Chapter 375: Preparing For The Journey

Take a step back and look at the overarching situation. Even if a great power’s ancestral foundation was destroyed, it would still have the chance to be rebuilt in the future. However, if a great vein was destroyed, then it would truly be over. Great veins were created by the heaven and earth after millions of years of accumulation.

A destroyed ancestral foundation meant that it could not be recovered for a generation, but a destroyed great vein meant that it could never be rebuilt!

After both were destroyed, even when their young and old managed to escape with some disciples, there was no chance for them to rebuild the Tiger’s Howl School.

Regarding this topic, a sect master emotionally said: “Destroying a sect just like he said… This Li Qiye is really too heaven-defying and devilish. With his existence, all of the other descendants from both the great powers and ancient kingdoms are being completely eclipsed. This isn’t the work of a human!”

To single-handedly destroy a great power… Forget about the younger generation, even predecessors at the Heavenly King realm didn’t have this kind of power. Even the legendary four ominous graves of the Tiger’s Howl School couldn’t stop him, so how could people not become horrified?

At this point, when the conversation was about Li Qiye, the other geniuses from many lineages turned sour as they could only stay silent.

Back in those days when Li Qiye had just arrived at the Eastern Hundred Cities, many geniuses and descendants did not pay him any mind. However, after sweeping through everything and destroying the Tiger’s Howl School, all of those geniuses who once looked down on him were frightened and found themselves lacking when compared to him.

“With the current situation, I’m afraid even Goddess Mei Suyao and Deity Jikong Wudi have been overshadowed by Li Qiye. With a fierce monster like him, would any other young person have a chance to shine?” A great character from the last generation said with exasperation.

The prosperous age had arrived after the end of the Difficult Dao Era, so many great powers hoped that their disciples could compete for the apex against all the other heroes in this generation. Before this, geniuses like Hu Yue, Ba Xia, Zu Huangwu, and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan were already running the other young prodigies out of breath.

As for Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi, these two were at an unreachable height. Like divine mountains, they blocked the path of the entire younger generation.

However, the Li Qiye of today sent countless peers into despair. As long as he remained in the Eastern Hundred Cities, they would only feel fear. Every young cultivator had to retreat before his sight. Since he could destroy a grand sect, who could manage to oppose him?

This storm of a discussion lasted for a long time; some were happy and some were sad regarding such a great event.

However, at a time when many were bustling and busy with small talk, Li Qiye had returned to the Heavenly Dao Academy. However, before his return, he summoned the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King.

The Heavenly King was still a famous character even amongst the previous generation’s experts. But today, he didn’t dare to put on a show before Li Qiye.

Li Qiye took out the ancient box that Lion Monarch Ba Xia gave him. This box was meant for the Heavenly King. After opening the box, he was completely taken aback.

“This… This is my ancestor’s Immortal Physique Law! How is this possible?” The Lion’s Roar Heavenly King was stuttering in astonishment: “Even my clan did not have this!”

Chi Xiaodao, Chi Xiaodie, and their father — who were beside him — were also shocked. An Immortal Physique Law was something that even Immortal Emperor lineages coveted.

The Heavenly King stared at Li Qiye in disbelief, since this item that was not even in their clan’s possession was in his hands.

In their clan, there was a rumor that the lost Immortal Physique Law was taken away by their ancestor. In exchange, their ancestor left behind a copy, but later on, even the copy was lost. From that point on, their clan no longer had an Immortal Physique Law.

“It is nothing.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “I have met your ancestor back at the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground and sowed a karmic fruit with him. I promised him to let his descendants reap the fruit, so I am here to give you back your ancestor’s belonging.”

“The Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground!” The Heavenly King was too dumbfounded to speak. After a while, he managed to calm down. He took a deep breath before speaking: “So our ancestor truly is staying at the burial ground! I have also tried to go there, but unfortunately, I couldn’t go in very deep!”

The Heavenly King had heard of their ancestor being buried at the heavenly ground. After their Immortal Physique Law was lost, he wanted to go inside to find their ancestor, but what kind of place was the burial ground? Even a Heavenly King would find it difficult to enter the burial ground, let alone reach the legendary dragon vein where their ancestor was buried.

