Chapter 377: Departure

Li Qiye’s words left the old daoist with a sad face. Then, Li Qiye looked at him and continued on: “It might seem that you are firm, but your heart has been wavering. If you continue on like this, when will you ever finish cultivating the Eternal Physique?”

The old face of the daoist became hot as he forced a wry smile: “Hehehe, it is only a little trip to the outside. Cultivating day after day is very boring. Taking in some fresh air will help my cultivation.”

“If that is the case, then you should take a trip to the Grand Middle Territory.” Li Qiye became serious and said: “There are a few secret realms in that region. I can tell you some of the locations, so you can try to find some supreme delicacies. And since you will already be in the region, you can just stay at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for around ten years as a guest elder. It would not be a bad choice.”

“Hah, you want to drag me into a pit of fire!” Old Daoist Peng was not willing to do so and replied: “This would be a laborious trip…” The old daoist was as cunning as a devil.

Li Qiye glanced at him and leisurely said with a smile: “If you don’t want to go, then I won’t force you. However, I think there really are ruins from the Legendary Era that had not been visited by anyone for a long long time. The divine carp in that sacred lake might have become a god… Buzhou Mountain’s Snapper… This must be the most delicious thing in this world, something that only belongs in the land of fairies…” 1

Li Qiye then swayed his head around as if he was imagining this unique and extremely delicious fish.

“Buzhou Mountain’s Snapper…” After hearing these words, the old daoist couldn’t help but swallow his saliva several times before asking: “Where are these ruins located?”

“Oh?” Li Qiye stretched his words a lot and said: “Such a good location… I could only let the guest elders of my sect know. How could I possibly tell an outsider about it?”

“Hehehe, I will go discuss it with my little brothers. If they give me permission, then I will go to the Grand Middle Territory!” The old daoist quickly rubbed his hands together and eagerly spoke.

Li Qiye laughed and told him the location of several places. After listening, the old daoist crazily gulped several times as if the delicacies were right before his eyes. He then loudly exclaimed before disappearing like a bolt of lightning: “I will go and discuss it with my little brothers!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile as he watched the speeding figure of the old daoist. If the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had an expert like the old daoist as a guest, then it would become even more powerful!

Before leaving, Li Qiye went to see Chi Xiaodie and said: “Return to the Lion’s Roar Gate. And if you want to stay at the academy, then just stay for one to two more years. Staying any longer would be unnecessary.”

Chi Xiaodie looked at him with rampant and indescribable emotions. She wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out. In the end, she could only put on a dejected look.

“Silly girl.” Li Qiye gently stroked her hair and said: “I will one day come back to the Eastern Hundred Cities. Of course, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will always welcome you as well.”

She finally relaxed with a smile after hearing his, but she still didn’t say anything in the end.

The day of the trip had finally arrived, and Li Qiye was well prepared. He immediately went to the Realm God’s dwelling with Li Shuangyan and the other girls sending him off; Old Daoist Peng tagged along as well.

As they passed by the Elegant Peak, Li Qiye couldn’t help but look at it from the distance. Being aware of this, the old daoist quietly whispered: “Do you want to say goodbye to the Matriarch?”

Li Qiye shook his head while gazing at the peak and replied: “No need, there will be another meeting eventually!” Having said that, he withdrew his gaze and left!

In the depths of the Heavenly Dao Academy, there was an ancient pine tree as majestic as a dragon. This was the first time Li Shuangyan and the others saw the Realm God. After realizing that the Realm God was only a pine tree, they couldn’t help but become astonished. An invincible existence was a mere pine tree, how could anyone believe this?

“Are you ready?” The Realm God’s old voice appeared.

Li Qiye took in a deep breath and said: “I’m ready, take me to that place!”

“I want to check the spatial walls. I’m not quite sure if I can take you to your desired location, but regardless of whether the spatial turbulence will happen or not, I can still take you to the Sacred Nether World.” The Realm God said.

Li Qiye solemnly nodded and said: “This is not an issue. Even if it is another location, I have other means of entering.”

“Begin!” The Realm God didn’t say anything else as a branch slowly reached forward. This branch was only the size of a thumb, but its bark was like the scales of dragons; it was seemingly very tough like the spear of a god. Li Qiye waved goodbye to the group of Li Shuangyan, then he jumped on top of this branch and said with a serious tone: “Take me there!”

