Chapter 330: Perimeter Of The Wise Sages

At this moment, countless people prostrated on the ground, including those who were not suppressed because they saw some of their ancestors amongst the figures! Seeing their shadows, they were lost in the glory of their ancestors!

Witnessing the figure with lion-like golden hair, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord, Chi Xiaodie and Chi Xiaodao, and all the other disciples from the Chi Clan and the Lion’s Roar Gate prostrated on the ground as they emotionally cried out to their ancestor: “Great Ancestor!”

Seeing their brave and noble appearances, anyone could imagine how invincible and majestic they used to be when they traversed the world while wearing a proud smile! Tears came out as so many of the spectators were excited from reminiscing the past.

“The perimeter of the Wise Sages will end everything!” Li Qiye carried the stone tablet while being surrounded by the sacred light. He then placed the tablet down and put his hands together to form a seal. Changing the heavens and moving the earth… Everything started to change.

“Boom!” These invincible figures moved their hands and shrouded the sky. Whatever Li Qiye’s seal pointed at, these huge invincible hands followed and suppressed that direction.

“Open!” The old undyings on the divine altar roared. However, against these invincible hands, even when they sacrificed their Longevity Blood, they couldn’t open a path. These monstrous hands represented the invincible will of these existences. Since the start of time, how many invincible characters came from the academy?

“Boom!” The divine altar collapsed after a deafening explosion. The seven Life Treasures and two True Treasures showed up again, along with eleven old undyings.

They were connected together via the divine altar as it concentrated all of their blood energies to condense the unbeatable power of the nine Emperor Weapons. Now, the divine altar was broken, so the old undyings were no longer in unison.

“Boom!” The nine weapons, along with the eleven old undyings, were pushed back into the God Punishing Formation and the refinement of the Chaos Cauldron.

“No!!!” Unwilling screams resounded. Without the altar, they could no longer join together so the power of the nine weapons greatly decreased. The old undyings were trapped inside the formation that was fueled by the maximum power of the Emperor foundation beneath the academy. In the sky, the Chaos Cauldron was also refining while the oppressive palms from the wise sages continued their assault!

Even the weapons could not shield the old undyings any longer. In just a moment, they turned into a mist of blood all over the sky.

“Clank!” The emperor weapons also cried out since they suffered a harsh attack as well.

Inside the formation, cauldron, and the Perimeter of the Wise Sages, Old Daoist Peng came out from nowhere.

“Come here my treasures!” He took out a magical pouch and shouted, intending to take away the seven Immortal Emperor Life Treasures.

“Lock!” Li Qiye also loudly uttered. The Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror floated above Li Qiye’s head while the Yin Yang Fish jumped around. Two immortal lights, one Yin and one Yang, suppressed the two Immortal Emperor True Treasures. Li Qiye also wanted to take in these two True Treasures.

True Treasures were many times stronger than Life Treasures for they were directly involved in one’s Fate and Life. Plus, these were Immortal Emperor True Treasures!

“Rumble!!” However, at this moment, the two True Treasures suddenly exploded like the awakening of Immortal Emperors. The two opened up the heaven and earth and tore the fabric of space itself.

“Omm—!” The two True Treasures carried along four Life Treasures and jumped through the void, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Li Qiye wanted to control them, but it was too late. He could only watch as the True Treasures escaped with four Life Treasures.

“Crash!” Old Daoist Peng was a lot luckier than Li Qiye; his magical pouch managed to grab three Immortal Emperor Life Treasures.

“This guy is too clever.” Li Qiye revealed a forced smile and said. He was too greedy; if he used the mirror on the Life Treasures, then he could have taken one or two of them. However, it was not possible for the True Treasures. True Treasures were the fate weapons of Immortal Emperors, so they were a hundred times more difficult to suppress.

Next, the God Punishing Formation disappeared, and the seven Ancient Ancestors also disappeared with the Chaos Cauldron. Li Qiye carried the stone tablet back to the academy’s entrance and then placed it down with a shout. The figures then disappeared back into the names engraved on the tablet.

At this moment, everyone was astounded. Who knew about the secret inside the tablet that contained the wills of these old invincible sages? Even the elders and protectors of the academy were astonished. They didn’t know the secret, but a student from the Grand Era Hall did, and he also used it to defeat the enemy.

