Chapter 372: Realm God Sweeping Through the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom

“The invincible Divine Beast Protector!” Countless old undyings saw this large shadow and movingly stated.

“You alone… won’t do!” The unbeatable Realm God directly slammed down with its Chaos Cauldron and blew the opponent away. Such a display of power terrified all the spectators!

“Realm God!” At this time, the faint figure above the Tiger’s Howl School madly shouted and then instantly broke into pieces without leaving behind a single remnant.

This scene surprised many people. The sudden destruction of a dao clone meant that the real body had suffered a grave wound and therefore couldn’t support the dao clone in a distant location.

Many would have nightmares after today. At this second, an invincible aura swept through the entire Eastern Hundred Cities as all existences began to tremble in fear.

“No… How could this be… Shouldn’t the Realm God be rooted in the ancestral vein? How could it leave the Heavenly Dao Academy?” At this time, the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor became haggard and said.

Many currently dumbstruck spectators, including the great powers’ ancestors, knew that the Realm God had lived for a very long time and was on the verge of dying. Unless the academy was facing certain destruction, it would not come into being. Moreover, it was rooted within the ancestral vein, and its inability to leave was also common knowledge. It would never leave the vein unless it was tired of living and wished to die from old age. However, the Realm God right now had no qualms with leaving the academy; it went by itself to the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. What was the meaning of this?

“How could this be? Has the Realm God been reborn for another generation?” At this time, countless outsiders felt their hair standing on end as cold chills traveled through their spines.

Many became regretful for attacking the academy in the past. Back then, they assumed that the Realm God was no longer going to make it after having lived for so long, not to mention that it had become crazy. In their eyes, its death was all but assured.

Especially when the disaster fell upon the academy that year. The Realm God still didn’t appear, and this only further fortified their disposition regarding the Realm God’s inability to come into being.

At the moment, there was no sign of it weakening as it left the academy and killed its way into the ancient kingdom. This was not good news to those who once teamed up to siege the academy.

“Rumble!” The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom’s land began to sunder as the battle reached a new height with countless divine lights encompassing the entire area. Countless existences inside were suppressed to a state of prostration on the ground; they were unable to move one bit.

“Activate the emperor foundation!” The terrified voice of the Divine Beast Protector resounded across the earth. At this time, those who could hear this were shaking with fear. Without a doubt, even the Divine Beast Protector was not able to withstand the onslaught.

As an imperial light covered the ancient kingdom, it was as if an Immortal Emperor had come back to life. An invincible aura swept through the world and trapped the Realm God inside.

“Realm God, my Brilliance Ancient Kingdom is eternal. You can’t do anything before the emperor foundation of two emperors!” The Divine Beast Protector uttered in a craze.

“If your Immortal Emperors were still alive, then I might retreat. Alas, your emperors are no longer of this world, so your emperor foundation cannot trap me!” The extremely domineering Realm God, with its giant hand holding the Chaos Cauldron, tore the sky apart and rushed in without any hesitation.

Such a grand battle startled the entire Eastern Hundred Cities. Immortal Emperor True Treasures soared to the sky with Life Treasures everywhere; however, the Realm God was invincible. The Chaos Cauldron in its grasp was unstoppable even when facing True Treasures.

This was a battle that shook even the heavens. With the Realm God taking action, all contemporary great powers were aghast.

It was an extremely ancient being. Even though legends stated that it was unbeatable for a generation as the protector of the academy, something that could not be defeated even by Immortal Emperors, not everyone deemed this as trustworthy, especially when it had not fought in a very long time. And so, everyone who knew of its existence assumed that its lifespan and blood energy were completely dried up.

However, its attack today against the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom was of an unparalleled magnitude. At this time, everyone felt sweat forming on their bodies and understood that the phrase, “the Heavenly Dao Academy — unshakable for millions of years,” was not just mere empty words!

“It is our turn now!” At the Tiger’s Howl School, although no one could see the battle at the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, all the experts were astonished when they felt the invincible momentum. It was as if the Realm God was the sole ruler of this world. Many people finally calmed down while Li Qiye slowly looked at the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor and spoke.

