Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3618

Chapter 3618: Iron Hammer

Rumor has it that this hammer has always been on top of the anvil after being used by the peerless masters.

The loss of the fire meant that no one else came to refine weapons so the hammer was abandoned and forgotten.

“Have to at least give it a shot.” One student said: “Maybe it’s different now. The master cauldron is ablaze again so perhaps someone else can raise the hammer again.”

“We don’t lose anything from trying.” A decisive soul said before coming forward and grabbing the hilt. “Up!!!”

Unfortunately, the hammer didn’t even move an inch regardless of how much strength he mustered.

“Boom!” He released his vitality and chaos true energy. This was everything he got but the hammer still didn’t move.

“Can’t, its weight is immeasurable. Plus, it seemed to have taken roots and became one with the entire peak.” He smiled wryly while shaking his head.

“Let me try.” Another didn’t buy it and came forward.

He grabbed the hilt and let out a roar resembling a bull. He became shrouded in a golden light and transformed into a massive bull brimming with energy.

“Senior Brother Chen’s divine bull bloodline is impressive indeed.” Other students nodded approvingly.

He was a demon with a divine bull bloodline. Because of this, he was known for his physical prowess and had the nickname of “behemoth”.

“Up!” He thunderously cried out but all of his strength wasn’t enough. His bulging muscles couldn’t move the hammer at all.

“This hammer is so weird, it’s probably heavier than this peak.” He eventually gave up and dispiritedly said. He was capable of lifting a dozen mountains, just not this hammer.

Other powerful students came to give it a shot; all naturally failed.

“Senior Brother Lin, your turn?” One student standing next to Lin Hao asked with a smile.

Lin Hao also rushed to this place after hearing about the news. However, he was disappointed after seeing the weak flame. It would have been a great chance for him to take advantage of his blacksmithing skill and refine his weapon using the divine flame.

“Forget it, I can’t.” He shook his head after seeing so many failures: “Maybe only dao lords can lift it.”

“Just try, you won’t lose anything.” A senior sister revealed a pretty smile and urged.

“Yes, what if you can actually lift it? You’ll be the main topic of the academy!” Others persuaded.

“Fine, I’ll try.” Lin Hao couldn’t refuse so many and begrudgingly walked forward.

He grabbed the hilt with both hands and took a deep breath before shouting: “Up!”

His vitality was as vast as an ocean, brimming with chaos true energy. His muscles bulged while he became resplendent just like a bottle containing the grand dao.

This naturally impressed the spectators. One senior sister commented: “The body becomes the vessel of the grand dao while the grand dao becomes the treasury of the body. This phrase is exemplified by Junior Brother Lin. His foundation is among the best in the academy.”

The students were envious of his current state. This was a testament to his indomitable dao foundation.

As a regular mortal, he didn’t have the best mantras and merit laws to start with. Nonetheless, his body and grand dao have been refined numerous times through training. His average cultivation laws didn’t hold him back.

The same scene happened. He tried his best to pull up but this was only an ant struggling to pull up a tree.

“Let’s go!” He roared and released his ten fate palaces. “Boom!”

The palaces hovered above, looking intimidating with loud explosions. They lined up and formed their own firmament.

“Ten palaces forming a grand avatar.” One student shouted.

It was impressive for such a young student to be in the Myriad-form Sanctity realm. That’s why he was deserving of his spot among the five heroes.

“Poof!” The palaces poured down an endless amount of life fire, looking like an ocean amassing in the firmament.

“Boom!” The flames then came together to form a visual phenomenon - a fire god pulsing with flames capable of incinerating everything.

Lin Hao was no longer there; it seemed that he and fire god were one now.

Many became startled to see this new development. This fire god phenomenon was clearly the manifestation of his special cauldron of life.

“Rumble!” The fire god used all of its power to lift up the hammer.

The entire peak quaked once as a result. Everyone felt that even the earth could be pulled up, not just the hammer.

Alas, this wasn’t the case. Lin Hao’s mighty technique was proven ineffective. He had no choice but to give up.

“Looks like I don’t have the ability to lift it.” He recalled his technique and assumed his original form, albeit covered in sweat from top to bottom.

“No one can move it.” The classmates present wanted to give up.

As one of the five heroes, Lin Hao was one of the strongest students in Duality Academy. The rest didn’t have a chance.

“Maybe call First Sister? She might be interested.” Someone thought about their best student - Dugu Lan, one of the four greatest geniuses in the holy ground.

“It’s useless, she actually tried several years ago.” An older student shook his head.

“Then only dao lords and top Heavenly Sovereigns can lift it.” The first speaker concluded.

“Not necessarily.” Another joined the conversation.

“Teacher.” People followed the voice and saw Teacher Du standing there since who knows when.

Teacher Du heard about the awakening and came to take a look.

“Teacher, who else can lift it?” One student asked.

“The hammer was brought back by Duality Progenitor, it’s special. Top masters are capable but also the fateful ones.” Teacher Du smiled.

“Fateful ones? Who?” The students exchanged glances, thinking that this response was too vague.

What were the criteria? Power? Talents? Or something else?