Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3623

Chapter 3623: Old Man

The news of Li Qiye’s achievement traveled across Duality.

Numerous speculations arose along with indignation and jealousy. The majority assumed that it had to do with “fate”. Otherwise, someone with Li Qiye’s power couldn’t lift the hammer. Fate was the only plausible explanation.

“Hmph, a flower stuck in a pile of manure.” A student said with indignation: “It’s one thing for First Sister or Senior Brother Lin to have this fateful connection, but a woodchopper with no cultivation to speak of? It’s so unfair for him to have this type of luck.”

“Fate is indefinite, it wouldn’t be called fate if there were guidelines about it.” Another smiled wryly.

“So what? He can only pick up the hammer, not like he’ll create an invincible weapon.” One bitter soul stated.

“Right.” Many friends agreed with this: “This doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to craft an ultimate weapon. There are the material requirement and flame control, a powerful cultivation too.”

“Power is more important than anything else.” An upperclassman said with a serious expression: “The best materials and tools with the master cauldron still aren’t enough if the blacksmith is weak. Blacksmithing is a profound art, fate can’t make up for the other deficiencies.”

“I think Li Qiye doesn’t know anything about blacksmithing.” An expert blacksmith shook his head: “He wanted to use the remnant materials, it just doesn’t make any sense. They were left behind by the top masters, meaning that they were nothing more than useless impurities.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Plus, it’s not just one session either. Therefore, the materials are mixed and random, not to mention that the masters’ flames were different too. It’s impossible to harmonize the leftovers, this is just a fool’s daydream.”

The ones nearby nodded and agreed with this persuasive logic. His reasoning was sound and carefully thought out in accordance with the rules of blacksmithing.

“Haha, just wait and see then.” One student looked eager to gloat as if he could see the day of Li Qiye’s failure already.

The majority of students agreed that using the dregs to create a weapon was impossible.


Li Qiye paid zero attention to the clamors outside. The old servant also only did his duty without asking, gathering the waste materials on top of the peak.

He thought that it was strange indeed but assumed that this wasn’t a whimsical idea. Li Qiye must have had a plan.

At his age, he knew when to speak and when to not worry about unimportant matters.

A few days later, a guest came to the temple to see Li Qiye. Fan Bai immediately reported this to Li Qiye.

The guest was an old man wearing a simple robe without any decoration. It was exceptionally clean.

Of course, a meticulous observer would find that the seams and lines of this robe were sewn perfectly.

His complexion was gray but still looked quite spirited and brimming with life, akin to an eighteen-year-old. He hid his aura yet still had the aura and style of a master - always in control.

The first impression people would get was that he was missing something - perhaps a special deer to ride on. He simply looked like an immortal.

When he walked in the temple and saw the old servant, he bowed his head deeply as a greeting.

The old servant shook his head, not bothering to respond. The old man stopped and looked over at Li Qiye who was sitting on his chair, looking drowsy and lazy. He didn’t bother to look at the old man.

The old man has heard the teachers talk about Li Qiye but to see the guy in person was a different story.

After all, he was just too ordinary. This word actually failed to describe how common he looked. The guy could be found on any street in the holy ground.

Of course, the old man knew better than to be arrogant right now. Why would the old servant be respectful and follow an average man?

He noticed the bronze ring worn by Li Qiye and started thinking. Numerous possibilities popped up in his head; he just didn’t know which one was correct.

All of this shouldn’t have occurred on this guy, at least when taking his appearance into account. He knew that there were more than meets the eyes and that he didn’t have all the answers.

Nonetheless, he was experienced and decisive. He took a deep breath and prostrated to show the utmost reverence.

“How should I properly address you, Sir?” He asked.

A third party would be shocked to see this prestigious old man kneeling before Li Qiye.

He was feeling very nervous. The bronze ring alone had immense significance but he knew that there were other more important factors.

“Young Master is fine.” Li Qiye casually said.

“I was ignorant and didn’t know about your arrival, hence the lack of reception.” The old man stood up and said.

“It’s best not to bother with those boring customs. If I wanted a treatment like that, I wouldn’t have come to Duality.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

“I understand.” The old man nodded respectfully. During the nod, he couldn’t help staring at the ring.

“Want this ring?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Of course not, I’m only curious, Young Master. This ring…” He had an awkward expression, not knowing what to say next.

Others wouldn’t give the ring a second glance. However, those in the know took it very seriously. It was strange that he didn’t receive any information on how Li Qiye got it.

He didn’t think that Li Qiye was unworthy either. Maybe this was how it should be. Nonetheless, curiosity still got the best of him because the ring could affect many things.

“I bought it from a broken down shop, just playing around since it was cheap.” Li Qiye said.

The old man smiled wryly; this “cheap” ring could give orders to the world. Li Qiye made it sound as if it wasn’t worth a single coin.

In reality, Li Qiye actually did think so. He only wanted to mess around with people.

“Regardless of how you obtained it, Young Master, your words are my orders and I shall obey, doing everything I can.” The old man said.