Chapter 365: The Start Of The Battle

The day of the full moon arrived very quickly as countless experts gathered outside of the Tiger’s Howl School. Some came from the great powers while others from the smaller ones, and don’t forget about the vagabonds as well.

At this time, the Tiger’s Howl School’s gate was wide open. The important defensive locations and grand formations were relaxed to give a hospitable appearance. Although there were sounds of explosions and moving treasures, the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King still could not escape from the ancient treasure.

Seeing this situation of carelessness, many people were startled and murmured to themselves: “The Tiger’s Howl School is too confident. It looks like they are more afraid that Li Qiye wouldn’t come!”

The experts from all over the world held their breaths and gazed towards the school, eagerly awaiting for Li Qiye’s arrival.

Meanwhile, the inside of the school was quiet. Although its disciples were still there, it was frighteningly calm as if respiration was the only sound to be heard.

Time began to pass, but Li Qiye still hadn’t appeared. At this time, a spectator outside the school became impatient and grunted: “Why is Li Qiye not here yet!?”

Compared to the spectators outside, the school was able to remain patient. They were not in a rush to start the execution; it was as if they would not start until Li Qiye arrived.

In fact, to the school, executing Chi Xiaodao was meaningless. Chi Xiaodao and the Heavenly King were just bait for Li Qiye. If both of them died, what would they use to force Li Qiye to take the bait?

However, time continued to go on as the sun rose higher and higher. The observers outside of the school began an uproar: “It has been half a day, don’t tell me that Li Qiye is too scared to come?”

“That is impossible, a fierce brute like Li Qiye wouldn’t be afraid of anything.” An expert who had watched the battle at the Heavenly Dao Academy shook his head and said: “The word ‘fear’ is not part of this Little Demon’s vocabulary. He even slew people from the Ancient Kingdoms, so how could just a little Tiger’s Howl School frighten him?”

“Hey, this is not necessarily the case. Inside the academy, there were those from the academy protecting him; naturally, he would be more courageous. Now, this place is the home ground of the Tiger’s Howl School — the fierce beast’s lair. I’m afraid he doesn’t have the courage to seek his death here.” A disciple from an Eastern Hundred great power sneered.

After the battle at the academy, Li Qiye could be said to have offended a lot of great powers, so many of them considered him as an eyesore — a thorn in one’s side!

“Heh, this Li guy is not coming!” Another disciple from a great power said with an offensive attitude: “Maybe this guy is hiding at some turtle’s cave right now, not daring to come out. Maybe he is already pissing his pants and shivering in fear!”

A few powerful experts furrowed their brows to these offensive comments, especially those who were from the minor sects or walked on the vagrant way that supported Li Qiye.

“Wow, you are so amazing! To be able to say these words… But where were you when Li Qiye was massacring everything on the battlefield? Are you courageous enough to say these words in front of Li Qiye? Hah, I’m afraid you would be the one pissing your pants while standing before him. Who the hell do you think you are? Li Qiye killed Hu Yue, slew Ba Xia, and ended Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan; all of these geniuses were decimated by him, and all of them were renowned throughout the Eastern Hundred Cities! Which great character have you killed?” A cultivator was annoyed with the comments from the great power’s disciple so they ironically replied.

“You!” The great power’s disciple glared with his eyes, but the cultivator who retorted sarcastically also had some background, so he glared back without showing any signs of weakness.

Such minor conflicts could only be considered the interlude. The great characters who were actually waiting for this battle managed to stay patient.

“This is a death trap!” A wise master carefully observed the school from afar and eventually said: “Regardless of whether Li Qiye comes or not, he will not be able to change the outcome. If he comes, his death is all but certain; same with the grandfather and grandson. If he doesn’t, then those two will still die!”

After hearing these words, the wisdom master’s junior couldn’t help but say: “But Li Qiye is a powerful brute! He cultivates an Immortal Physique and possesses two Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. The school does not have anything that can stop these weapons, not even the Grand Imperial Sire is capable of doing so. I feel like Li Qiye’s chances of victory is a lot higher.”

The wisdom master shook his head and said: “If it was only the Tiger’s Howl School, then Li Qiye indeed has the greater chance of victory. Even though the four ominous graves are extremely powerful, with two Immortal Emperor Life Treasures, as long as he does not become enamored by the love of battle and strikes quickly before leaving, then he could still escape under the weapons’ protection. But now, the situation has completely changed. Even if he has emperor weapons along with powerful allies, it would still be going head-first into a net if he enters.”

