Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3621

Chapter 3621: I’ll Use This Hammer

“No need, I have something better.” Li Qiye smiled and quietly told her.

He walked forward and glanced at the crowd before stopping on Liu Jinsong.

“Ahem…” He coughed and waved his hand: “All of you are right, I don’t have anything good to take out.”

“Then I’ll lend you some, I got a few earth-level weapons, see if it’s suitable.” One guy offered.

“Hahaha, he can’t pick it up or actually use it, it’ll be no different than scrap metals.” The crowd laughed right away.

“True.” The first person laughed as well: “Let me ask our friends here then and see if they have lower-level weapons, like a black one, how about it?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never used a black-level weapon before, it might not be suitable.” Li Qiye had a half-smile.

“You’re making it difficult for us.” The guy responded: “We have a lot of weapons but a yellow-level one might not be available. It’s too weak.”

“I’ll go down to a store by the base and buy him one.” Another snorted.

The unfriendly group continued laughing and taunting Li Qiye.

“If you can’t even use a black-level weapon, it’s best to accept your defeat and lower your head to Junior Brother Liu, I’m sure he’ll spare you. Otherwise, your head will be rolling on the ground.” A senior brother actually had good intentions, unlike the rest.

“That would be too boring, don’t you remember how he bragged earlier? We want to see his amazing abilities and incredible weapons to make mincemeat out of Senior Brother Liu.” Another student shook his head.

“Brat, pick a weapon already. Your life is mine.” Liu Jinsong coldly uttered.

There were mixed emotions among the entire student body - disdain, contempt, pity…

“He’s finished.” One student said while staring at Li Qiye.

“He asked for it since he was dumb enough to provoke Senior Brother Liu.” A friend commented.

Teacher Du didn’t say anything. The one courting death here was actually Liu Jinsong.

However, this was a fight between students. A teacher like him wouldn’t interfere. Jinsong can only blame himself for being weak. This was a rule at the academy as long as both sides agreed.

“Fine, I guess I’ll have to try this iron hammer.” Li Qiye started walking towards the anvil.

“What did he just say?” People thought that they misheard him until they saw him moving.

“Is this a joke? Using that hammer as his weapon?” One person immediately said.

“Brat, you don’t know what this hammer is.” Another said.

He wasn’t here when the students tried to pick up the hammer. Because of this, they thought that this was due to ignorance.

“It’s not an ordinary hammer. Only dao lords and sovereigns used it for weapon refinement, you can’t lift it.” The student went on.

“Just let him experience it for himself, that’s how he’ll learn about the immensity of heaven and earth.” One more sneered.

“You’re dreaming, no students in Duality can do it, let alone a woodchopper like you.” An upperclassman snorted.

“Then this shows how useless the students of Duality are.” Li Qiye suddenly changed his tone.

He offended virtually everyone present. Their expression became ugly.

After all, the students here were considered exceptional versus others at the same age. Being called “useless” wasn’t appreciated.

“I’ve had enough. Even if Senior Brother Liu decides to spare you, I’ll still kill you.” Another student lost his cool.

“That’s right, insulting Duality Academy is unforgivable!” Another shouted.

Teacher Du smiled wryly and shook his head. He still chose to watch on the sideline.

“I can’t spare you now after your ridiculous comment. This has nothing to do with my personal wish, it is about the reputation of Duality now. Death to those who insult Duality!” Liu Jinsong threatened and earned himself a favorable impression.

“Remember, don’t kill him so fast, teach him a lesson about the fate of those who insult Duality.” One student shouted.

Li Qiye smiled and grabbed the wooden hilt of the hammer. The students saw this but didn’t take him seriously.

“You can do it, Young Master!” Only Yang Ling cheered for him while clenching her fists.

“It is really heavy, looks like this won’t be easy.” Li Qiye smiled.

“It’s whatever, I still won’t show mercy whether you have a weapon or not. First, I will cut off your hands. Go ahead and make your move.” Liu Jinsong pointed his Kingslayer at Li Qiye.

“You better prepare your defense or you’ll be finished soon.” Li Qiye glanced at him.

“You!” Jinsong trembled with rage.

“Still won’t accept his mistake. Senior Brother, cut off his hands and break his legs.” Another student said loudly.

“Alright, let’s see how long you can keep this up.” Jinsong shouted and activated his merit law.

“Rumble!” He became resplendent. A wall of runes formed before him, separating the realms.

People couldn’t help but look up, feeling immense pressure.

“30,000-mile Blockade.” They were surprised to see him use a powerful merit law right away: “The brat has zero chance.”

“Well, at least he got to see a top merit law before death.” Another commented.

“Brat, I will make mincemeat of you today in order to quell my anger…” Liu Jinsong said with hatred.

“I’m afraid you won’t have the chance.” Li Qiye smiled and raised his hand.

“Clank!” The hammer that has been stuck was actually lifted from the anvil.

This came without warning because Li Qiye didn’t channel his energy nor use a merit law. In fact, it seemed as if he didn’t need to use any strength. It was just a casual raise of the hand.

All the students became slack-jawed. Some of them have tried everything to no avail. Even Lin Hao failed. Their most talented and strongest - Dugu Lan - couldn’t do it either. But now, Li Qiye made it look like a regular hammer, not heavy in the slightest.