someone who would not cause trouble.

Chi Xiaodao was extremely furious and exclaimed: “The Furious Immortal Saint Country came to our door, wanting to force this marriage!” His face was reddened from anger. He hated the fact that he couldn’t soar out to kill because he was not a match for the Saint Country.

“Forced marriage?” Li Qiye inquired further: “The Furious Immortal Saint Country is shameless to this point? Your sister clearly said that she didn’t wish to marry Sima Longyun, yet they still came to force this marriage?”

Chi Xiaodao angrily replied: “It is so! The first prince, Ba Xia, of the Saint Country led many people to my royal father’s dwelling to force this marriage. They want my sister to marry that animal, Sima Longyun!”

Li Qiye touched his chin and said: “It is not so easy for a powerful country to be shameless to this point. This requires a certain level of talent.”

“Heh, this is nothing surprising.” At this time, Sikong Toutian was grinning. He was standing by the door as he said: “By chance, I came by some news on the streets. Sima Longyun’s dream was to marry Miss Chi, but this is only secondary to the Saint Country. Their goal is the Chi Clan’s Immortal Physique Law and Miss Chi’s recently cultivated Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao…”

“Both of these arts are no weaker than supreme emperor laws. Marrying her would be akin to owning both of these supreme arts. No dowry from the Saint Country could be more precious than the benefits they would gain from this marriage.”

Chi Xiaodao’s expression was extremely hard to look at after hearing Sikong Toutian’s explanation.

“My Chi Clan will absolutely not allow these animals to succeed!” Chi Xiaodao bitterly said.

“I also have some other information.” Sikong Toutian smiled and said: “Ba Xia, indeed, has an incomplete Immortal Physique Law. Although it was continually reinforced and researched, it remained imperfect. I heard that Ba Xia recently wanted to undergo his minor physique tribulation, but his physique devil was too fierce and his inner physique was too impure. Even if he could surpass this tribulation, he would not be able to completely get rid of the imperfection. A hidden backlash will remain for his future grand physique tribulation.”

“Ba Xia is very anxious and really wants to complete the Saint Country’s Immortal Physique Law. He heard that your Chi Clan’s Immortal Physique Law was actually passed down from the old Desolate Era and was not created by your ancestor. This is a complete Immortal Physique Law, so Ba Xia wants to look at it and see if it could make up for his own physique law’s failed points.”

At this point, Sikong Toutian sucked in some air and smilingly said while looking at Chi Xiaodao: “In fact, it is not just one great power in the Eastern Hundred Cities craving for your Chi Clan’s physique law. This is the reason why no one is taking action. For example, if the Furious Immortal Saint Country destroys your Lion’s Roar Gate to steal the Immortal Physique Law, then another great power will use this excuse to launch a crusade against it. At that point, maybe everyone will have a copy of the Chi Clan’s physique law.”

Chi Xiaodao couldn’t help but clench his fists. The truth was that he had never seen the Chi Clan’s physique law; only his grandfather knew of it.

It was not strange for others to covet this physique law. In the end, this thing was more valuable than emperor laws and was even comparable to Heaven’s Will Secret Laws! If it wasn’t for the Chi Ancestor — the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King still being alive while having great relationships with the academy’s hall masters, then someone would have already taken action against the Lion’s Roar Gate.

However, for many great powers, it would still not be too late to make a move now. At this moment, the academy couldn’t even guarantee its own survival, so it would not have the time to help the Lion’s Roar Gate. Amidst such chaos with forged alliances, when would the Saint Country seize the Chi Clan’s physique law if not now?