Chapter 362: Charging into the Tiger’s Howl School Alone

“Do we just kill our way in like this?” Chi Xiaodie couldn’t refrain from being concerned and said: “I heard that the four ominous graves of the school are amazing and could kill even Virtuous Paragons!”

“No, we won’t make our way in at this moment. Go inform them!” Li Qiye glanced at the school and smiled.

“Inform them?” Hearing these words, the group of girls couldn’t help but become surprised. They came in order to save Chi Xiaodao and his grandfather, so the best method was to attack before the enemy could prepare. Thus, Li Qiye’s order left them in disbelief.

Li Qiye said with a smile: “I am a merciful man, someone who doesn’t like to kill others, right? Since they are near their demise, I have to give the poor Tiger’s Howl School a chance to let their young ones escape. After all, I can’t just go in and madly massacre them all with an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, others would think that I’m a heartless butcher!”

Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but roll her pretty eyes; of course she didn’t believe him. With regards to aggressiveness, who could compare to him?

“Crash!” All of a sudden, with a loud bang, the Tiger’s Howl School started to violently shake. With rumbling noises everywhere, the earth itself was being rended apart.

“What happened!?” Due to the sudden ruptures, many people became shocked. Especially those who were right outside and gazing at the school, they were completely aghast!

“Who is it!?” Many of the Tiger’s Howl School disciples were terrified. When they calmed down, they would find that the gate was completed demolished! No, it would be more accurate to say that someone smashed it apart.

At this time, the entrance was completely destroyed, and the golden plaque with the three words “Tiger’s Howl School” was under the feet of a young man.

“You ignorant fool!” The Tiger’s Howl disciples went mad. In the blink of an eye, more than ten of them rushed forward with all of their might.

“Bang—bang—bang—” The ground shook as mountains were blown apart. This young man not only blew away the disciples that rushed at him, but he also broke through all obstacles in his way like a raging dragon.

“Kill!” More Tiger’s Howl disciples rushed forward with loud battle cries. They were without any fear of death.

However, this youth was unstoppable and kept on rushing forward; no one could block his path. Both weapons and treasures were meaningless before him since they instantly shattered at the moment of collision.

“Rumble!” With violent quakes due to the mountains collapsing, the young man crazily rushed forward and crashed into the peaks, causing dust to scatter everywhere. All of a sudden, blood painted the sky as miserable screams resounded throughout the atmosphere. Countless mangled bodies flew everywhere.

“It is Li Qiye!” Many cultivators right outside the school spoke in astonishment when they saw this young man raging like a wild dragon.

“Little Animal, accept your death!” At this time, a maddened roar came along as the Tiger’s Howl schoolmaster arrived. The moment he saw Li Qiye destroying everything in his unstoppable quake, he cried out in rage and used a divine sword to create a thousand miles slash in order to kill Li Qiye.

With a loud bang, the sound of a sword breaking appeared as the schoolmaster spewed out blood nonstop. With a deafening crash, he was slammed into a mound with a hand gripping him by the neck.

He was beaten by just one move! Being heavily wounded by the opponent and having his neck clasped without even being able to move, the schoolmaster was horrified to the point where his face was as pale as paper.

“This is too devilish!” Seeing this scene, many spectators outside took a deep breath. In just a second, Li Qiye killed his way in and annihilated everything in his unstoppable wake.

“Even though the current schoolmaster cannot compare to the Tiger King, he is still an amazing Ancient Saint! How could he be defeated in the blink of an eye?” A person nervously exclaimed right outside of the school.

Li Qiye tightly gripped the school master’s neck and nonchalantly smiled: “Your Tiger’s Howl School wants to challenge me on the day of the full moon… Fine, I will accept this invitation. However, I will remind you out of goodwill — send the weak and the old to another location because, on the day of the full moon, there will be no more Tiger’s Howl School within the Eastern Hundred Cities for this place shall cease to exist!”

“You are spouting nonsense—!” The schoolmaster angrily shouted, but before he could finish, Li Qiye threw him forward through many mountains, creating loud explosions. As the schoolmaster stood up from the ground that was now stained with his blood, not even a trace of Li Qiye’s shadow remained.

“Little Animal, hand over your life!” At this time, a scream came from the deepest place of the school. A person soared up high as divine rings rotated around his body. His torrential blood energy could cause even the earth to tremble!

The Grand Imperial Sire came in just a flash and let out an enraged cry, but Li Qiye had already left. The moment he saw the debris and remnants of the gate, he started to shiver from rage.

