Chapter 376: Past Grievances

Before leaving for the Sacred Nether World, Li Qiye returned the Immortal’s Blood Spear to Zi Cuining. She then asked after accepting the spear: “I have to go back to the Heaven Protector City, do you have anything that you want me to do?”

Li Qiye gave her a look and smiled: “Even if I have something for you to do, I’m afraid you wouldn’t believe me. Forget it, I’ll personally visit your Heaven Protector City later.”

In fact, he would have gone to the Heaven Protector City sooner or later anyway. However, he was not in a rush at the moment. Although he didn’t mind starting a massacre at the Heaven Protector City, out of love for the Black Dragon King, he didn’t hope that it would escalate to such a state.

“Tell me. If I am capable, then I will surely lend you a hand!” Zi Cuining pondered for a moment before speaking.

Li Qiye was all smiles as he said: “If you really want my advice, then I’ll give you one: keep an eye out for Gu Zun.”

Zi Cuining’s mind trembled after she heard Li Qiye’s words. Keep in mind that Gu Zun was an elder of their Heaven Protector City, the one who was truly in power. One could even describe him as their high ancestor.

And now, an outsider wants her, the descendant, to watch out for her own ancestor! If it was anyone else, they would surely think that Li Qiye was crazy.

“See, you do not believe me at all.” Li Qiye waved his hand and smiled: “Just let it be up to fate. Do whatever you want as long as you maintain a hint of caution.”

Zi Cuining became silent for a moment. However, she wasn’t able to hold back her question: “Do you have some sort of grievance with our Ancestor Gu?”

“Grievance?” Li Qiye squinted his eyes and gently shook his head as he smiled: “Frankly, your Gu Zun is still not worthy of having a feud with me!”

If it wasn’t because of the Black Dragon King’s plea, Li Qiye would have already killed Gu Zun in a past era instead of letting him do as he pleased at the Heaven Protector City.

However, he chose not to bring this up.

Zi Cuining’s gaze became serious. Any other listener would think that Li Qiye’s tone was too boastful because Gu Zun of the Heaven Protector City was one of the strongest existences. Perhaps, he was only a little bit weaker than the Realm God!

She became quite perplexed because their Ancestor Gu had not come into being for a very long time. Logically speaking, he should have never met Li Qiye, so there should not have been a chance for grievances to form between the two of them. However, Li Qiye was clearly antagonistic towards him.

“All right, Little Girl, I know you have a lot of questions on your mind, but I cannot reveal many things to you. In short, you came from the Little Sea Village, so you will not be on the same side as Old Man Gu Zun. Regarding this, you can go talk to the old men in the village.”

“As for Gu Zun ah… If you really want to know, then I can tell you one thing.” Li Qiye greatly valued Zi Cuining, so he revealed one thing to her: “Your Heaven Protector City has a certain treasury, a real treasure trove that is vastly superior to your city’s treasury!”

“A treasury…” Zi Cuining was stunned for a moment with a shocked expression! She was then reminded of a few things that were not talked about back at the city. Its disciples did not know about this, and she only sometimes heard a few ancestors talk about it in secrecy, so she didn’t know the exact details regarding this particular treasury.

Now, Li Qiye raised this issue that was unbeknown to her, the official descendant of the city, as if he knew everything.

“It seems that you don’t know about this matter!” Li Qiye said with a smile: “It does not belong to your Heaven Protector City, but Gu Zun had coveted it for a very long time!”

This was Li Qiye’s treasury! But of course, he could not say these words.

“What kind of treasury is it?” Zi Cuining took a deep breath and asked after failing to hold onto her curiosity.

“Well, how should I say this…” Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said: “If Immortal Emperors knew about this treasury, they would start to salivate uncontrollably. There are things in there that even they do not possess!”

Zi Cuining couldn’t help but become astounded. A treasury coveted even by Immortal Emperors! Just what kind of treasury was this?

“Gu Zun had been after this treasury for a very long time, but unfortunately for him, he would not be able to open it even if he had ten generations of time.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Your so-called ancestor is only an ungrateful wretch. Too much time has passed, and your city’s ancestors have nearly all passed away. That year, if it wasn’t for the intercession of your Patriarch, the Black Dragon King, an ingrate like Gu Zun would have been thrown into the Blue Abyss a long time ago!”

“You are besmirching our ancestor’s name!” Zi Cuining could no longer bear it and had to protest. In the end, she was still the Heaven Protector descendant.

