Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3626

Chapter 3626: Dog And Boar

After the old man left, Li Qiye stared at the old servant and smiled: “Looks like you’re quite caring.”

“This is the fate you’ve mentioned, Young Master.” The old servant smiled, knowing that Li Qiye wouldn’t blame him for his action earlier. The playful tone made it obvious.

He indeed put in a bit of effort or he could have ignored the whole thing. Alas, at his level, he had understood many things and became different from the past. This had more to it than just “fate”.

Li Qiye chuckled and stared towards the horizon: “A god-level dao bone is actually usable. If I don’t have anything else, I’ll pick it.”

“Precious it might be but if you want it, obtaining it won’t be difficult. Just say the words.” The old servant replied.

“We’re men of culture and not hard to reason with. Just fighting and killing, how trite. It’ll ruin the atmosphere too, let’s just go ask them to see if we can borrow it.” Li Qiye said.

The old servant smiled. No one would ever lend out a god-level dao bone - a priceless treasure. Plus, there was no getting it back either, akin to throwing a meat bun at a dog.

Nonetheless, if Heavenly Dragon Temple was smart, it would know better than to refuse Li Qiye. The result would be the same regardless of its choice.

“Young Master, do you remember that little monk?” He suggested: “He’s clever with a sharp tongue, more articulate and smooth than anyone. He’s the best messenger to deal with the old monks.”

“The gluttonous one? Sounds like we need to prepare a good barbecue.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“It’s not a bad deal.” The old man became amused.

The two of them weren’t in a rush and didn’t bother to go gather the meat. However, a divine bull still appeared in the courtyard not long after. It was killed by a fatal bite located on its neck.

“What a coincidence, right when we want to roast some meat.” The old servant noticed the corpse.

It was obvious that this was a mount. It was muscular and looked quite cool; it still had a bright glow after death.

This was indeed a good choice of meat for a barbecue. Nonetheless, it seemed a little extravagant to use a divine bull.

“Who did this?” Li Qiye glanced at Lil’ Yellow and Lil’ Black.

One of them must have snuck out during the two’s conversation and killed someone’s mount.

Lil’ Yellow resting by the entrance lifted its head to stare at Lil’ Black enjoying the shade.

Lil’ Black snored loudly as if it had no idea what was going on. Lil’ Yellow copied the boar and also played dead, ignoring Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was amused; he naturally knew which one did it after seeing their reaction.

The dog and the boar certainly didn’t like each other. Alas, they had to get along when being around Li Qiye. The former was outwardly aggressive but the latter didn’t always play nice either and was actually the most dangerous one.

It looked lazy and harmless; this made others think that it only knew how to eat and sleep. The truth was that it had more devious thoughts than anyone else. Just one wrong move and one would be devoured by it right away.

To elaborate, Lil’ Yellow always showed its teeth when it didn’t like someone or was on the verge of attacking.

This wasn’t the case for Lil’ Black. It might secretly sneak behind its enemy and deliver the fatal blow. When the guy could react, he would find himself already being food inside its stomach.

As for the corpse of the bull; the intent was obvious. It’s just that both the dog and boar didn’t want to admit it.

“What do you think, Young Master?” The old servant smiled wryly. It was a good thing that Li Qiye was stronger than these two monsters. Otherwise, they would cause a huge mess or even destroy Duality.

“What else can we do? We’re going to roast it.” Li Qiye smiled: “Unfortunately, this type of beef isn’t worthy of even being the appetizer.”

“I’ll take care of it.” The old servant took the bull to the kitchen.

Li Qiye’s response was quite beneficial for the two so they immediately growled and barked.

He was right. The two monsters have dominated Myriad Beast Mountains and did whatever they wanted.

Their food used to be mighty beasts. As for this bull? They wouldn’t even look at it twice back in the mountain range, unfitting to be served as an appetizer.

Unfortunately, they needed to play nice at Duality and worked with what was available. This was akin to someone used to delicacies needing to eat coarse grains alone.

“Not playing dead anymore?” He glanced at them.

The two immediately had a guilty conscience and lowered their head.

Sure enough, the victims came knocking before the old man could finish cooking the beef.

“Li Qiye! Come out here!” A dozen students or so entered the temple, looking furious.

“Got business with me?” Li Qiye calmly asked the aggressive crowd.

The leaders were both men and women; they brought their friends here with aggression on their mind.

This commotion alerted the other students.

“You killed my mount!” One male student gritted his teeth. He just now saw the bull being roasted on a rack by the old servant. His eyes spewed fire of anger.

“That bull over there?” Li Qiye didn’t bother defending himself: “I’ve been craving beef recently, that’s why. Do you want compensation? Name the price.”

“I want your dog life!” The male student was livid. He spent a lot of effort and several months taming this mount.

Alas, he was blinded by rage and didn’t know that he had lost a heaven-sent opportunity.

“That’s a tough request.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

“Hmph, your life is still not enough!” A student in the back said.

“My cloudchaser freckle is missing too, it has to be you!” One female student pointed at Li Qiye.

“My cloudrider stallion is also gone, I know it’s you!” Another male student shouted.

“Surrender, thief, or I, Huang Qibing, will force you to submit!” The first student roared.

The crowd heard them and started talking.

“This brat is ridiculous. He actually ate the classmates’ mounts.” One of them murmured.

“He’s just an uneducated brat from the mountains, he thinks this is still Myriad Beast Mountains and that he can just grab whatever beasts he wants. A barbarian like him shouldn’t stay here, hmph!” Another snorted.

A total of four mounts were missing. The divine bull was being roasted right now but the other three were nowhere to be found. Li Qiye naturally knew where they were.

He glanced at the dog and boar again. Lil’ Black turned away and played dumb. Lil’ Yellow looked to the left and right, acting as if it didn’t understand.

“There’s nothing I can do about them being missing.” Li Qiye said: “But I am a reasonable person. Tell me about your missing mounts and I’ll tell someone else to get you another.”

“Hmph, you can’t handle it, my cloudchaser freckle is a special species. My clan bought it at a sky-high price.” The female student coldly said.