Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3622

Chapter 3622: Toss

Minds were empty from the sheer shock. No words could describe the scene before them.

Even Li Qiye’s supporter, Yang Ling, found this unbelievable. She thought that if he were lucky enough to be somehow connected by fate with the hammer, he would still need to use all of his strength to lift.

She imagined that his muscles would be bulging; his face would be red with sweat dripping down. This wasn’t the case since the hammer felt so light in his hand. The disparity between reality and her imagination left her speechless.

The one best prepared was Teacher Du. He thought that this was expected. Nonetheless, Li Qiye just made it look too effortless. This exceeded his expectation.

The mysterious hammer was brought back from above by Duality Master. Even the dao lords back then didn’t lift it with such ease.

“I’m about to start.” Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the hammer in his hand. He even tossed it up once and caught it as if it was a stone.

“!!!” Jinsong regained his wits and staggered one step backward.

“Go!” Li Qiye roared and threw the hammer towards Jinsong.

“Activate!” Jinsong released his energy to strengthen the wall. Samadhi flames erupted around him; he seemed to be entering a state of frenzy. The wall became ablaze.

“Boom!” Whatever wall, Kingslayer Sword, Unsurpassable Shield, and Fiery Aegis were useless. Everything crumbled after clear cracking sounds.

The hammer instantly struck Liu Jinsong next, sending him flying. He vomited blood while his bones shattered.

“Boom!” He eventually smashed a nearby peak, resulting in a huge hole. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere. His

The proud youth and his treasures stood no chance against the hammer toss. This defeat rendered the crowd speechless.

Just a while ago, they made fun of Li Qiye due to his cultivation and thought that Liu Jinsong could easily defeat him. They certainly didn’t expect the opposite.

They deemed his comments to be arrogant and ignorant. It turned out that he was just telling the truth.

Their face became hot and red; this was no different from being slapped.

“Whoosh!” Li Qiye raised his hand and the hammer immediately flew back into his grasp.

“This is fate.” Teacher Du sentimentally said.

Of course, he knew that this might not have anything to do with fate. The only thing that mattered right now was Li Qiye’s presence at the academy. The latter was the lucky one.

“It’s not bad.” Li Qiye playfully tossed it up again and said.

The students had nothing to say. They couldn’t even lift the hammer while Li Qiye had complete freedom.

“Teacher was right about fate?” One student wondered.

They became annoyed because Li Qiye was the weakest one here. Alas, this person who they had disdain for turned out to be the chosen one. This wasn’t a good feeling.

“Oh well, nothing we can do then if it’s fate.” One guy consoled himself.

“See, Young Master, I told you to give it a shot at the start!” Yang Ling nearly jumped up from excitement.

Li Qiye chuckled. There was no need to try; he knew full well whether he could do it or not.

“So I’m about to refine some stuff here. Any objection?” Li Qiye smiled at the students.

They exchanged glances before looking at the hammer in Li Qiye’s hand. Keeping their mouth shut was the right choice.

“Good, then I’ll add myself to the list for this master cauldron.” Li Qiye spoke as if he was a reasonable person following the rule.

“Young Master, which weapon are you refining?” Teacher Du became interested.

“Haven’t put too much thought into it, I’ll just get the materials here.” Li Qiye looked down at the ground before glancing at the students. He said: “Are you guys leaving or waiting for the boom?”

The students stared at him in confusion.

“Boom!” He suddenly swung the hammer down, smashing the ground.

The entire peak suffered the full brunt. Even the academy itself violently quaked.

Some students fell and rolled on the ground; others actually got blown off the peak.

“Crack! Crack!” Cracks emanated on the top half of Myriad Cauldron Peak.

This was a shocking development. One of the nine main peaks of Duality was being destroyed by Li Qiye.

“Young Master, may I ask what you’re doing?” Teacher Du himself became lost.

“Nothing, just gathering some materials. The dao lords and sovereigns left remnant materials and wastes behind, I don’t have anything right now so I’ll be using them.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Using wastes to refine a weapon?” Those who were still up on the pinnacle found this astonishing.

All blacksmiths chose the best possible materials for crafting regardless of the price. That’s why Li Qiye’s decision once again shocked everyone.

“Okay, put the scraps here in order, I’ll come back and refine when I have time.” Li Qiye casually tossed the hammer back onto the anvil.

The old servant appeared next to Li Qiye just like a phantom. No one knew how or when he came.

“I will take care of it.” He bowed.

Li Qiye smiled and left, leaving behind the astounded spectators.

“So this is an actual thing?” One student couldn’t believe it.

One of them eventually came over and tried to pick up the hammer. It didn’t move at all. Others followed suit and the same thing happened.

“Yeah, it has to be fate.” The last attempter concluded.