“Perimeter of the Wise Sages!” Li Qiye touched the tablet and reminisced back to the dark ages. Countless great sects and countries of the human race were destroyed, and many people retreated back to the Heavenly Dao Academy. During that war, Li Qiye stood here, facing the legion of his enemy!

This was a battle that reversed the tide! In that era, Li Qiye stood right here and used the Perimeter of the Wise Sages to stop the furious attacks from the enemies. The tablet was painted with blood in that battle — some from the generals under Li Qiye, but there was also the blood from the Ancient Ming!

After so many years had passed, Li Qiye once again used the perimeter today. Although this battle was far less impressive than the cruel war in the past, it still reminded him of that dark era, causing his mood to plummet with sadness.

Seeing this tablet caused him to remember too many people that were lost inside his memories.

“Long live First Brother!” After a long time, everyone came down to the earth again. The Grand Era students excitedly surrounded and cheered Li Qiye on.

“Long live First Brother!” They then threw him really high into the air.

“Me too, me too, I am also a big contributor!” Little Autumn couldn’t handle being left out, so it rushed into the crowd and smilingly exclaimed.

The group of students also threw Little Autumn up high in jubilation.

Sikong Toutian, on the other hand, escaped right when the battle was concluded. His identity could not meet the light and he would rather not be recognized!

This post-battle joy infected all the Grand Era students as they were lost in the excitement.

Of course, some were not very happy, especially the students from the Sacred Era and Zenith Era Halls. They could only force out some wry laughter.

The battle had ended. The eleven old undyings from the alliance all died, and all the men dressed in black that entered the academy were also killed. No one managed to escape alive.

The academy also suffered some serious losses, but it was a great victory nonetheless. They defeated the powerful alliance and claimed three Immortal Emperor Life Treasures!

This news traveled far and wide and the entire Eastern Hundred Cities became silent! The younger generation and ordinary cultivators knew very little about the matter, but the old undyings from the great powers knew a great deal. Some of them even participated in this battle!

Two True Treasures, seven Life Treasures, eleven old undyings — such a force meant that there were at least two Immortal Emperor lineages in the alliance. As for the amount of other powers in this scheme to take over the academy, no one knew the exact details.

As the calamity descended upon the academy, many old undyings secretly thought that such a powerful alliance would be able to take over the academy and then split up the heaven’s ancestral vein. But in the end, their entire force was annihilated and they even lost three Life Treasures. All the participating great powers could only try to alleviate their pain by eating bitter yellow lotus leaves in silence for they couldn’t exactly cry about this loss.

Now, those who took part in this conspiracy began to worry about the vengeance of the Heavenly Dao Academy!

“It is not without reason that the academy had stood strong for so long throughout the ages!” A few undyings who didn’t participate said with a tinge of emotion: “The academy did not fall during the dark era, so even if a calamity descended today, there would still be a chance that it would be fine.”

During the battle, some old undyings were hiding to spectate, and this result greatly surprised them. Although they were neutral, they intended to fish in troubled waters to see if they could gain anything during the collapse of the academy.

Now, the alliance was completely wiped out, causing these spectating undyings to break out in cold sweat. They were glad for not participating; otherwise, they would have suffered the same fate as the eleven undyings on the divine altar.

“Plot, this is a blatant plot. Not only was there a scheme from the alliance, but the academy also had their own. The academy set this trap to bait the snake from its nest, then they closed the gate to beat the dogs!” In the end, an old undying said with a pale face.

Even though many people thought that the academy purposely baited this battle, no one dared to criticize it!

If the alliance didn’t intend on destroying the academy, then how would they have fallen into this trap? Some started to suspect whether the sundering of the academy was real or not as well. The academy could have released this fake piece of news in order to destroy all the enemies that were scheming against them in one fell swoop!

In the aftermath, everyone noticed a character with a special role, Li Qiye! At this time, everyone understood that Li Qiye and the academy were on the same side. Li Qiye acted in the light while the academy lingered in the darkness; Li Qiye first killed Ba Xia and Hu Yue, then Zu Huangwu along with Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan just to bait out the enemies in order to ignite the conflict.