Chapter 361: Tiger’s Howl School

Many people secretly talked about this conflict that was ignited by the imprisonment of Chi Xiaodao and the Heavenly King…

“The Tiger’s Howl School is really courageous. Do they not know that the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King has a really good relationship with many hall masters from the academy!?” An older cultivator couldn’t help but murmur after hearing such news.

Having heard that, another older cultivator shook his head in disagreement: “I’m afraid those ties will be useless. After the battle last year, many hall masters are either wounded or crippled, and some even died! I’m afraid no one will come and save the Heavenly King.”

“But the Heavenly King might not necessarily be trapped, I heard that his Immortal Physique had reached some level of success.” Another skeptic spoke.

In the Eastern Hundred Cities, the Heavenly King was considered a top level character, especially during the Difficult Dao Era. He was one of the renowned experts from the previous generation.

“Even a dragon cannot suppress a snake in its own nest; the Heavenly King entering the Tiger’s Howl School was not a wise move.” A sacred lord explained: “The school has a grand vein with a powerful ancestral foundation. The Heavenly King rushing in was the same as walking into a trap.”

“A murder must be paid with one’s life!” At this time, after capturing Chi Xiaodao and his grandfather, a representative from the Tiger’s Howl School announced.

A person from the school appeared. This was an old man that appeared to be around seventy years old. Although he looked to be nearing his end, his vitality still covered the sky. This was made especially apparent with the forty-nine divine rings circling his body; it was as if he was a venerable saint!

His presence caused the forty-nine divine rings to shoulder the sky like a giant standing between the heaven and earth. His Heavenly Sovereign aura was as powerful as a tsunami, causing the surrounding earth to shake as countless Named Heroes shivered in fear.

“Forty-nine divine rings, a Jewel Sovereign!”

A Named Hero felt the earth-rending pressure and murmured with dread in his heart.

Seeing this old man, a royal lord recognized his identity and exclaimed in astonishment: “The Tiger’s Howl School’s Grand Imperial Sire, he is still alive! Rumor has it that he had died during the Difficult Dao Era!” 1

“A monster that lived during the Difficult Dao Era and a once-incomparable genius… He still proudly swept over the eight desolaces even during that arduous time! Then, he was the Regent for six dynasties! And it seems that his cultivation is only one ring away from grand achievement Jewel Sovereign. What if he actually reaches the World Sovereign level?” Seeing this old man, those who knew his identity were quite shocked.

“It is already heaven-defying to be just one ring away from grand achievement, but he still shouldn’t be able to trap the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King, right?” Despite this, people were still suspicious of the event.

Heavenly Sovereigns also had their own classifications. From weakest to strongest, they are Little Sovereign, Grand Sovereign, Jewel Sovereign, World Sovereign, and Era Sovereign!

The distinction between these levels was very simple. When one reached the Heavenly Sovereign realm, they would have a divine ring. The greater the amount, the stronger the cultivation would be.

Nine was the number that represented the grand dao, so a Little Sovereign at grand achievement had nine rings. Thirty was the respective number for a heavenly revolution, so a Grand Sovereign at grand achievement had thirty rings. Fifty was the number of the grand change, so a Jewel Sovereign at grand achievement had fifty rings. Eighty-one rings were the number of a grand achievement World Sovereign, and ninety-nine rings were the number of a grand achievement Era Sovereign. 2

The Grand Imperial Sire of the Tiger’s Howl School was once a devilish genius during the Difficult Dao Era and the de-facto leader of six dynasties. Even though he was old, his blood energy was still as ferocious as before since he could reach the World Sovereign level at any time!

His appearance greatly changed the faces of many people, but the news he announced set off, even more, waves!

“Little Brat Li Qiye, you ordered the kid from the Chi Clan to kill my school’s disciple so today, a life shall be paid with a life! It will either be your life, or the life of Chi Xiaodao! The day of the full moon will be the day of the execution. You can decide it for yourself!”

The Grand Imperial Sire aimed straight for Li Qiye with a proclamation to the rest of the world! The school even invited all the sects to come watch the date for the sentence to be carried out!

This bold gesture confused many people, especially those who were not privy to all the information.

“Is this the Tiger’s Howl School killing the chicken to warn the monkey? Is this an attempt at taking revenge for Hu Yue?”

“The Grand Imperial Sire had no choice but to become involved since the Lion’s Roar Gate broke the marriage alliance between the Bao Yun Clan and the Tiger’s Howl School. It makes sense that the school would become angry. Its previous generation could not just be idle and take it!” A person analyzed the school’s action.

The feud between Li Qiye and the school was a commonly known matter since Li Qiye was the main culprit in breaking off this marriage alliance and killing Hu Yue.