“Go!” The Realm God lightly shouted as the pine branch raised Li Qiye and then disappeared in the horizon in just a mere second. This pine branch from the depths of the academy stretched all the way to the firmament.

The pine branch used an unimaginable speed to take Li Qiye, who was standing on top of it, all the way out to space as it headed towards a certain location. Its speed was comparable to traveling via dao portals.

Before the branch of the Realm God, even the void and stars were quickly retreating from its path.

“The Sacred Nether World has an ominous land. Maybe that devilish thing will come into being in this generation.” During the trip, the Realm God’s voice rang by Li Qiye’s ear.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Speaking of ominous lands, they are all over the Nine Worlds. They are only things of the ancient past; even the Mortal Emperor World has such a place, but it is simply in a dormant state.”

“Right.” The Realm God agreed with some careful thought.

“As for that devilish thing at the Sacred Nether World… I really hope that this thing will crawl out from that ghastly place. Hah, that thing has been hiding for so long that a few mysteries of the Sacred Nether World all have something to do with it. As long as it climbs out, then there would be a chance to learn the answers about all of them.” Li Qiye said with a serious expression.

The Realm God did not respond to Li Qiye. This issue had something to do with a big secret of this world; it even involved an old divination from previous generations!

In the blink of an eye, the Realm God finally took Li Qiye to a certain place in space. Those who had never seen this scene before would surely be shocked.

In the depths of the endless space, a towering ancient city could be seen. However, there were no inhabitants and no sign of life as if it had been deserted for a long time.

“Stargate ah, something capable of reaching all the other worlds. Not long from now, this place will become very prosperous; a place where all the major heritages will stay together.” Li Qiye said with emotion after seeing this abandoned ancient city.

“Back then, during that day when the Black Dragon King fought against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, they didn’t dare to stay in the Nine Worlds and had to enter space, the battlefield of the Legendary Era, but they still destroyed everything.” The Realm God continued on: “The Black Dragon King tore apart the Heaven’s Will and eventually broke the channels that connected the Nine Worlds, so the spatial walls became sealed. From that day on, the Nine Worlds were separated and cultivators could no longer travel from one world to another. Even people capable of opening the divine investiture list could not do it carelessly.” 2

Over thirty thousand years ago, the Nine Worlds were connected. As long as one had enough refined jades or was powerful enough, they could use stargates. Each world had a stargate capable of traveling to another world as long as one could pay the fee.

Unfortunately, the fight between the two great ones destroyed the paths to the Nine Worlds, so the connections were completely severed.

In fact, within the last thirty thousand years, many people tried to open the path to the other worlds. Unfortunately, since the spatial walls were closed, it was impossibly difficult.

Even if one could open a channel, the path itself would be extremely unstable. Even Virtuous Paragons would not recklessly attempt to use such a channel since the collapse of the path would result in an unimaginable consequence. Even death was not out of the question.

When the Realm God took Li Qiye into space, many people were alarmed when they saw a pine branch stretching out into the sky.

“What is the Realm God doing?” After the Realm God’s heaven-shaking battle, at this moment, even a whiff of the wind from the academy would garner all the attention from others. So this sudden move from the Realm God instantly startled many old undyings within the Eastern Hundred Cities. In a short period of time, many looked up towards the horizon while the more powerful cultivators opened their heavenly gazes to look all the way out into space.

These ancestors saw a branch of the Realm God carrying Li Qiye into space, and they all became quite surprised. A heavenly gaze of an ancestor noticed their destination and murmured: “That is the place with the stargate!”

Many ancestors and legendary masters were touched by this scene. Ever since the paths that connected the Nine Worlds were destroyed, all of the lineages in this world deserted the stargate, so it became an empty city in the last thirty thousand years.

Very few people traveled to the stargate in recent years, since traveling in space necessitated a great flying treasure with a powerful master at the helm.

In the present times, there was no point in going to the stargate, so no masters were willing to waste their time doing such a thing.

Today, the Realm God suddenly carrying Li Qiye to the stargate shocked many people. An ancestor from a great sect took a deep breath and muttered: “Is this Li Qiye trying to go to another world!?”

Many shivered as they came up with such a thought. Li Qiye, at the Mortal Emperor World, was able to do as he pleased. Why did he suddenly want to go to another world?

“So bold! He wants to go to another world in the present times. He has to forcefully open the spatial wall; it is hard to imagine the consequences of failure.” Even a legendary master felt a chill in his heart.