Chapter 317: Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct


A Heaven’s Will True Stone was the foundation of a cultivator’s True Treasure; it was quintessential in the creation process.

For cultivators, a True Treasure connected directly to their True Fate, along with their dao. It was the real method for cultivators to exert their true strength and potential.

These stones were created by the heaven and earth, so very few people knew their true origin. Since time immemorial, most assumed that they were divine stones born from the inception of this world.

Due to this theory, it also explained the reason why the heaven and earth’s dao might also be found within these stones. Each of the dao found within were different and were still in their original forms. Only through the refinement of cultivators would these dao become even stronger.

The dao encompassed within these stones were named Heavenly Accumulation, so a stone with one Heavenly Accumulation was also referred to as a one dao Heaven’s Will True Stone. If there were two Heavenly Accumulations inside, then the stone was called a two dao Heaven’s Will True Stone, and so on and so forth…

“Four Beasts Divine Pagoda!” A Sacred Era genius exclaimed. The Sacred Era’s group of disciples didn’t dare to underestimate Hu Yue’s True Treasure, and one of them whispered: “The Tiger God’s blood flows within Hu Yue’s body so this pagoda is too fitting for him. Inside the treasure’s four Heavenly Accumulations, the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger all worship his Tiger God’s bloodline.”

“As a result, the White Tiger is the leader of the four beasts and gets protected by the other three. With the help of the Tiger God’s bloodline, he can actually exert the power of the stone to its utmost limit. A True Treasure at the same rank cannot compare to this synergy.” Another Sacred Era student took a cold breath and uttered.

Hu Yue’s luck was great; he managed to obtain a true stone with four beast Heavenly Accumulations while having the Tiger God’s bloodline. This allowed him to use the stone to its utmost potential as he refined it into his own True Treasure by using his True Fate.

Although this True Treasure was only at the same level as him — a Seven Celestials Enlightened Being True Treasure, it could fight evenly against a Heavenly Sovereign. Other Enlightened Beings using a Heavenly King True Treasure would still be at a disadvantage when fighting against Hu Yue’s pagoda.

The majority of cultivators could only use thirty to forty percent of a Life Treasure or True Treasure from someone else. This also applied to emperor level weapons.

However, one’s own True Treasure combined with their Fate was different. One could utilize its full strength, or even greatly exceed it! This was the reason why each cultivator had to refine their own True Treasures.

“Four Heavenly Accumulations led by the White Tiger; using the Tiger God’s bloodline to control them — this is using the Heavenly Accumulations to their maximum potential…” Seeing the four divine beasts, that were led by the White Tiger, soaring in the sky that caused the heaven and earth to tremble, an Enlightened Being of the previous generation couldn’t help but become emotional.

Although there were no clear distinctions or ranks regarding the amount of Heavenly Accumulations within a Heaven’s Will True Stone, but to most cultivators, the more the better. Four Heavenly Accumulations was better than three; in the end, it was an extra dao.

For example, if Hu Yue’s pagoda only had three Heavenly Accumulations, then it would only have the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise.

The most important thing for cultivators was to find a suitable one; the priority did not lie with the amount of Heavenly Accumulations inside. Like Hu Yue, his four divine beast pagoda was the most fitting for him since his bloodline allowed him to unleash its endless potential.

If it was a different true stone, then even with seven Heavenly Accumulations, compared to this pagoda, it wouldn’t necessarily be stronger after refinement for Hu Yue.

At this time, Ba Xia and Hu Yue roared at the same time: “Kill!”

Ba Xia didn’t have a weapon nor technique; instead, he rushed forward with his strongest stance. His Immortal Physique furiously exploded like an angry immortal that wanted to destroy the heaven and earth along with all the other gods. The sweep of his hand was enough to defeat all things as well as flush out the clouds and rain.

Meanwhile, Hu Yue’s pagoda — along with the four beasts — soared together in the sky with their endless dao power. The White Tiger roared, the Azure Dragon glided in the sky, the Vermilion Bird attacked from above, and the Black Tortoise raised the ocean. In this second, the four beasts arrived as if they were about to destroy the heavens.

The roar of the White Tiger destroyed all spirits like a wave made out of a myriad of swords that rushed up high above. Once these swords plunged down, all would be massacred.