In a state of panic, the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor initially thought that this battle was already won with the Brilliance Divine Beast Protector’s dao clone personally arriving with four emperor weapons. They not only wanted to catch Li Qiye, but also all of the seven Ancient Ancestors if they decided to help Li Qiye.

However, in contrast to their expectations, only Li Qiye came; none of the seven Ancient Ancestors showed up. And the worst part was that the Realm God came into being and swept through the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom! Now, the dao clone of the beast didn’t even have the chance to attack before it disappeared. One could only imagine how terrifying this battle was if the true body of the divine beast protector became gravely wounded right from the start.

The guaranteed victory has now been completely reversed, causing the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor to become pale. However, in the end, he was still a Virtuous Paragon capable of calling for the wind and summoning rain; he took a deep breath and made a decision before speaking in a cold tone: “The victor has yet to be decided!” At this point, his eyes fell onto the four emperor weapons.

The four emperor weapons were meant for the seven Ancient Ancestors so they were part of a sure-kill formation.

“You plan to control four emperor weapons with your withered blood energy?” Looking at the four emperor weapons, Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and then smilingly spoke: “Fine, I still need four suitable weapons! Make your move!”

At this time, he was fixated on the weapons from the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. He already had the Black Tortoise Rod, so these other four weapons were a perfect match for it.

“Go!” The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor suddenly disappeared in the horizon and emerged at the top of a peak. This was the focal point of the sure-kill formation. At this time, all of his blood energy gathered into this place to activate the four emperor weapons as they exuded an endless amount of emperor power!

“Ommm—” A buzzing sound resonated. The ancestor wanted to use this formation to kill Li Qiye, but the four weapons suddenly quivered and tore apart the void!

“Not good!” With an unexpected look on his face, Li Qiye wanted to take action, but he was too late. In a split second, the four emperor weapons tore apart the void and suddenly disappeared.

“Boom!” At this time, the sky at the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom became damaged to the point where a black hole was formed. At this moment, the immortal hymns of Immortal Emperors preaching the dao resounded in the air.

“So fast! I didn’t think the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom would have to utilize their true strength in such a short period of time!” Li Qiye suddenly felt regret. He didn’t think the kingdom had to use all of their might; they even summoned back their four emperor weapons at the Tiger’s Howl School!

“If I had known this, I would have taken action earlier!” Li Qiye knew that he should have unleashed his secret move earlier and seize the four emperor weapons before doing anything else. Now, it was all too late; the succulent duck before his mouth had flown away!

At this moment, many in the Eastern Hundred Cities were alarmed. They didn’t think that the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom would be on the verge of faltering due to the attack of the Realm God. They actually had to use their hidden strength after such a brief moment!

The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor’s face was now deathly pale. His biggest sure-kill method was suddenly gone. It was as if the heaven and earth no longer answered his prayers.

“Let us end this battle. This is your last chance to use whatever means you have. Otherwise, I shall refine this earth.” Li Qiye was in a bad mood after the four emperor weapons flew away. He no longer wanted to waste time and wished to end this battle so that he could run to the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and steal their creations.

With a livid look, the ancestor finally ground his teeth and harshly spoke after stomping on the ground: “Little Animal, we shall die together! Open the ominous graves!”

As his words fell, all of his remaining Longevity Blood spewed out onto the four ominous graves at the depths of the Tiger’s Howl ancestral ground. In an instant, the four graves became quite demonic.

“Rumble!” At this time, the entire school shook as if everything was affected by this sudden development.

A burst of grave-opening sounds rang loudly as an underworldly energy suddenly filled the sky, turning the school itself into hell.

The four ominous graves were finally opened with rumbling explosions appearing everywhere. Four monstrous images came out from the graves like four gods of death!

A towering gloom and ghastly aura surged throughout the school with the four great images standing above it as if they wanted to turn this place into a land of the death.

“The legendary ominous graves of the four images!” Many people right outside of the school suddenly shivered since these images were extremely daunting.

The White Tiger, the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise — these huge shadows stood there like four mythical beasts. Their empty eyes caused others to feel the creeps.

“These are extremely legendary existences that were refined into the ancestral foundation of the school by its Progenitor, the Tiger God!”