“Little Animal, if I don’t hack you into a thousand pieces, I swear that I will no longer be human!” In the end, the Grand Imperial Sire uttered a harsh oath that reverberated throughout the entire school.

“He is indeed a brute possessed by a mad dragon. He’s capable of destroying the geography despite only being a Royal Noble. He can even kill Ancient Saints as if they are mere dogs.” Many people were filled with dread after seeing this scene.

“An Immortal Physique is indeed amazing. Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — this is indeed a good technique, something that is capable of driving people crazy from jealousy!” A person couldn’t help but sigh in an envious lamentation.

In many people’s opinions, a Royal Noble fighting against an Ancient Saint was akin to courting death. But at this moment, an Ancient Saint could not block a single one of Li Qiye’s blows! And this was only a prelude; if being at minor completion was already this powerful, then wouldn’t he be able to sweep through the world once he reached grand completion!?

After leaving the school, Li Qiye ordered Sikong Toutian to keep a close eye on the Tiger’s Howl School. Then, he brought the girls to a different location.

“Will anything happen to my grandfather and Xiaodao?” Chi Xiaodie worriedly said.

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “Xiaodao is definitely going to be okay. Without Xiaodao, what will they use to lure me into the trap? As for your grandfather, I don’t think there is anything to worry about either. He is being suppressed inside an ancient treasure, but it might turn out to be a good opportunity for him. It is possible that the ancient treasure that’s trapping him is the Evil Devouring Energy. If your grandfather could withstand this, then there will be a big chance for him to surpass his physique’s minor tribulation! This is a test for him; if he cannot pass this test, then he would not be able to go any further in the future regarding his Immortal Physique.”

After hearing Li Qiye’s answer, Chi Xiaodie sighed with relief and stopped worrying.

Li Qiye had his reasons for not saving the Heavenly King. Although the king was the descendant of the Lion Monarch and had a natural Saint Physique with great talents, he didn’t cultivate the Immortal Physique Law at a young age. Despite him managing to find the Immortal Physique Law of the Lion Monarch in the academy later on, it still was not enough to improve his grand completion Furious Saint Physique.

Even after his isolated cultivation session, he still couldn’t break through his personal limit. However, this suppression from the Tiger’s Howl School just might be able to stimulate his true potential.

With just one glance from the distance, Li Qiye immediately knew the Heavenly King’s situation. If he could break through his own limit, then his Immortal Physique cultivation would be as smooth as the flowering river! And so, Li Qiye purposefully left him suppressed in order to spur his untapped potential.

“Where are we going?” Li Qiye brought them around the Tiger’s Howl School, so Chen Baojiao became quite curious.

Li Qiye answered with a wide smile: “To a certain place. If the Tiger’s Howl School wishes to die, then I shall lend them a hand. However, if they know when to give up, then I will leave them with a place to live instead of refining this entire region. At that time, there will be no Tiger’s Howl School or a White Tiger Grand Vein.”

“Refine this entire region?” Hearing these words, Li Shuangyan became quite astonished. Legends state that only Virtuous Paragons from kingdoms that could bestow divine titles were capable of such a feat.

“You will understand in due time.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious grin.


“There will be no more Tiger’s Howl School within the Eastern Hundred Cities for this place shall cease to exist?” The fierce words that Li Qiye left behind for the schoolmaster was spread to the outside, and it caused many people to glance at those next to them.

“Let him come!” A gloomy voice came from the darkness of the Tiger’s Howl School. It continued on: “Even if his divine arts are invincible, as long as he sets foot inside our domain, there will be no way out. At that point, the invincible Immortal Physique Law and a Heaven’s Will Secret Law will belong to the Tiger’s Howl School!”

“I’m afraid the Heavenly Dao Academy will also involve itself…” In the darkness, the Tiger’s Howl Grand Imperial Sire spoke with deference.

“Hmph! Even if the academy comes, it will still be a path of no return!” The voice in the dark coldly rang again: “At that time, there will naturally be someone to deal with them.”

“Good, at that time, that little demon Li will be a fish stuck in our jar. Even if he is a reincarnated Virtuous Paragon, only death awaits him!” The Grand Imperial Sire excitedly declared.

“As long as we obtain these immortal laws, with our White Tiger Great Vein, we shall be prosperous in the future!” This gloomy voice was so emotionless that it instilled chills in the listeners.

After hearing these words, the Grand Imperial Sire couldn’t help but become emotional. Despite many geniuses appearing in their school, they still couldn’t compare to other Immortal Emperor lineages since they lacked merit laws of the emperor level.

If they could capture Li Qiye alive, his emperor laws would be within their grasps; the mere thought left them in ecstasy.