Without a doubt, this wisdom master knew information that others were not privy to, along with a few surprising secrets.

“The Tiger’s Howl School has backup?” After hearing the words of his senior, the junior became quite disturbed. In the end, Li Qiye had many enemies in the Eastern Hundred Cities. Many would find great joy in exterminating him.

“Not only backup!” The wisdom master sighed and said: “This is something that would slay god and devils if they stand in its way. This is a dead end, there is only death awaiting him!”

The group of juniors all became aghast. They quickly asked: “What kind of character did the Tiger’s Howl School invite?”

“An extremely frightening existence, extremely frightening!” The wisdom master looked at the school and sighed softly.

Now, the sun finally reached the apex in the sky, and the Tiger’s Howl schoolmaster sneeringly said: “Hmph, that Little Demon Li doesn’t dare to come. Take them out and execute them; the younger one first, then the old!” The crowd’s furor resounded as the execution order was given out. Those who had a vendetta against Li Qiye were delighted and one even laughed: “Li Qiye is really a turtle hiding in his shell!”

“Yep. What is this about a fierce brute? In my eyes, he is only a weak, cowardly dog. He only knows how to bully the weak and fear the strong. At the critical moment when facing a powerful sect, what is he now doing besides hiding in fear…” Another disciple from a great power became very elated. It was as if Li Qiye not daring to show up was an extremely satisfying event in his mind.

“Pa!” Before he could finish speaking, a violent slap sent all of his teeth to the ground, causing him to lose all sense of direction.

“Who, who sneak-attacked your father!?” This cultivator struggled to stand up and finally screamed out.

“Who do you think it is?” At this point, a lazy voice spoke. Li Qiye slowly arrived with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao at his sides.

In an instant, Li Qiye stood right outside of the Tiger’s Howl School. He then took a glance at all the heroes from all over the world and calmly said: “There are those who are annoyed with me, and I personally hope that they will step up. I am a very fair person; those who wish to get even with me can step out so that I can deal with you along with the Tiger’s Howl School today!”

However, no one dared to step out as everyone held their breaths. The badgering disciples from earlier went pale and hid at the back. Not to mention stepping out, they didn’t even dare to meet Li Qiye’s eyes; their legs wouldn’t stop trembling.

Who did not know about Li Qiye’s notoriety? Even the descendants from the Ancient Kingdoms were slain like dogs, so how could these ordinary disciples possibly compare to them? They were simply mouthing off at Li Qiye since he did not appear.

Li Qiye was too lazy to care about these insignificant characters. He stood right outside the school and stared at the recently rebuilt gate; he couldn’t help but reveal a smirk. He then stomped down with his foot and, with a “boom”, the recently rebuilt gate immediately collapsed again under this blow. Li Qiye then entered the school as if he was taking a leisurely stroll.

“Little Animal, you’re seeking your death!” This enraged countless Tiger’s Howl disciples. They furiously screamed and several hundred disciples who were guarding key locations suddenly rushed forward.

To a great power, the gate was their face and honor. Li Qiye stomping on their gate was equivalent to stomping on the Tiger’s Howl School’s face.

However, even when facing the murderous onslaught of several hundred disciples, Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye. He still gracefully sauntered into the school.

“Zhang!” Suddenly, the sounds of a sword and saber appeared. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao immediately took action. One turned her sword into Yin and Yang as a grand formation came down murderously with the resonation of myriad swords. The other’s saber could even sweep through the heavens with its invincible momentum. This saber could annihilate all in its domineering path.

One with the Six Dao Sword and the other with the Tyrannical Immortal Saber. Both of them attacking at the same time painted the sky with a sanguineous picture. In just a short amount of time, several hundred disciples died before they could even scream.

This scene left many in horror. Li Qiye’s ferocity was something known by many people, but they didn’t expect that the flower-like beauties, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, would also be so crazily powerful. They both had auras capable of sweeping through the world.

“This is what a real man looks like!” Countless people were envious of Li Qiye’s maids for being so heaven-defying. However, Li Qiye was even more heaven-defying to have such heaven’s proud daughters as his maids in the first place!