The Azure Dragon fluttered around. To a dragon, its gigantic body was its most powerful weapon. Under its impact, a giant mountain was no different than a piece of paper.

The Vermillion Bird swooped down to the ground; its unblockable sharp wings could tear the grand beginning as well as the primordial chaos.

At this second, the vast earth became nothingness under the blows from Hu Yue and Ba Xia.

The spectators, both young and old, were lamenting: “So strong.”

Ba Xia and Hu Yue’s attacks were nothing like those from inexperienced youths. An Ancient Saint unleashing his life’s strongest attack would not be much more potent than this. Such an invincible and dominating strike actually came from two young men!


The earth shook after a deafening explosion as cracks began to appear. With several clanks, the universal laws — in the shape of divine lotus vines — held the shattered earth together. If this earth was not strengthened by the academy’s emperor foundation, then it would have completely collapsed from that earlier strike.

At this time, the place where Li Qiye once stood was now replaced by a giant crater. That strike could have rendered him into ashes.

“Is it over?” Many people were awestruck by that strike and murmured.

“Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique.” Even a devilish genius from the Sacred Era Hall had to sigh in lamentation.

They feared this Immortal Physique. Once it appeared, it was as if a furious immortal took over Ba Xia’s body, allowing him to push down all things. Before his hand, all merit laws and treasures couldn’t reach the apex.

“Four divine beasts pagoda — such a powerful True Treasure. No wonder why the wise sages once said that no stone is better or worse, there is only the most suitable true stone. Legend has it that Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan’s spear was created from a one dao true stone, but this one Heavenly Accumulation was still enough to become invincible in his era. After the events of today, it seems that the wise sages did not lie to me.” An older cultivator couldn’t help but emotionally comment. 1

“Is it really over?” A person from afar looked at the crater and wanted to know whether Li Qiye was alive or not.

Some students who were close to Ba Xia and Hu Yue sneered and said with disdain: “How could it not be over? Haha, this little demon Li had the courage to fight solo versus two prodigies; he didn’t know how to write the word ‘suicide’…”

“This is your strongest blow?” Suddenly, a lazy voice came about. Li Qiye stepped out from the crater. He was as majestic as a towering and immovable mountain.

The students who were jeering at Li Qiye couldn’t finish their mockery before having to stop with their faces flushed red from embarrassment.

“Impossible!” At this moment, an older Ancient Saint who was watching from the distance jumped up and shouted with a cracked voice. Even an Ancient Saint couldn’t escape unscathed from the blow of those two, but Li Qiye was completely unharmed — this was such an unbelievable matter.

Ba Xia and Hu Yue both changed their expressions because they were extremely confident in their previous attack. Even if it couldn’t kill Li Qiye, it should have severely wounded him. But the fact remained — Li Qiye was without harm.

“Too weak, you can’t even kill me when I’m not dodging.” At this point, Li Qiye then slowly activated his Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds as if he was actually the Myriad Images True God.

Once these hands came together, they turned into a solid steel wall. Li Qiye then calmly smiled and said: “My turn.”

The moment these words came out, a boom erupted. The six dao were affected along with the screams of a myriad of laws. At this time, Li Qiye’s entire body was encompassed by a divine light. His invincible physique erupted with power, giving Li Qiye the appearance of a god.

At this time, the gods, the devils, and even the myriad of laws of the heaven and earth — all were below Li Qiye’s feet, all were suppressed by his solitary physique. One physique to rule over the gods and devils! The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique!

“Minor completion Immortal Physique!” At this moment, even a Heavenly Sovereign hiding behind some curtains suddenly turned aghast; he couldn’t help but shout inside his shroud.

Minor completion Immortal Physique — this one phrase alone shocked everyone present. It was common knowledge that Immortal Physiques were extremely difficult to cultivate. This was not only due to its high requirements, but one must also possess an Immortal Physique Law. Since time immemorial, many people cultivated Immortal Physiques, but not even mentioning grand completion Immortal Physiques, very few managed to reach minor completion despite dedicating their entire lives. Once someone reached minor completion, it was more likely that they had also reached the Heavenly King realm, or even the Virtuous Paragon realm!

However, Li Qiye — at such a young age — was able to reach minor completion. This was an unfathomable matter! This also meant that he had a great chance of reaching grand completion in the future!