Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3624

Chapter 3624: Just Some Random Stuff

“You’re far smarter than that idiot who tried to test me.” Li Qiye smiled at the old man.

The old man had a forced smile, not knowing who this “idiot” was. Nonetheless, he realized that this idiot would have some bad luck soon enough.

He had zero doubt about this. Not to mention other factors, just the old servant alone guaranteed it.

“Young Master, do you require my service during your stay at Duality?” He took a deep breath and asked.

A character like Li Qiye wouldn’t come to their academy for no reason. That’s why he was quite nervous, afraid of a large-scale plan. Duality might not be able to handle it.

“Just taking a look since Duality Master is a legendary figure worthy of my time.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, Li Qiye didn’t harbor any malice or it would be a big headache.

“I heard that you plan to refine a weapon here? May I be of use?” The old man sincerely said.

“Since you asked, I do need a few things. Crafting is a long process, I’ll need some items for the later stages.” Li Qiye smiled.

“The academy will do everything we can. What do you need, Young Master?” The old man enthusiastically said.

“Just one dao bone, fully intact, at least at the high heaven god level or higher. It needs to be perfect too. Something better than the god level is preferred.” Li Qiye casually answered. [1]

“A god-level dao bone…” The old man blurted out in shock.

For Duality, a king-level dao bone was still obtainable, albeit with relative difficulties.

As for an emperor one? A complete one could be quite challenging.

A god-level dao bone? This wouldn’t be simple at all. At the very least, the academy didn’t have one right now in its treasury.

Even if they had enough resources to buy one, no one in the south had one right now. Money couldn’t buy it.

Plus, someone in possession of one wouldn’t want to sell it in the first place. As for something higher than the god level? He didn’t dare to think about it.

Who knows if one even existed in all of Eight Desolaces? If it did, it would be in the possession of a supreme overlord.

“Well, this is not easy.” The old man didn’t expect Li Qiye to want something so ridiculous. He was being too confident earlier.

He has seen plenty of treasures before in his life but not a dao bone above the god level.

“It’s rare indeed, then find me some true blood first.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“What kind of true blood are you looking for, Young Master?” The old man inquired.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye stroked his chin and said: “The dao lord level at the minimum. I’m also okay with ancient emperors’ blood. Just one jar should do.”

“...” The old man became speechless at this request.

The true blood of both dao lord and ancient emperors were priceless. It was enough to change the future of a sect for generations.

Worst of all, Li Qiye made it sound as if he was being reserved already, asking for just one jar.

Normally, no dao lord or emperor would leave so much blood behind. Cultivators considered their true blood extremely vital. A full jar was akin to taking all of their true blood. No one would do this.

“I, I don’t think I can fulfill this request.” The old man had no choice but to give up. He realized that he had overestimated himself along with the academy.

“If that’s the case, I don’t think your academy can even produce a few metals for me.” Li Qiye laughed after hearing this.

“I…” The old man hesitated, not daring to be so bold after hearing the first two requests.

“We do have metals and ores in our treasury but I don’t know what you’re looking for, Young Master. I can make a list and you can read it over to see if we have what you need.” The old man replied, not wanting to lose more face.

“Forget it, I won’t make it difficult for you.” Li Qiye said: “I can find it myself so that you won’t be muttering under your breath about how I’m extorting your academy.”

“I would never dare to do such a thing! Absolutely not!” The old man suddenly got cold sweat.

“Southern West King is large, it should have some items.” Li Qiye said.

“Right, Young Master. As for dao bone, I know the best one is in Heavenly Dragon Temple, at least as far as outsiders know. It is a complete dao bone of the emperor level. Very well hidden though.”

“The old monk treasures it and won’t give it away. No one knows where it is.” The old servant joined in.

“Yes, Senior.” The old man nodded: “That’s the best dao bone I’m aware of, the most complete one too.”

This particular dao bone had a frightening background but few have seen it including the monks at Heavenly Dragon Temple.

“Just an emperor-level dao bone, that seems excessive.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The old man didn’t know what to say. Virtually everyone would consider it a paramount artifact.

“I actually know a little about this.” The old servant added: “This dao bone is only a ruse. In reality, the temple is hiding a god-level dao bone, very few are aware of this secret.”

He then glanced at the old man and said: “You probably didn’t want to divulge this.”

“I, I just didn’t know about it, really.” The old man had an awkward expression.

He actually did but given his position, it was improper for him to tell Li Qiye. This was a great secret of Heavenly Dragon Temple. Nonetheless, he brought up the emperor-level one to start the conversation. He knew that the old servant would know about it and tell Li Qiye.

Of course, Li Qiye and the old servant didn’t bother to call out the old man’s little scheme. He heaved a sigh of relief afterward.

“A god-level dao bone, I see. Now that’s more interesting.” Li Qiye said.

The old man smiled wryly. The old monk would be livid at him after finding this out.

“Any idea on the true blood?” Li Qiye smirked at the old man.

He felt his scalp tingling, feeling like Li Qiye was using him like a sword. Those old men would come for him with everything they got later on.

“True blood…” He smiled wryly and had to tell the truth: “There’s a jar in Myriad Blood Sect, I don’t know if they have used it before but in theory, it should still be there.”

1. Above the regular heaven level for beasts are beast king, beast emperor, and beast god