Chapter 354: Everyone’s Creations

At this time, many people speculated that the creations inside the Void Gate were obtained by either Mei Suyao or Li Qiye, and it most likely had something to do with the timeless portal’s collapse.

After the timeless portal event was over, Mei Suyao left the academy and went back, alone, to the Eternal River School. Her actions incited even more suspicion and guesses from the great powers.

Many assumed that Mei Suyao obtained a great creation that had a great connection to the Void Gate.

The majority did not dare to ask due to fear from the Eternal River School’s strength. However, there were those who did not give up and used different methods in order to obtain more information, especially the old undyings.

Li Shuangyan and the other girls also returned safely along with many Cleansing Incense disciples who were kicked out from the timeless portal.

After the event was over, Li Qiye didn’t let the Cleansing Incense disciples nor the Nine Saint disciples stay behind in the Eastern Hundred Cities. This was not the territory of their sects, so Li Qiye told the academy to open a dao portal so that the disciples could return. Only Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao stayed behind by his side.

This trip to the World Tree left all of them with creations; the most excited was Little Autumn. It came back and immediately chattered the moment it saw Li Qiye: “Holy shit, I can’t take it anymore. I will go back to my realm to hibernate.” Having said that, it immediately faded away into nothingness.

Its entire body was golden as if it was wearing a suit of armor. Others couldn’t tell that it was a worm at all!

Li Qiye nodded his head and understood that Little Autumn had obtained a great creation. It was like a carp leaping over the dragon gate. It was a qualitative leap forward in its quintessential essence.

Sikong Toutian did not come back to see Li Qiye. Rumor has it that after being blown out of the timeless portal, he didn’t have time to put on a disguise so others recognized him. A group of experts from the Eastern Hundred Cities chased him out of the academy.

Li Qiye could only shake his head after hearing this message. This little brat stole and swindled from everyone all over the place, and he even dug up the ancestral graves of others. One day, Sikong Toutian would definitely fall in the hands of others.

Bing Yuxia also came back to say goodbye along with Ye Chuyun from the Pure Lotus School.

Bing Yuxia looked at Li Qiye and arrogantly declared: “Little Demon, I found a great creation so I will go into secluded meditation now. Wait until I come out. Then, I will definitely put you down so bad that you would not be able to enter the reincarnation cycle!”

“Pat!” Li Qiye slapped her fragrant butt in place of an answer. Then, he said with a smile: “You want to put me down? In your lifetime, it is out of the question. Next time when you meet me, you better be wearing female clothing, or else I will strip you!”

After being teased by Li Qiye, Bing Yuxia angrily glared and left in annoyance. Compared to Bing Yuxia’s arrogance, Ye Chuyun was much more gentle and considerate. Before leaving, she especially invited Li Qiye to the Pure Lotus School as a guest.

Another notable thing was that the Lion’s Roar Gate left overnight, so it was too late to say goodbye. Chi Xiaodie never met her grandfather, she only got a message from another disciple.

Li Qiye planned to meet with Chi Xiaodie’s grandfather, but he lost the chance due to their sudden evacuation. It turned out that Chi Xiaodao also obtained a sizable creation inside the timeless portal. The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord was afraid of being followed so he took Chi Xiaodao and a group of disciples to secretly leave overnight.

After all, in the royal lord’s eyes, the gate was still very weak. If anyone wished to steal Chi Xiaodao’s creation, the gate would not be able to protect him, so this triggered the secret overnight evacuation.

Li Shuangyan, Chen Baojiao, and Chi Xiaodie stayed behind along with Li Qiye in the academy. They had no immediate plans to leave.

This trip granted the three of them quite a harvest; each of them found a creation.

Li Shuangyan obtained a treasure crown cast from a mysterious ice, so she gave it to Li Qiye for a look.

After a careful observation, Li Qiye commented: “Amazing. Rather than calling it a crown, it is more of a supreme offensive ice dao. It is not a treasure, and it would be more accurate to call it an accumulation formed by the grand dao. This thing is very appropriate for you, but it will depend on you to extract its future potential.”

Li Shuangyan smiled like an apricot in full bloom. She was not excited and maintained a calm posture that was very lovable. Since she had followed Li Qiye for so long, she became infected with his style and seemed to never be surprised no matter the situation — always calm and composed.

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were different regarding this matter. Chen Baojiao was a strong and competitive girl. During her time at the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, she was quite unhappy despite being a noble and supreme beauty. However, after following Li Qiye, she became a lot more spirited. To her, even if the sky were to fall down, Li Qiye would shoulder it. Thus, she became a lot more vivacious.

