Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3620

Chapter 3620: Kingslayer

The majority urged Liu Jinsong to teach Li Qiye a lesson. His power should be more than enough to crush someone like Li Qiye, perhaps within two or three moves.

Some even thought that just killing Li Qiye would be doing the guy a favor. He was too haughty and even insulted Duality.

Ultimately, he was still an outsider who wasn’t welcome here. His arrogant attitude was considered a direct provocation to the academy.

That’s why even the neutral crowd couldn’t help wanting to see him taken down a notch.

“Li, make your move. I just need three, no, two moves to crush you.” Liu Jinsong stood forward and stared at Li Qiye with murderous intent.

“I advise you to utilize your best merit laws and treasures, prepare the best defense too. Otherwise, you won’t have the chance to even resist one swing.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hahaha, your mouth is the most impressive part about you.” Jinsong was livid. He had met people stronger than him but none ever looked down on him like this. His chest was about to explode from anger.

“I can’t wait to see how he’ll smash Senior Brother Liu when he has to rely on his own skills.” Another student didn’t believe it.

“Hmph, he can’t beat Senior Brother Liu without some sorcery or trickery. Not even Senior Brother Li can do it.” Another student shook his head.

“Just let him brag all he wants, we’ll see the result soon enough and it won’t be pretty. If it were me, I would take my time while stomping on him, no rush in killing him.” One more sneered.

“Boom!” Liu Jinsong roared and gathered his power. His vitality and chaos true energy rushed out like a tsunami.

Many students staggered backward after feeling his momentum.

“Poof!” Samadhi flames oozed out and surrounded him. He turned into a fire domain that could burn everything.

“Buzz.” He activated his fate palaces as well - a total of eight floating above his head. The true fate was located in the center, assuming complete control. It had three dao rings rotating around it, looking holy and mystical.

“Eight palaces, he’s at the grand level of samadhi.” One student commented.

Each realm allowed the formation of one fate palace. However, this process was only truly completed at the grand level when the particular fate palace became available for use - a full opening. The realms were divided into the grand, intermediate, and minor level.

The minor levels focused on using energy to strengthen the body, resulting in an external radiance. On the other hand, the true fate utilized chaos true energy and the body to power up.

As the true fate grew larger and stronger, it would be able to open the fate palace and enter the grand level.

The new palace also absorbed the previous affinities and powers along with the mysteries of the grand dao. Thus, the body, true fate, and fate palaces all supported and matured in harmony.

Since Jinsong had eight palaces, it meant that he had reached the grand level of samadhi, not far away from breaking through to the yin yang realm.

As for the three rings around his true fate, this showed that he cultivated three mantras at the yellow, black, and earth level.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Crimson armor plates latched onto him with fiery symbols on them. This was obviously a powerful defensive treasure refined from a powerful truefire.

“The Crimson Marquis’ Fiery Aegis.” Everyone was surprised to see this.

“Isn’t he taking this brat too seriously to put on the general’s armor?” Another added.

This treasure was given to him by his father. It could easily stop an attack from other treasures at the same level.

“Hmph, that Li guy has no chance of injuring Junior Brother Liu when he has that armor on.” A senior sister snorted: “Remember, the general wore that to numerous battlefields. It’s extremely tough.”

Jinsong also took out a sword and a shield and clanked them together. Fiery sparks and sonic waves emanated; the latter was rather unbearable.

“Kingslayer Sword and Unsurpassable Shield, his favorite treasures.” Another student commented.

“Junior Brother Liu is using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken.” One senior brother laughed after seeing this: “He can easily decapitate that guy now.”

“Isn’t he being too careful? Does a conqueror brat require all of this effort? What a waste.” The other friends snorted.

Most thought that just the sword alone was enough, no need for the shield and armor. This was akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

“Right, just one slash and that guy’s head would be rolling on the ground, no need to bother putting up a defense.” A different student agreed.

“Brat, I’m waiting, how are you going to turn me into mincemeat?” Jinsong prepared well enough and said.

Of course, he didn’t think Li Qiye was actually a threat. He merely wanted to make fun of Li Qiye while showing off his treasures.

“Senior Brother Liu, I don’t think he can even tickle you right now.” A student joked and the crowd laughed with him.

The disparity in power was too obvious. Jinsong was in the samadhi realm while Li Qiye was in the conqueror realm - a gap of two full realms.

This was before taking Jinsong’s treasures into account. Li Qiye could try everything and it would still be meaningless.

“Brat, take out your weapon, show everyone what incredible artifact you got.” Jinsong haughtily looked down on Li Qiye.

“A brat from the mountains can’t have anything impressive. Just a high-level black one would be too much for him, truly shocking.” A student laughed.

“Hey now, he might have one but he can’t use it anyway. Probably can’t even lift it up.” Another shook his head. Though this was an unpleasant insult, it did have a shade of truth to it.

“Young Master, do you want to borrow my weapon?” Yang Ling wanted to help Li Qiye after seeing the crowd against him.