Li Qiye gently shook his head and replied with a smile: “It is fine if you don’t believe me. If there is still an old man from the same generation as Gu Zun, you can go back and ask about it to see whether or not Gu Zun was nearly thrown into the Blue Abyss that year. If it wasn’t for your Black Dragon King… Hah! Even if he had ten more lives, it still wouldn’t be enough!”

The stunned Zi Cuining had to think about this for a moment. When their Patriarch, the Black Dragon King, was still of this world, their city’s prestige towered over the Nine Worlds. Who would dare to oppose them? Who would actually dare to capture their Ancestor Gu and attempt to throw him into the Blue Abyss only to have their Patriarch intervene?

A very long time ago, Li Qiye wanted to kill Gu Zun. However, the Black Dragon King had promised a certain somebody to take care of her descendants. During that era, Li Qiye ordered his followers to capture Gu Zun and throw him into the Blue Abyss, but he was let go on account of the Black Dragon King.

Zi Cuining was in a daze since she had never heard of this tale before. She couldn’t even imagine it. Who would dare to capture Ancestor Zu while their Patriarch was still alive?

This was definitely a tale that could pierce the heavens, but there were no rumors about it at the Heaven Protector City. Zi Cuining became quite curious about what type of person was it that warranted their Patriarch’s personal plead!?

“No need to think too much, just do a good job at cultivating. The matter of Old Man Gu cannot be inquired with your current cultivation!” Li Qiye shook his head and continued on: “Wait until you are powerful enough to be in charge of the Heaven Protector City. Then, I will let you know. Right now, all you need to do is cultivate well. Do not disappoint me.”

After hearing this, Zi Cuining paused for a moment, especially because of the implications of his last sentence.

Zi Cuining didn’t understand why Li Qiye knew so much about their Heaven Protector City at all, but she felt that there was a great relationship between Li Qiye and the city. It was just that she was not privy to the exact details.

After meeting Li Qiye, she felt that there were many secrets behind the city that she did not know.

Sometimes, she even suspected that the reason behind her becoming the descendant of the city was not so simple. A long time ago, an ancestor once told her that she had unparalleled talents and was chosen as the new descendant by the other elders. Later on, there was another rumor saying that she was the heir chosen by the Patriarch many generations ago.

To this day, she herself was in doubt about whether becoming the descendant was due to her own talents, or if it was due to the Black Dragon King choosing her since she came from the Little Sea Village.

She had absolute confidence in her talents, but after experiencing a few things, she felt that the selection for her to become the successor was more than what it appeared to be on the surface.

Especially after meeting Li Qiye, she became suspicious of both of these possibilities. Perhaps it was not the Black Dragon King’s choice, and perhaps it wasn’t even because of her unparalleled talents. It could be an unknown reason that stemmed from behind the scenes.

“All right, Little Girl, don’t think too much!” Seeing her in a daze, Li Qiye shook his head and said with a smile: “There are certain things that you would be better off not knowing right now. The only thing you need to do is to train in peace!”

Zi Cuining finally took a deep breath and said: “Very well, I will wait for you to come to my Heaven Protector City in the future!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I certainly must go to the Heaven Protector City, but you shouldn’t look forward to it too much. My trip to the city will not necessarily be a good thing. If it does not bode well, then rivers will run with blood!”

With a shaken heart, Zi Cuining quietly left. She immediately departed from the academy on that very day to run back to the Heaven Protector City.

After she left, Li Qiye couldn’t help but sigh softly.

Before Li Qiye’s trip to the Sacred Nether World could begin, Old Daoist Peng came to see him. Of course, he didn’t come to see Li Qiye off.

“Hehe, I heard from the Realm God that Young Noble Li wants to go to the Sacred Nether World!” The old daoist said with a grin.

Li Qiye gave him a look and said: “If you have something to say, then say it. Don’t walk in circles with me!” 1

The old daoist let out an awkward laugh and replied: “Heh, I heard that the Sacred Nether World’s Islet Ghost Eyes is a delicacy known throughout the Nine Worlds. This old daoist wants to have a taste, and since Young Noble Li is going to the Sacred Nether World, do you mind taking me along?”

Li Qiye glared at him and said: “You should be asking the Realm God, not me. So? Did it refuse you?”

The old daoist was very embarrassed and tried to hide it with a smile. Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Forget it, this is an impossible matter. My destination is a bit problematic, and the Realm God cannot guarantee an accurate landing. Not to mention, rather than bringing an old man like you to the Sacred Nether World, I would rather bring a beauty as my companion. At least she would be more pleasing to the eyes than you.”