Chapter 373: Four Ominous Images

“Slay!” The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor uttered a loud cry as all of his blood energy was consumed by the four ominous graves. Regardless of the outcome of this battle, his death was assured. Even if Li Qiye didn’t kill him, he was doomed to die of old age.

“Rumble!” The four great images came pressing forward with an endless amount of dark energy.

“Bang!” Li Qiye met this attack with the emperor weapons, but he was still blown away. Nevertheless, he roared as the sky became bright due to his hovering grand dao. At this time, Li Qiye revealed all of his strongest techniques: Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds, Daylight Immortal Secret, and Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law.

With the hands lifting up three thousand minor worlds, their combined power aggregated on the two emperor weapons. The Heaven’s Will Secret Law descended like a heavenly path with all of the forces in the world focused on Li Qiye’s body. The nine suns began to rise as an endless amount of refined flames became the most powerful catalyst for the two emperor weapons…

“Boom!” After a loud blast, the two emperor weapons in Li Qiye’s hands exuded an immemorial emperor power to stop the suppression from the four great images.

However, like before, Li Qiye was still unable to withstand this force. At this time, the grand dao shattered as the earth beneath his feet fractured. Rivers and ancient pavilions all fell apart as the universal laws under the Tiger’s Howl School could no longer protect this area. Thick strands of laws began to burst.

In a short period of time, miserable screams emanated throughout the school. Many disciples brought along the young and old to escape from this place that was facing its impending doom.

“Poof! Poof! Poof!” At the worst possible time, a problem appeared on Li Qiye’s body. His True Fate appeared to be affected by the four images as an evil aura emerged and spewed out countless flames. These evil flames towered over Li Qiye like a tide and turned into a terrifying vortex that wanted to engulf him!

“Fate Calamity!” Seeing this evil ocean-like vortex appearing above his head, even the group of Li Shuangyan was shocked. His Fate Calamity picked the worst time to appear.

“Not good, Li Qiye’s Fate Calamity appeared!” Many people outside of the Tiger’s Howl School were astonished when they saw this torrential vortex.

“Even the heavens wish to destroy you!” The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor let out a crazed laughter and ordered the remaining elders and protectors: “Use all of our refined jades and open all the ancestral foundations. Today, if our enemies do not die, then we shall perish!”

A loud sound exploded after his command. The light of refined jades came forth from the deepest part of the school, followed by the surging evil aura of the four ominous graves as if the entrance to hell had been opened. This dark energy was immediately devoured by the four giant images. They became much stronger as they came down on Li Qiye. Li Qiye spewed out spurts of blood while retreating. Each of his steps carried a force so great that it shattered mountains and peaks.

At this time, the school let go of all caution and unleashed all of their ancestral foundations. In a short amount of time, the earth shattered and only the elders and protectors remained. All of the weak disciples carried the old and young to the outside!

“Om—!” An even more terrifying thing happened after a buzzing sound. An extremely huge evil gate opened in the horizon with billowing dark energy like a raging ocean. It was as if this gate wanted to turn this location into a land of evil.

“The Fate Calamity’s tribulation is here!” Countless people outside of the school looked up to see the evil gate opening its doors in the sky, creating many ominous phenomena. All of the spectators were stricken with horror.

“This heart demon is so powerful. Only a six palace Royal Noble would have such a powerful Fate Calamity.” Some in the distance were startled while others were gloating at Li Qiye’s misfortune.

“Hahaha, Little Animal, the heavens surely shall end you!” After seeing so many evil images descending from the sky, the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor wildly laughed.

“Time to end this. Take a look at my trump card!” Li Qiye was not afraid and laughed contrary to expectations. With a boom, his six palaces turned into an endless domain that was filled with primordial energy.

“Boom!” The tiger vein of the Tiger’s Howl School was torn apart as the earth itself cracked.

Inside Li Qiye’s absolute domain was a huge lake filled with worldly essence; the Terra’s Root was growing inside this lake.

An incredible thing happened at this time. The endless worldly energy from the crack in the tiger vein suddenly spewed out a huge pillar that was crazily absorbed by Li Qiye’s domain!

