Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3625

Chapter 3625: Frightening Requests

“Oh? What kind of true blood?” Li Qiye became interested.

“I’m not so sure.” The old man mused: “From several accounts, this true blood is too old to be traced, definitely from the age of the emperors. I believe it consists of the blood from several Blood Ancestors.”

Myriad Blood was the largest sect in the Divine Ghost Division. It was extremely powerful and consisted of ghosts and blood members. Only a few were humans, demons, and other races…

“Not good enough.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Finding a better jar than that one in West King might be difficult.” The old servant added: “Only Myriad Blood, or maybe Righteous Sect. They had some before but have used virtually all of it. As for Wild East, I’m not sure.”

“Wild East? There’s a possibility.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Wild East Eight Kingdoms are definitely the oldest locations.” The old man added: “There are no lineages in West King, no, all of Eight Desolaces, that are older than those found in Wild East. However, they don’t deal with outsiders so we have limited knowledge about them. The most unfathomable one is Ancient Kingdom of Immortals. Its resources should be wondrous, that’s where I would look, Young Master.”

“Ancient Kingdom of Immortals…” The old man became startled: “I don’t think that’s a good choice, definitely not.”

A big shot like him still became alarmed after hearing about this kingdom.

Wild East was located to the south of West King. Some said it consisted of eight kingdoms but others disagreed. The latter stated that it was only a general title, there weren’t actually eight kingdoms.

The only thing for certain was that this region was extremely old. It has been around since the epoch of the great emperors.

Alas, outsiders had limited knowledge about them, only that they were notoriously powerful.

For example, Worldly Immortal from the Ancient Kingdom of Immortals was a dreadful existence. In history, even dao lords chose to stay away.

He had never seen the legendary Worldly Immortal before but this didn’t matter. All-things Dao Lord and Righteous Dao Lord still gave way before this great being. All-things was the most decorated dao lord of True Immortal Sect. As for Righteous, he was obviously the founder of Righteous Sect. That’s why he thought that even Li Qiye shouldn’t provoke that kingdom.

The old servant only smiled since he had more information at his disposal.

“There should be a better place.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“May I ask where you’re thinking of?” The old man couldn’t come up with a different place.

“A forbidden zone.” Li Qiye stared towards the horizon.

“Life Forbidden Zone!” Both the old men didn’t expect this answer. [1]

“Yes, that one.” Li Qiye had a look of rumination.

“I don’t think that’s possible because even dao lords have failed there.” The old man regained his wits and said.

His astonishment was understandable. Anyone else in Eight Desolaces would have reacted the same way.

Some dao lords have died in the forbidden zone before. It was a suicidal endeavor outside of very few masters.

“Dao lords are dao lords, I am me.” Li Qiye simply answered.

The old man was shaken. He carefully thought about this phrase and realized his mistake of underestimating Li Qiye.

“My apology for the needless words.” He bowed deeply towards Li Qiye.

“It’s fine.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “I will think about this since there’s no rush. I’ll use the cauldron when the time is right.”

“I understand.” The old man replied: “I will bring the list of metals in Duality to see if you can use any.”

“That’s fine.” Li Qiye said.

The old man had something else on his mind and stared at Li Qiye, albeit with hesitation.

“Anything else?” Li Qiye asked.

“Young Master, do you want to go to Buddha Emperor Division? To Vajra Dynasty.” The old man eventually said.

“Why? You have a suggestion?” Li Qiye said.

“It’s not something we can interfere or influence. It’s just that according to the rules, you should still take a trip there. It’s the will of the people.” The old man added.

“I haven’t thought about this, it’s just a game, nothing more.” Li Qiye didn’t think much of it.

The old man thought that this was of pivotal importance for any sect in the holy ground, the opposite of Li Qiye.

Alas, the guy was just playing around. This was a little frustrating.

“I will take my leave then.” He didn’t dare to speak on this topic and bowed towards Li Qiye.

He also bowed towards the old servant and had to ask: “Senior, you have been missing in these recent years…”

“I went to the border.” The old servant responded.

“Senior, did you…” The old man knew the servant’s personality. This answer confirmed a few rumors.

“He can’t mess with the girl to the south.” Li Qiye answered instead.

These words detonated thunderously in the old man’s mind. His mind was shaken.

Girl to the south… He immediately thought about the mysteries and connected the dots.

He certainly still had questions about the whole thing. However, Li Qiye’s comment carried unimaginable weight.

His complexion became pale. He took a deep breath and bowed one last time before being escorted out by the old servant.

“I have embarrassed you.” The old man bowed again, looking quite awkward after losing his cool earlier. The significance of the things behind this was too much for him to take.

His legs were trembling and couldn’t move earlier. It was a good thing that the old servant helped him out.

“It’s not embarrassing. The height of the heaven is beyond your imagination. Being able to kneel before the young master is an honor unavailable to most.” The old servant said.

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior.” The old man said. Even someone like the old servant still wanted to follow Li Qiye, let alone someone like him.

In fact, this meeting alone might be the luckiest event of his life. Others didn’t have this privilege.

“Duality will be fine, at least.” The old servant said: “You’re smart, unlike some others. They want to plan and scheme, unaware of the giant they’re facing.”

“What do you mean, Senior?” The old man wasn’t too sure.

“Don’t worry about it, just watch the fun, you have done enough. The fools will be eradicated soon enough.” The old servant waved his hand.

“I see, changes will be coming.” The old man understood the implication right away.

1. I can’t tell if this just means forbidden for life to enter, or it’s actually the name of a forbidden zone, meaning that there are more. Need more context for this one. I’m leaning that there are multiple, otherwise they wouldn’t add the life part since it’s redundant. We’ll see