Chen Baojiao obtained a great creation from the World Tree in the form of a technique. After checking it out, Li Qiye spoke words of praise: “This thing will pave your future path; whether you want to follow the path of the heavens or the path of the grand era, it will be up to you.”

“Can I really pick either one?” Chen Baojiao emotionally asked. She desperately and earnestly trained more than anyone else, but her talents were weaker compared to Li Shuangyan, so after hearing Li Qiye’s words, how could she not become emotional? 1

Li Qiye laughed and gently tapped her head: “Do you not believe in yourself and your Young Noble? With the grand dao I have taught you along with your Tyrannical Immortal Spring Physique, as long as your dao heart remains firm and you practice hard, is would not be difficult for you to walk on either path. This technique will only assist your future foundation to become more solidified. Even without it, you could still reach the peak.”

“Of course I trust Young Noble.” Chen Baojiao chuckled and said with an alluring charm. She was the sole reason for the phrase — a beauty is just like a disastrous flood for the kingdom and its citizens! 2

Chi Xiaodie obtained a grand dao inside the World Tree after she was transported to a place where an immortal voice was preaching the grand dao. After listening, a scripture formed within her mind.

After coming back, she quickly copied it down and consulted with Li Qiye so that he could help her. Compared to Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, she clearly lacked self-confidence.

She was not to blame since she was extremely confident before in both her beauty and talents. But after following Li Qiye and broadening her horizons, she found that the world was vast and unimaginable; this mysterious place had left her in marvel. Before, she was only a royal canary in the Lion’s Roar Gate.

Although having been subjected to this realization, she did not become discouraged and yearned for change. She put in even more effort to study the dao in order to follow Li Qiye’s footstep. Her aspiration was to catch up to Li Qiye one day. Even if she could not walk with him shoulder to shoulder, she didn’t hope that she would stay in the same place as he trod further forward.

“This is not an ordinary dao, it is a divine dao! You’ve have found a great creation. As long as you push on forward, you will one day be bestowed the title of Godking just like your ancestor — someone comparable to True Gods! When that day comes, your achievement will be much greater than those fake gods.” Li Qiye perused Chi Xiaodie’s copy of her grand dao and praised.

Chi Xiaodie was extremely excited after hearing his praise. To her, nothing was comparable to praises from Li Qiye.

Finally, he corrected a thing or two for her along with explaining a few mysticism, resulting in great benefits for her.

A divine dao as wonderful as this was nothing to Li Qiye. Since the ages, Li Qiye had seen too many grand dao; whether it was dao of Immortal Emperors, dao of the True Gods, or even mysterious grand dao from the Legendary Era, all had been read by him!

However, Chi Xiaodie’s visible effort and progress earned Li Qiye’s favor. If she still acted as a golden canary like before, then Li Qiye would not waste so much effort to teach her.

One tried her best to progress while the other happily taught her in hopes that she could reach the peak just like her ancestor, the Hundred Battles Godking.

Eventually, Zi Cuining also visited and met Li Qiye in a room with just the two of them.

She took a deep breath and solemnly took out a box. This box was locked up with a black dragon that occupied the space above.

Zi Cuining knew that this box was personally sealed by her ancestor, the Black Dragon King. Logically speaking, in this world, only her ancestor could unseal this box.

Li Qiye accepted the box and opened his Fate Palace to reveal his True Fate. Within his sea of memories, a ripple suddenly appeared. His eyes shot out two immortal lights onto the box. After this, the black dragon on the box suddenly came to life and coiled around Li Qiye’s arm.

“Zhang—zhang—zhang!” The black dragon turned into mantras, and all of the mantras wove together into a page of immortal scripture. Suddenly, this page entered Li Qiye’s sea of memories.

An immortal scripture emerged in his sea of memories, and a previously erased memory surfaced in its entirety.

Next, this scripture entered the depths of his mind. After absorbing this completed memory, Li Qiye’s mind held an incomparable tinge of emotion, causing him to softly sigh.


  1. Path of the heavens and path of the grand era will be explained in the future, but keep on reading if you want to know what it is right now…………………………….. Path of the heavens is the road to Immortal Emperor, and path of the grand era is the path to high Virtuous Paragons and Godkings. 
  2. In ancient China, flooding was a big issue, so it is comparing a beauty capable of tempting the king and the officials, creating political unrest as a form of a natural disaster. Of course, this is my own interpretation of the phrase, its historical origin might be different.