“No!” The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor bellowed and didn’t dare to believe his eyes. This was an impossible matter since even he couldn’t control the worldly essence from the White Tiger Vein. Even their Progenitor, the Tiger God, could barely control it. Yet, at this moment, its worldly essence was suddenly devoured by Li Qiye. He was completely reluctant to believe such a thing was happening!

“How is this possible!?” Even the spectators outside were stunned at Li Qiye’s domain suddenly swallowing the worldly essence of the White Tiger Vein. One shouldn’t be able to control this grand vein, let alone swallow its energy.

However, no one knew that the Terra’s Root of this place had already been refined by Li Qiye and was now firmly planted in his domain. With its help, devouring the energy of this entire White Tiger Vein was a trivial matter.

“Bang!” After he finished the devouring process, his absolute domain suddenly turned into his third eye, immediately bringing forth the hottest and brightest radiance. At this time, his absolute domain seemed to be the origin of the grand dao as it burst with its power; this was the strongest orderly dao that could crush all things!

Before the countless evil images that were being released from the evil sea above Li Qiye’s head could descend to the ground, they were all rendered into ashes before this invincible and destructive blow from the brightest radiance.

“I was waiting for this moment!” Li Qiye, in the most elegant manner, destroyed his Fate Calamity — easy and absolutely perfect.

All of this happened in the mere blink of an eye. From devouring the worldly essence of the tiger vein and using one blow to destroy the Fate Calamity’s Tribulation, barely any time had elapsed.

Everyone stared with their mouths wide open since they had never seen such a shocking scene before. One blow to surpass the Fate Calamity and completely destroy it!

“It is over!” Li Qiye’s expression darkened. With the Immortal’s Blood Spear in his hand, he threw it down. This was a strike to punish the gods and devils! A spear that sent fear into the hearts of myriad worlds! Something that was capable of causing the downfall of gods and warranting retreat from Immortal Emperors! When this spear was thrown, it left an indelible mark in the horizon!

In a great battle, tearing apart the sky was a common thing. Even if the sky was split, it would easily recover since very few people could destroy the fabric of time and space forever. However, this spear left behind an everlasting mark that was unlikely to go away for a very long time!

Regardless of whether they were outside the Tiger’s Howl School or simply within the Eastern Hundred Cities, countless people were forced to prostrate on the ground. At this moment, many ancestors from the great powers lost their minds from fear.

“Someone is unleashing an Imperial Massacre or a Heavenly Annihilation!?” An old ancestor let out a loud scream.

An Imperial Massacre was the ultimate blow of an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. Outside of Immortal Emperors, very few descendants could unleash such an attack. A Heavenly Annihilation, on the other hand, was the ultimate attack of an Immortal Emperor True Treasure!

These attacks were just like their names: the massacre committed by Immortal Emperors or the annihilation carried out by the high heavens! These were the most terrifying attacks this world would face, and even Virtuous Paragons would lose their colors when they heard about them!

“No!” In the end, the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor let out an indignant scream. With a loud explosion, the ancestral ground of the school was suddenly wiped out, leaving only a bottomless black crater!

At this time, Li Qiye carried the Immortal’s Blood Spear with a frightening murderous intent that filled the entire horizon. Even the old undyings that hid in the darkness to watch the fight felt their legs give out. As for existences like the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King, they lay flat on the floor after being completely horrified.

Some of the stunned spectators had their mouths open so wide that one could fit an egg inside. Some would find that their jaws became dislocated from this shock!

Under this one spear, the ancestral ground of the school became ashes. This place that once resembled a giant tiger had fragmented as countless mountains and rivers collapsed while the main area became a horrifying crater.

“What a shame.” Li Qiye put away the Immortal’s Blood Spear and murmured: “One step too late from seizing the Immortal Emperor True Treasure!”

He borrowed the spear from Zi Cuining in order to suppress the true treasure, but he took action way too late!

“We’re going!” In the end, while the group of Li Shuangyan was still in a daze, Li Qiye commanded. They all woke up immediately and followed him right away.