Chapter 366: Dual Dominating Beauties

“Kill them!” The Tiger’s Howl disciples roared and suddenly, a few thousand disciples rushed out with a surging murderous momentum like a grand army. The school being able to survive until this day was not without reason.

“Get back!” At this time, the Tiger’s Howl schoolmaster yelled out and recalled all the disciples who were ready to kill. He knew that ordinary disciples — no matter the number — were only mere fodder.

“Zhang!” However, before the several thousand disciples could retreat, a sword hymn soared through the nine heavens and the saber swept through the eight desolaces. The Six Dao Yin Yang Sword Formation flew out from Li Shuangyan’s hand. This extremely monstrous sword formation created thousands of blades of wind that acted like a meat grinder; in just a split second, a rain of blood appeared inside the formation as scraps of flesh flew everywhere.

The Tyrannical Immortal Saber in the sky swept through all by cutting down mountains as if they were leaves. This invincible saber caused blood to spurt like a spring, creating flowers of blood.

At this moment, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao paved the path for Li Qiye with their domineering might. This was a path to enter the ancestral ground of the Tiger’s Howl School, leaving rivers of blood and mountains of carnage behind them.

Such a murderous momentum caused countless spectators to become breathless. Even Ancient Saints would surely die if they tried to stop this unstoppable force!

“Too domineering!” Seeing such a scene, no matter who they were, chills would spread throughout their shivering bodies.

The Tiger’s Howl schoolmaster’s expression became extremely unsightly. He didn’t even have time to respond, so he almost vomited blood from anger. These several thousand disciples, that were the pillar of the school, were massacred in just a blink.

He wanted to invoke the grand formations due to wrath, but the deep voice of the Grand Imperial Sire appeared behind him: “Let them enter!”

A moment later, no one dared to stop the group of three as they quickly entered the heartland of the school!

When Li Qiye stepped into the ambush range of the school, all of those who were inside took a sigh of relief. He had entered the trap and there was no chance for him to leave!

At this point, numerous people right outside of the school were also eagerly watching the scene unfolding before them.

“You choose to not walk on the paved path towards heaven and instead barged into hell without an entrance; Little Animal, today will be your demise!” The Tiger’s Howl schoolmaster clenched his teeth and declared with all of his hatred towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked at him and lazily waved his sleeve to say: “Heaven and hell are of no difference to me; when I want to enter, I shall do so and none can stop me!”

“Such audacity!” A cold voice appeared, signaling the arrival of the Tiger’s Howl Grand Imperial Sire. The forty-nine divine rings on his body slowly emerged like forty-nine grand dao, suppressing this location and rendering others out of breath.

With a chilling pair of eyes that were capable of piercing all things like lightning, he glared at Li Qiye’s group of three and emotionlessly uttered: “Since you are here, don’t even dream about leaving!”

“You are mistaken. I haven’t thought about escaping at all!” Li Qiye calmly smiled: “I have to crush this place before leaving!”

“Still blustering right before your doom!” The Grand Imperial Sire’s gaze became frightening as he chillingly declared: “If you surrender now, I can grant you a painless death as long as you hand over your Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and your Immortal Physique Law. If not, then I will let all of you experience a fate worse than death!”

Li Qiye leisurely gave him a look and shook his head: “If you have any methods, then go ahead and use them. However, before I take action, I will give you a piece of merciful advice: evacuate your young and old. Then, at least you will have some blooming seeds for the future. Otherwise, when this location collapses and they start to scream for help… The heaven and earth will not answer their prayers.”

“Hahaha…” The Grand Imperial Sire gave a crazed laughter. Many of the elders and protectors of the Tiger’s Howl School also roared with laughter as if this was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

The Grand Imperial Sire replied with a sneer: “Foolish thing, I’ll show you that fate today! Kill the Chi brat!”

Suddenly, the experts from the school immediately pushed Chi Xiaodao outside while the Grand Imperial Sire blocked Li Qiye’s path.

The Grand Imperial Sire continued with a cold grin: “Just like you said, your prayers today will be unanswered by both the heaven and earth! I will first execute the Chi brat, then I’ll slowly kill those by your side!”

The cultivators who were watching in the distance became drawn in. Killing Chi Xiaodao before Li Qiye’s very eyes would be a psychological attack in order to undermine his morale.

However, Li Qiye was not flustered and replied with a calm smile instead: “Go ahead, what are you waiting for?”