“Could the Tiger’s Howl School actually deal with Li Qiye? This Li Qiye is a brutal monster!” A Demon Monarch valued Li Qiye greatly and said: “Brutal Li Qiye isn’t afraid of anything since he even dared to kill Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan and Great Child Yao Guang! The Tiger’s Howl School must be nothing in his eyes. Even if the Grand Imperial Sire wants to get involved, it would still not be enough because Brutal Li Qiye has two Immortal Emperor Life Treasures that would allow him to sweep through anything. Now, the school wants to provoke Li Qiye — they are just looking for trouble, right?”

Many scalps tingled as people thought about the two Immortal Emperor Life Treasures in the hands of a vicious person like Li Qiye. If he could actually unleash an Imperial Massacre, then the consequences would be too terrible for the imagination. 3

This was the reason why many sects did not want to come and observe the date of the sentence despite receiving invitations.

Think about it for a second, this was Brutal Li Qiye who didn’t even care for the Ancient Kingdoms, let alone a little Tiger’s Howl School. This was definitely a guy who would start massacring anywhere! Who would be willing to become enemies with him?

“Although Li Qiye’s fierce fame is soaring at the moment, it is hard to tell who the winner would be right now.” A truly powerful person with some information spoke: “The death of a few disciples is nothing. The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom hasn’t come out, and neither did the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. Not even did the Furious Immortal Saint Country make a move, but the Tiger’s Howl School is the one to start? This whole thing doesn’t make any sense! This is clearly baiting the enemy into a trap; if Li Qiye actually thinks that the Tiger’s Howl School is so weak to the point of being easily bullied, then he will die a miserable death.”

Disputes and conflicts were common occurrences. In fact, the Lion’s Roar School was much weaker than the TIger’s Howl School, so it was normal that it would be bullied by the school.

However, once the Grand Imperial Sire called out Li Qiye by name, many experienced cultivators sensed an abnormal atmosphere within this great subtleness.

In a short period of time, countless people looked towards the school and also at Li Qiye. They all want to see what Li Qiye would do to defuse this crisis.

“This is a trap.” An intelligence master of a great sect deduced: “Li Qiye, right now, is like the sun at high noon. His great fame is comparable to that of Goddess Mei Suyao’s; he is basically without anyone to oppose him! The school’s actions clearly reek of a planned trap for Li Qiye. If he actually jumps in, then he would be a fish in a jar, but if he doesn’t move against the provocation, then it would have an adverse effect on his prestige. Being afraid without battling — this would become a shadow in his heart, and it would be detrimental to his future road of cultivation.”

On the second day after the declaration made by the Grand Imperial Sire, Li Qiye immediately appeared right outside the Tiger’s Howl School. As one stared at it from afar, it seemed to be a giant tiger waiting to ferociously pounce at any time!

The current school was a powerful sect and controlled an entire country in the Eastern Hundred Cities. Legend states that its progenitor was a Tiger God — a True God blessed by the high heavens. No one knew whether this was the truth or not.

Regardless, anyone who stood outside the school would feel this powerful and fierce atmosphere as if a great tiger was swooping by, something capable of tearing apart any cultivator limb from limb.

A person who had visited the school before said with emotion after feeling this atmosphere once more: “No wonder why Hu Yue was as fierce as a tiger. A vein like this would surely groom such a genius!”

Many great sects lusted after the school because of one very simple reason — there was a grand vein beneath the school’s ground, a White Tiger Great Vein, a vein of one of the four divine beasts!

Another rumor one heard would say that the Tiger God was born in this place. Eventually, he was bestowed the title of True God, then he established the million-year-old school at this place!

It continued on to mention that the Tiger God was strengthened by this White Tiger Great Vein to build his supreme True God body. This great vein also became a hard-to-shake foundation for the school.

Also, many people could only come back empty-handed despite their desire for the White Tiger Great Vein because of another reason — the four ominous graves. These four graves had always protected the school; they created a defensive line that was unbreachable for even a Virtuous Paragon.

“This mountain has such a fierce atmosphere!” Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but exclaim after gazing at it with Li Shuangyan.

Li Qiye glanced at the school and smiled: “Of course it is fierce. This place used to have an ominous vein, so its propensity for violence is beyond your imagination.”

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  1. Grand Imperial Sire is the father of the current reigning emperor. The practice was initiated by the First Emperor, who gave the title as a posthumous name to his own father. Liu Bang, who established the Han Dynasty, was the first to become Emperor while his father was still alive. 
  2. These numbers are divination numbers from the “Book of Changes”. Even Chinese philosophers debate over their meanings since it was complex and mystifying. 
  3. Imperial Massacre is an emperor weapon’s special attack.