So even though he tried to explore the location, it was an unsuccessful endeavor. In the end, he couldn’t do anything but to give up and shift his gaze towards the Heavenly Dao Academy.

After a long struggle, he managed to calm down and bowed to Li Qiye: “Your kindness to our Lion’s Roar Gate is indescribable with mere words. From now on, if you ever find yourself in need of our assistance, we shall do our best without any hesitation no matter how arduous the task may be!”

The excitement in the Heavenly King’s mind was unspeakable. This was an item craved by all, yet Li Qiye gave it to him so easily!

For him, this was too important. He was missing the complete version of his ancestor’s law, so Li Qiye giving this back was akin to giving him coal during the cold, wintry days!

One has to keep in mind that the Heavenly King was a natural born Saint Physique, so his aptitude was very high. However, despite his great circumstances, he spent his whole life to barely reach the minor completion of his Immortal Physique, and this was with the help of the hall masters of the academy that found an Immortal Physique Law that belonged to his ancestor.

Today, Li Qiye bringing back their ancestor’s Immortal Physique Law was of great significance to both the Heavenly King and his sect.

Regarding the Heavenly King’s pledge of allegiance, Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else. He then immediately left with the group of Li Shuangyan.

Before his departure, the Heavenly King spoke privately to Chi Xiaodie. In his opinion, his granddaughter’s future was boundless if she followed Li Qiye, so that was his hope.

Li Qiye went back to the Heavenly Dao Academy where all the geniuses from both the Zenith Era Hall and Sacred Era Hall lost their colors before him. Especially those who were antagonistic towards him in the past, they quickly took the scenic route whenever they caught a glimpse of him. How could they mess with someone who easily destroyed the Tiger’s Howl School? Wouldn’t that be courting death?

As for the disciples of the Grand Era Hall, its students were ecstatic to hear of his return and even put on a very warm welcoming ceremony. There were so many enthusiastic sisters that it became a bit unbearable for Li Qiye, so he left this trifling matter to Chi Xiaodie. He was too lazy to show himself afterward.

He no longer intended to stay here any longer; instead, he planned to go to the Sacred Nether World!

After appointing a time with the Realm God, Li Qiye was preparing to leave. But before the decided time, Li Qiye spoke to Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao: “The two of you should go back. I will come back after dealing with my business at the Sacred Nether World.”

“How about we go with you to the Sacred Nether World?” Chen Baojiao didn’t dare to ask, but Li Shuangyan wanted to tag along.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head to say: “Under normal circumstances, I would surely take you two along, but right now, it is not possible. The world path connecting the nine worlds had been destroyed, so the spatial wall is very hard to crack. Although the Realm God has the power to open the spatial wall, it is still very dangerous. Having more people go would only add to the Realm God’s burden. And what’s even more crucial is that my destination is a bit problematic, so you guys following me will only add to the mess. Next time, I will take you guys along to the other worlds.”

Relative to others, Li Qiye favored and thought highly of Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan.

The two indeed wanted to go to the Sacred Nether World to broaden their horizons, but after hearing what Li Qiye said, they had to give up on this thought. In the end, nothing was more important to them than Li Qiye’s safety.

Eventually, Li Qiye took out the Black Tortoise Rod and the Imperial Violet Hammer. He wanted to let the two take them back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, so he reminded them: “Try your best not to use these items unless there is no other choice. Let them be the secret treasures of the sect.”

Immortal Emperor Life Treasures were certainly things that could incite the greedy hearts of others; any sect would desire this kind of powerful item. Not to mention that his weapons were also taken by force, thus giving others a more justifiable reason to steal them. Li Qiye hoped for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to use them carefully in order to avoid a troublesome future.

“What about you?” Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were startled by this, and Chen Baojiao had to ask. Regardless of who it was, having two emperor weapons as protection was better than anything else.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but reveal a smile to say: “Your Young Noble has many protection treasures. These are only Life Treasures — not anything, really. Next time, I will seize a few Immortal Emperor True Treasures.”

Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing this, and Li Shuangyan also smiled. To others, emperor weapons were something that they could only come upon with luck and fate, but their Young Noble made it sound as if they were easily obtainable.