Li Qiye’s attitude of not caring if Chi Xiaodao was executed right before him surprised the big shots of the Tiger’s Howl School, including the Grand Imperial Sire.

“Pluff!” While the upper echelon of the school was still a bit taken aback, a light suddenly flashed as the heads of the experts that were marching Chi Xiaodao fell to the ground before they could even react, resulting in blood spraying everywhere.

The killer was Chi Xiaodao’s executioner. A swing of his blade meant beheading another victim! He rescued Chi Xiaodao with an astonishing speed. In a brief moment, this executioner brought Chi Xiaodao right to Li Qiye’s side.

This sudden development happened too quickly, and no one could react. All of the school’s upper echelon was in a stupor; the executioner was their own disciple, so why did he suddenly betray the school and save Chi Xiaodao at the very last minute?

Even the spectators outside were stunned by this sudden change of events with the betrayal of the school’s own disciple.

“Who are you, how dare you betray your own sect!” The Grand Imperial Sire was shaking with anger. Such a prime opportunity was ruined by a traitor.

However, the executioner suddenly transformed into someone else in an instant and cheerfully laughed: “Who said your father was a disciple from your school!?”

Who else could this person be besides Sikong Toutian? He had already accepted Li Qiye’s order to infiltrate the school, and it was from his information that Li Qiye was able to plan all of this!

“Boy, you owe me your life now!” Sikong Toutian said with a grin towards Chi Xiaodao.

“Good, you guys can leave!” After saving Chi Xiaodao, Li Qiye told the group.

“You want to go!?” The Grand Imperial Sire was furious. Such an eventful play was ruined, so he ruthlessly exclaimed: “You have entered an inescapable net. You cannot fly even if you had wings, so just accept your death!” Finished speaking, he stepped forward while sending out all of the oppressive might of his forty-nine rings.

“You alone wish to stop me? Li Qiye laughed as he glanced at the Grand Imperial Sire and leisurely continued: “If this is all there is to your plan, then it is a pity.”

“Taking care of a little demon like you is not a difficult matter!” At this time, another dreadful voice appeared.

“Boom!” An old man stepped out and quickly blocked the path of retreat of Li Qiye’s group. The earth itself shook upon his arrival.

The old man did not have an imposing stature, but he still had an extremely overbearing presence as if his hidden power could erupt at any time.

“The ex-Imperial Advisor of the Furious Immortal Saint Country!” After seeing this old man, a sect master from the previous generation — right outside of the Tiger’s Howl School — emotionally uttered a cry: “I thought he had already decided to live in seclusion? He is coming into being once more!”

“The ex-Imperial Advisor of the Saint Country is rumored to be an incredible Heavenly Sovereign; he has a grand completion Tyrannical Saint Physique!”

Many people had heard of this legendary character since he was still renowned during the Difficult Dao Era.

“He might have already entered the Heavenly King realm at the start of his retirement. When his Tyrannical Saint Physique was completed, the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King had only just started his rise to prominence!” A person movingly stated.

The ex-Imperial Advisor of the Saint Country was said to be unfathomable, and his grand completion physique was even more dreadful. It was one of the eighteen Saint Physiques, and it contained an unrivaled power at grand completion. This was something capable of instilling fear in all existences.

Li Qiye glanced at the Grand Imperial Sire then the ex-Imperial Advisor of the Saint Country before he leisurely smiled: “Only a minor character that’s not worthy for me to take action.”

Such arrogant words made people glance at each other. This was at least a Heavenly Sovereign, and he also had a grand completion Saint Physique!

However, after remembering how Li Qiye had managed to kill everything in his path, they felt that he indeed had the capability to boast like this.

“Take care of the Grand Imperial Sire first.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and commanded Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao.

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao stepped forward without saying anything. One with the Six Dao Sword and the other with the Tyrannical Immortal Saber… With these invincible weapons in their hands, both of their auras surged.

“Ignorant fools, mere mayflies wanting to shake the great tree!” The Grand Imperial Sire angrily rebuked for being looked down upon by Li Qiye. With a dark expression, the forty-nine divine rings opened completely as a Heavenly Sovereign’s power quickly came crashing down towards Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan.

In this instant, Li Shuangyan seemed to turn into a blooming sacred lotus. With immortal light everywhere, she quickly passed through the suppressing rings of the Grand Imperial Sire.

With the sacred light protecting her, Li Shuangyan remained untouched by myriad laws and the heavenly dao! This was her Void Imperfection Physique!